Ranger Build List - patch 3.15

[2.6]PewPewPews DirtCheap Frost Blades build
I am a nice guy.
Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789

Hey, man. Have updated my guide to 2.6. It's close to some but i have some differences with some mechanics in more details. The guide is top tier, all map mods, everything down, with videos..Thx.
Please add my build too: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1862484

The builds in the first post don't include any CI Wanders, only Lifebased or lowlife. My build is pure CI.


Would be great if you could add my guide to the list aswell.
Budget CI pathfinder piscator wander
hi there! updated my 2.5 build for 2.6 was wondering if you could post it here? thanks [2.6] Phase Raider {Flicker Strike + Blade Flurry}
no longer playing

[2.6] Fistan's CI || Crit Claw || Frost Blades Raider - 10.5k ES - 287K TTDps - 85 ColdPen

Hey man, guide is almost complete. I think its ready to be published. Thanks in advance!
Updated, enjoy :)
Please add my build to the list:

[2.6] Sorith's Cospri's Wild Strike Crit Freezer


Ascendancy - Raider

Thanks in advance.

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