[2.6] Phase Raider {Flicker Strike + Blade Flurry}

Pros And Cons:

Very fast clear speed.
Ability to sustain charges single target.
Feels amazing.
Can kill any end game boss.


Can be expensive to gear if you want high damage and energy shield.


I leveled this build with little to no effort. Leveled as life based dagger. I think the most effective way to level is dual wielding with an off hand stat stick from level 1 to 69 when you can gear for chaos innoculation. Started with redbeak at level one with one -8 elreon ring, one black heart and used cleave. Changed to the unique level 15 dagger bloodplay and used reave at that point. You will want to change from reave to blade flurry at 28. I used a level one axe in my off hand weapon slot for reave when I switched at 15 until I could use the unique relenteless fury at 29. Used bloodplay until I could use mightflay at 35. I also changed from elreon rings to rare rings and amulet with high life and started using a mana potion. At 50 I got a cheap dagger and got crit nodes and started using blasphemy assasins mark. I didn't start using flicker strike until I was CI at 69. For bandits I chose kraityn / kraityn / kraityn. For ascendancy I went way of the poacher / quartz infusion / avatar of the veil / avatar of the slaughter respectively.

Other unique leveling items include:

Meginord's Girdle
Ondar's Clasp
Karui Ward

Good Life Based End Game Unique Items:

Devoto's Devotion
Belly Of The Beast
Bino's Kitchen Knife

Budget Gear Breakdown:

Budget Tips:

Quotes from other players who play the build:


"Got to add - build still pretty solid in Legacy, even without Skys and HH. Just slap on Valirium and Doedre's ring. Hexproof enemies will be a problem still, but that's bearable. First you gonna need is a Sin's Rebirth. Add Lion's Roar as a cheap substitute for ToH. You gonna have a 100% uptime on flasks even with non-stop spamming, as long as there is mobs to hit. Not cheap build at all, but that homing clear speed - damn, it is really awesome."


"The average cost of 5 offcolor on a cospri is 3.8k chromes. More for a vaal regalia unless you have reduced requirements mod.

So the easy option for flicker is:

24 chromes average and stats are pretty decent.

I prefer a bad +1 curse amulet to a doedre though, pretty easy to get more stats there."

My Opinoins:

You probably won't want to use a weapon in your off hand for end game because it won't work the same way for flicker strike as it does blade flurry and a large portion of your damage attack speed and accuracy wont be applied to the off hand weapon when it hits with flicker strike. I would recommend playing this build as life based if you are on a budget. Check out one of the more in detail life based flicker strike guides.

But, if you are set on going energy shield early, here are a few tips. You probably won't be able to afford to give up the energy shield from a chest piece for cospri's will so you will only be able to apply one curse. Since you can't use poacher's mark you will have to use mana leech on gear or get the mind drinker node by shadow. You also need some sort of power charge generation since you don't use skyforth. You can use assasin's mark instead of vulnerbility and poacher's mark. The frenzy generation from the raider ascendancy should be enough to sustain flicker without poacher's mark.

Here are a few tips for finding gear. Set a desired amount of shield and search for total resists and search by highest on poe.trade when looking for decent quality es gear. Use poe affix to help with identifying tiers of stats so you can later divine them.


250 Pdps Dagger with crit - 10-20 chaos
5l es atziri's splendour 40c
450 es shield - 20-60 chaos
350 es helm - 30-40 chaos
200 es gloves 15-20 chaos
amulet/ring with decent physical stats and % es - 40-60 chaos
valyrium 1-5 chaos
crystal belt 20-40 chaos
rare sorcerer boots - 5-10 chaos
three stat jewels 1-5 chaos each
level three enlighten 20-25 chaos each
atziri's promise 1 chaos
total estimated gear cost without flasks 225-330 chaos

