Ranger Build List - patch 3.15

Ange550 wrote:
Hi, here is my Siege Balista build : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1833247
Can do T15 easy.

Not sure what this build is about but added (I don't speak French).
Tbh it's probably the first time I see non-English guide on this forum.
Amongalen wrote:
Ange550 wrote:
Hi, here is my Siege Balista build : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1833247
Can do T15 easy.

Not sure what this build is about but added (I don't speak French).
Tbh it's probably the first time I see non-English guide on this forum.

Thx for add.
I didn't see any french guide too, that's why i did it.
This build is the same as : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1746249/page/1
With more tanking/sustain less damage and less expensiv.
https://fr.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/70 Guilde Pantheon Francais
https://www.facebook.com/groups/213711515316599/ Groupe Facebook Pantheon Francais
Updated build list to 2.6.

Here are old builds:
2.5 Archive


Burning Arrow Raid low budget [2.5] Burning Arrow Proliferation Raider. Fully working league starter build. Up to twin Tier 15.
Caustic Arrow HC Atz low budget [2.5] Caustic Arrow Solo Map MFer (20/300+) - Scion/Shadow build in the Ranger section
Caustic Arrow Dead Atz [2.5] DEADEYE Caustic Arrow DPS-focused 5-6k+ life Atziri Killer (40k+ DPS)
Explosive Arrow PF HC Atz, U-lab, T16 video guide, low budget [2.6] Explosive Arrow Pathfinder W/Videos -HC Endgame Mapping, Grandmasters, T16 Guardian Guides
Explosive Arrow Raid [2.5] Frosty's Raider Explosive Arrow, 300+ mil/hr XP [Updated][Video]
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper (2.5) 76% Lightning Penetration Wanderfinder
Kinetic Blast/Barrage Raid T16, Shaper [2.5] LL Ele Wander Raider ~ Insane clear speed/Shaper/Guardians - 135k Barrage tooltip
Lightning Arrow/Barrage Raid [2.5] Queen of the Swamp (KotF inspired). Insanely fast up to T15
Lightning Arrow/Blast Rain Raid [2.5]Xoph's Nurture Burn/ Shock, LA/ BR
Split Arrow/Barrage Raid U-lab, T16 [2.5 Raider] 11 frenzy Split Arrow / Barrage (non-crit or crit)
Tornado Shot PF U-Atz, T16, Shaper expensive [2.5] Dzz1rt's Crit Bow for Proficient players/Expensive/ALL Map Mods/Shaper/U.Atziri/Guards Videos
Tornado Shot Raid U-lab, Atz low budget [2.5 Updated!] TheAmigoShotz! -Lifebased Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed!
Tornado Shot PF U-lab, U-Atz, T16, Shaper ☆ [2.5] Sarang's Bruiser TS Build | Shaper and Guardian Videos | Phys Bow & Voltaxic Support ☆
Tornado Shot/Barrage PF/Dead U-Atz, Shaper video guide SignalShot™ CI Full Ele Conversion TS/Barrage / Shaper & Uber Deathless / with video!


