Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hi, these are my two submissions for the Hideout competition:

1. Overgrown temple (Nature taking over)
2. Niko's Mountain mine

Each scene is accompanied by a short narration. NPC’s are placed with their function in mind and convenience. Zana next to the map device, stashes and crafting bench with the waypoint close by with Jun and Navali.

First hideout only uses 1 MTX, Arcane flame.

Imgur Album:

A preview:

1. Overgrown temple (Nature taking over)

Einhar seems to have found a new friend, a curious little creature having fun in poppy fields. Both are surrounded by falling leaves and covered in sunshine. Cacti are all grouped up in a small sun bathed area while opposite to them, in the shadows of the tall trees, succulents and other small flowering plants have found their home. Just like those plants Helena doesn’t seem to enjoy the harsh sunshine.

Niko has fund an entrance to the Azurite mine and is more than happy to explore it. There is some moisture coming from the entrance going along the north wall where some mushrooms and moss seem to be thriving in the shadows. Jun and Navali are staying close to the waypoint ready to leave if needed.

More of the mysterious working mechanism appears. Coming up the temple stairs, located in the middle, is a what appears to be some sort of sacrificial device. On a closer look it seems to be some sort of a map device, creating gateways leading to other worlds. There appears to be a complex inner network underneath the plants, a silently grinding mechanism powering the map device and the rest of the temple. Western forest seems more ominous, with the dark fog seeping through its trees.

The top of the temple is surrounded by different tropical trees and plants, oddly there is not much moisture for the plants there, the reflections from all the gold objects and coins surrounding an emerald ox statue are creating an isolated hot habitat. Most of this part of the temple still feels unconquered by the plant world; apart from a few bricks being misplaced. Alva is standing on the emerald and gold brick path leading to the emerald statue. She is certain she has found a secret way into the temple.

2. Niko's Mountain mine

What an alien world, fire and toxic steam emanate from the sulphite deposit vents, but the air is so cold that even the snow next to them has not melted. Sulphite is everywhere; everything seems to be covered in it! Some plants and mushrooms adapted and are still thriving here against the odds.

Zana is supervising the map device while Jun is tracking the syndicate connections and meticulously marking the rivalries.

Over a long, wobbly bridge lit with candlelight there is an Azurite grotto with steam seeping from it. Entrance is covered with a glow worm colony giving it an eerie shine and showing the true beauty of the crystalline structure.

Inside, sulphite is broken down and energy is fed to the mining equipment, this process could be the source of the outside fog.

Niko is standing in front of the main cave entrance. Candles offer their light throughout the mine but he is saving some flares in his belt, just in case.

Looks like Niko has been busy hording treasures from his mine. Alva is studying ancient remains of what appears to be a place of worship. Bones are scattered around the small object, indicating a sacrificial altar.

Einhar is studying skeletal remains trapped in ice, wondering how they came here in first place?! He is excited, hard at work filling out the Bestiary with one of the more complete specimens. He only ever got a glimpse of a similar one while fishing with Krillson, wondering if this area was submerged at some point.

Once the work is done for the day, Helena is making sure everyone is sheltered, warm and fed.
Beach Stronghold

A Stronghold, once majestic but fallen to ruins, now partly rebuild as a refuge and base of operations to get a foothold in the lands of Wraeclast.


More Images

The Mao Kun survivors

After the storm near Mao Kun only one ship managed to get away. It was heavily damaged and stranded on the Coastal Shores, the crew and there captain Haku nearly survived.

But after living on the island for several months with no rescue insight, they realize they are stuck and will never go home and see there loved ones again...





All hope is gone

No way out


Hideout download
Theme: "Master hubworlds blending into each other"

(note: I've been building this inbetween Challenge Leagues for quite some time now and while I added a number of things with the release of Betrayal, I might be breaking the "Your hideout must be created after the release of the Betrayal expansion" rule.)
(note#2: Yes, I ran out of capacity at the end, would need about 300-400 units to tie it all together properly.)
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Hello there,
I post here my second submission for the competition (Immaculate hideout no MTX)

Main Theme: Castle in the Mountain


Here i'll post some screenchots of the hideout

First the entrance whith the Garden:(Einard)

Then the fractured corridor:(Niko)

The treasure+ Entrance:(Navali+stash+crafting bench+Zana)

Then the Drawbridge and map device:(Helena+Alva+Jun)

Hope you guys and girls will enjoy it GL and HF everyone!
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Heyo. Here's 3rd HO from DNOnnie for ranger.


Full HO:

Hi there, I'm submitting my brutal hideout "The Underground Laboratory".

Theme: An underground Azurite-powered laboratory hidden in a cave.

The bottom floor has the Sulphite/Azurite caves which powers the laboratory in the middle floor. The top floor or the surface contains a marketplace in which u can find the entrance to the laboratory below.

Quick Video Showcase:

In the link below you will find screens and a video of my hideout.

The theme is an Atlas School with an Auditorium, Library and Office. (without any microtransaction purchases)

Hope you enjoy!


The Office:

The Library:

The Auditorium:

The Video:

Hi, this is my submission for the hideout competition:


Single pictures:
Comparison pictures:

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The Witch's Hut

Tileset: Immaculate Hideout
MTX Used: Wisp (x1), Fireplace (x1), Cauldron (x1), Falling Leaves (x5) Automaton Decoration (x2)

Video Showcase:


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