sin's rebirth 600 chaos
taste of hate 80-150 chaos


Reasons For Gear, Links, and Ascendancy:
I got a high energy shield helmet and ran lab myself for an enchant because I would of been happy with either shield charge attack speed, flicker strike damage or blade flurry damage. Blade flurry is strong enough to clear with only four links since you get lots of attack speed from other sources and aoe isn't that important for single target. The chaos damage from sin's rebirth and atziri's promise work well to cut through enemies with high physical or elemental resistance as well as add to poison. Life leech can be an issue if you run out of flask charges for atziri's promise or you have not killed recently. I managed to get some life leech on my gear to make up for the down time. The raider ascendancy works great for frenzy charge generation which is perfect for this build. Also the ascendancy passive to remove all elemental status ailments while phasing makes a quartz flask very powerful. Cospri's will allows me to use two curses, pierce through hex-proof, and poison cursed enemies. Since I scale physical and chaos damage, poison really suites this build and having a reliable way to do it is perfect. It is very powerful and really improves this build immensely.

CI Passive Tree:

Reasons For Passive Tree:
The passive tree focuses around pumping up a high amount of energy shield along with a mass amount of damage. I have tried to optimize my points by not having to spec into any life leech on the tree. My mana sustain comes from poacher's mark.

Game-play And How To Survive:
Try and shield charge into packs to keep fortify up. Always remember that you can use blade flurry on tougher content or bosses you can't one shot or when you run out of frenzy charges. Most of the time you are pretty safe while clearing packs.

Map Mods And How To Deal With Them
Elemental Weakness -
164/169 elemental resistance is needed for tier six/eleven and above respectively.
Physical Reflect -
No way around this. The damage is just to high and the build doesn't use endurance charges.
Elemental Reflect -
Use basalt flask instead of taste of hate.
Don't run elemental reflect maps if you are using head hunter as you are likely to gain a elemental buff and kill yourself. Keep a rare crystal belt or rustic sash for these occasions.

Character Sheet:
Flicker Strike Damage Per Second

186k Hideout with flasks (18.7k x 9.90 aps)

475k Buffed (30.8k x 15.4 aps)

(5 power charge 5 frenzy charge vaal haste and flasks)
No headhunter buffs in this photo.

Blade Flurry Damage Per Use

12k Hideout with flasks

19.4k Buffed

(5 power charge 5 frenzy charge and flasks)
No headhunter buffs in this photo.

Defence With Flasks

Map Clear Videos:

Useful Youtube Videos:

Feedback appreciated. ♥
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Hello,thx for guide,have this claw
and think do this build waht about my tree? https://goo.gl/V725G2 and don't have boots can i use The Blue Dream until skyforth?
p.s sry for my english
I have no experience building claw base builds unfortunately I can't really help there. But it looks impressive! I'm sure you can make it work my friend.
Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. I'm glad you like the build! I'm also planning on playing this next league myself but possibly start as bow life until I get currency farmed up. Can't be sure how this build will work in 3.0 with the possible nerf's to CI and vaal pact, but it should still be stellar in the 2.6 league. I hope you have great success and please post anything on here you think may improve the build or things you discovered.
u think it could be worth it to use relic soultaker if u can get ur hands one one of em, or u think its bad cause it doesnt have a crit local?
ingame : Knallbumm
Tried it, cool idea, but a howa build does more dmg with 6ex worth of gear, compared to hundreds of exalted on this.

And you also get lots of quality of life things, more movment speed, life leech to face tank, and area radious.
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passive tree updated for 2.6
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Is blade flurry still strong in 2.6?
blade flurry still works great in 2.6 ☺
Got to add - build still pretty solid in Legacy, even without Skys and HH. Just slap on Valirium and Doedre's ring. Hexproof enemies will be a problem still, but that's bearable. First you gonna need is a Sin's Rebirth. Add Lion's Roar as a cheap substitute for ToH. You gonna have a 100% uptime on flasks even with non-stop spamming, as long as there is mobs to hit. Not cheap build at all, but that homing clear speed - damn, it is really awesome.

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