Blade Flurry Raid U-Atz, T16, Shaper CI HoWA [2.5] HoWnA - blade flurry CI raider.
Blade Flurry Raid U-Atz, T16, Shaper CI HoWA CI Raider Howa Uber/Shaper/Anything Destroyed
Blade Flurry Raid Atz low budget [2.5] 7's Shocking Flurry Raider w/Dreamfeathers // When budget builds are becoming INSANE.
Blade Flurry Raid [2.5] The Oneiromancer - Chaos Raider
Blade Flurry Raid [2.5] Mustard's Raider/Blade Flurry DreamFeather Build
Blade Flurry Raid low Budget [2.5] Raider Blade Flurry, Physical Crit Sword aka. A Grey Wall of Innovation
Blade Flurry Raid [[2.5] Bino Flurry Dodge Raider
Blade Flurry Raid Hyaon's Fury Hyaon's Fury BF Raider Write Up/Guide
Blade Flurry Raid HC video guide [2.5 HC | Video Guide] Crit Blade Flurry Raider | Freeze & Shatter whole Screen
Blade Flurry Raid HC CI HoWA [2.5 HC/SC] Crit HoWA BF Raider [1000 INT, stun immunity]
Blade Flurry/Cyclone Raid U-Atz low budget [BSC] Raider Cyclone/Blade Flurry Dreamfeather all Content on a budget
Cyclone Raid HC U-Atz, T16 video guide, Ngamahu's Flame [2.5 BHC] Ben's Breach Melter over 1 Million Dps [Minotaur Down!][Atziri /Uber Atziri Down!]
Cyclone Raid Ngamahu's flame [2.5 BSC Raider - Cyclone] Aggnog's flaming meatball massacre
Cyclone Raid T16 Ngamahu's Flame [2.5] The Volcanic Eruptor! Cyclone AoF Raider | Up to 2 mil DPS | Endgame viable | WiP
Cyclone PF U-lab, T16, Shaper expensive [2.5.2] Windz's Cyclone Pathfinder (Mapper, Shaper, Uber lab Viable)
Cyclone PF Ngamahu's Flame [2.5] CI Meatball Blender! Cyclone AoF Pathfinder! Ngamahu's Flame
Cyclone Raid low budget [2.5] 1H Foil/Lycosidae Crit Cyclone Raider/Hits Cannot be Evaded/10 Frenzy Charges/Darkray Vectors
Flicker Strike Raid low budget [2.5] "Too Fast" a Flicker Strike build
Flicker Strike Raid T16 [2.5 BSC Raider] Oro's Ele Blade Flicker (All Guardians Down)
Flicker Strike Raid [2.5] Zelkor's Era of Flicker [Compact Build Plan]
Flicker Strike/Blade Flurry Raid [2.5] Phase Raider {Flicker Strike + Blade Flurry}
Frenzy Raid T16 Facebreakers [2.5] RANGER CRIT FACEBREAKERS T15/16s
Frenzy Raid U-lab, Atz low budget [2.5] Melee Frenzy Raider Life on hit
Frost Blades Raid low budget, Ewar's Mirage [2.6] LowRes' Elemental Machine Gun Frost Blades Raider [Cheap]
Reave/Blade Flurry Raid [2.5] RAIDER Tanky Crit Reave/Blade Flurry Dagger/Claw AR+EV+Block 120k+ DPS NO MIRRORED GEAR
Spectral Throw Raid U-Atz, T16, Shaper CI HoWA, low budget [2.5] CI HoWA ST - Uber / Shaper / Guardians Down - Budget Friendly?
Spectral Throw Raid T16, Shaper [2.5] Raider Elemental Crit Spectral Throw - BSC Shaper and t16 viable
Spectral Throw Raid U-Atz, T16, Shaper CI HoWA [2.5] c9q9md's Hand Of Wisdom And Action Build (Character info, Raider)
Spectral Throw Raid HC CI HoWA [2.5] CI Spectral Throw Claw Raider, Hand of Wisdom and Action.
Spectral Throw Raid U-Atz, T16, Shaper CI HoWA [2.5 Breach] Just Another HOWA Spectral Throw Build - the same but different
Spectral Throw Raid T16, Shaper low budget [2.5]Raider, Hand of Wisdom and Action Spectral Throw, Guardians/Shaper
Spectral Throw Raid Atz, U-lab, T16 [2.5] non Crit - Ele Raider ST real Hybrid build - all Guardians done with ease


Blade Vortex PF HC Atz [2.5][HC/SC] Triple Blade Vortex Pathfinder - easy HC Shaper/Uber/T16
Blade Vortex PF U-Atz, U-Lab, T16, Shaper [2.5] Blade of Solaris – Level 30 Wands v. All End-Game Content
Cast on Crit PF U-Atz, T16, Shaper video guide NEW 2.5 COC GUIDE T16 Bosses Facetanked
Cast when Damage Taken PF Scold's Bridle [2.5] [SC] [Updated] Flop's Scolded Last Breath - Pathfinder Build Guide
Shrapnel Shot/Orb of Storms Raid [2.5] Stormtrooper - Orb of Storms Raider
Siege Ballista Dead guide in French [FR][2.5 Siege Ballista] Le Pussy Build. Cheap/Easy. +100K Dps/6K Life
Updated at 2.6, tomorrow with new stat and tree

early league, t16, uber lab viable
Blade of Solaris -- CwC Blade Vortex


Updated for 2.6. U-Atz, U-Lab, T16, Shaper.

Last edited by kechari on Mar 3, 2017, 2:26:54 PM
Updated my Wander for 2.6
(2.6) up2 86% Lightning Penetration Wanderfinder
Shrapnel Shot/Orb of Storms Raid [2.5] Stormtrooper - Orb of Storms Raider

Updated and still operational.
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

Lightning Strike Raider

early league, t16, uber lab, hardcore, low budget
ign - happycabbaged
You can post my guide if you like for ranger raider frostblades cold pen. currently a super hot build. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1848749
Finally got a moment to update the list. Enjoy :)

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