[3.0] Non-crit 100% ele Barrage

Hi guys,
first thing first: I apologize for my bad english but ehy, I'm not native...

Here's the 3.0 setup:


If you don't have acces to legacy RotC (in temporary legue for exemple) use Lioneye's Glare.
Headhunter isn't needed at all, it just makes the build faster and more fun.
Barrage helm enchant and Dying sun are only needed for T16+ content, you can clear everything even without those, but they give a lot of dps. You can replace Taste of Hate with Wise Oak, especially if you manage to get even resistances.
The Taming can be replaced with any rare ring with WED.
You can play this build with Kaom's Heart and replacing Grace with Hatred, I choosed QotF cause high movement speed makes everything smoother to play.

lv97 tree:

I tryed to go crit but doesn't worth unless you have a 9%crit 400+pdps Harbinger bow.

GUIDE (Outdated 2.6)

Why non crit?
It's a decision made cause of my playstyle, I don't like glass cannons, I really love tanky characters and stand in front of an enemy laughing at its hits, even with a bower.
This build focuses on clear speed, you can easily clear up to T16 maps in few minutes, too bad it's not that great on high end bosses (guardians are fine, Shaper and uber Atziri are not).
I also wanted to play something diffrent form the classic Tornado Shot Crit build.
Now also featuring a low crit version, keeping quite as much tankiness.
NEW: Barrage non-crit and "crit" version. Less AoE but tankier and far better at bosses!

Weapon: Lioneye's Glare, great bow for non crit, equivalent to a 400+ pdps harbringer. For Barrage 4 proj Reach of the Council is perfect, otherwise Death Opus.
Quiver: Drillneck, BiS for damage and have also life.
Head: Rare with HP and res. Best with labyrinth +Split Arrow/Barrage projectiles.
Torso: Daresso Defiance to get more dodge, a bit of additional leech and useful endurances. Belly of the Beast can be another valid option.
Kaom's Heart (Legacy would be awsome, but its cost is unaffordable to me) for 1 attack (Barrage) is great cause the skill tree has massive %increase life.
Gloves: Rare with HP, attack speed, res. Curse on hit Temporal Chain or Vulnerability are fun. If you use Grace aim for a +1 socketed gems.
Boots: Darkrai Vector are the core of the build, granting up to 22% dodge and 55% movement speed.
Other opions are Atziri Step and Blood Dance if you want life regen or more spell dodge. Always look for +1 frenzy.
Belt: Rare Rustic Sash with HP, weapon elemental damage and res.
I've actually bought an Headhunter and it's plenty of fun.
Amulet: +1 frenzy, better if you find it with life, some sort of damage and res.
Rings: Rares with HP and the res needed, the best would be with attack speed or weapon elemental damage or flat physical damage.

Since 1.2 I fell in love with Split Arrow for AoE, in 2.0 its damage was lowered for a larger area, change that resulted on a better clear speed. To emprove its utility you can choose between Chain and Pierce, I choosed the latter. 2.2 also made Pierce a lot better damage-wise.
In 1.3 I tested Frenzy for single target, in 2.0 GGG gave the sweet 4% overall damage multiplier to frenzy charges, so what was a fun skill to try, became a huge asset to the build.
I like to link Blood Magic to single target cause it's hard to sustain mana against single boss.

Now trying Barrage with 3 Volley Fire jewels (2.6) for AoE since it's a great boss killer and decent all around skill, especially with Poison scaling.
Auras you can choose from are Hatred (best damage aura), Heralds (mainly Ash), Grace, Artic Armour.
For QoL I picked Blink Arrow cause a teleport effect can often save from death; Blood Rage for the additional attack speed and leech; Lightning golem is a nice add.
You can also use Phase Run cause with 11 frenzy charge it's like a couple of additional Quicksilver flask.

CWDT + Immortal Call + Frost Wall works great for ranged characters especially since with perma phasing you can go through walls as you please, Daresso Defiance gives a 2sec Immortal Call thanks to 3 endurance charges.


2.6 lv97 non-crit Barrage Tree

Ascendency: Raider: Avatar of the Slaughter + Avatar of the Veil
Bandits: +40HP +8%IAS +1frenzy
6 jewels (3 Volley Fire)


2.6 Barrage Gear


"crit" Gear

AOE: Split Arrow + Physical to Lightning + Pierce + Weapon elemental + Physical Projectile + Added Fire
Single target: Frenzy + Physical Projectile + Faster Attack + Slower Projectile + Poison + Blood Magic
Single target (alternative): Frenzy + Phys Proj + Blood Magic + Weapon Ele + Added Fire + Phy to Light
Auras: Enlighten + Hatred & Herald of Ash + Portal
Blood Rage & Blink Arrow & Lightning Golem + Enhance
CWDT (lv1) + Immortal Call (lv3) + Frost Wall (lv9) + Increase Duration

With 2.5 Raider buff you can also drop single target Frenzy since now we're generating charges out of rare and bosses. That's why I came up with:
Barrage + Phys Proj + Pierce + Slower Proj + Poioson + Faster Attack / Crit Chance (crit version)
Since we'll be scaling poison damage we can drop Hatred and other elemental scaling for defensive auras like Grace and Artic Armour. Grace works perfectly by granting evasion that we otherwise miss by equipping Kaom's Heart.
Till 3.0 poison will be the best way to ramp up DPS by double dipping it with Projectile damage.

2.6 Barrage (with 11 frenzy charges; Blood Rage; Lightning Golem; Vaal Haste)
Barrage (11 Arrows + laterals): 712k effective dps with poison
1'631k with all flasks up
Life: 6'900
2.6% life regen
75% all ele res
131% movement speed
54% evade
68% dodge
40% spell dodge

2.5 Split Arrow
Split Arrow (11 arrows): 111k (178k crit version)
Frenzy (2 arrows): 84k (211k crit version)
Life: 6'300 (5'900 crit version)
5.4% life regen (3.6% crit version)
75% all ele res
136% movement speed
21% reduced physical
37% evade
74% dodge
40% spell dodge

With Headhunter all of that go skyhigh.


Done Uber Aziri on non-crit Barrage setup!!!

Deathless Atziri (very easy)
4 key Uber Lab
Ele reflect, 8 mod T14
Phys reflect, no regen, 8 mod T14
6 boss, -max, 8 mod T15
4/4 shaper guardian T16
no regen Vaal Temple
123/126 Atlas (grandmaster, manor, shaper left)

You can start from the biginning with Split Arrow, it's not the best leveling skill in the world but it can do the job if you pair it with a single target skill like Puncture. Shrapnel Shot is also a nice leveling skill, Frenzy is aviable from act2.
I won't adwise leveling as Barrage, it's more like a end-game transition, and for SSF you have to find at least 2x Volley Fire.
4-5-6L: Split Arrow + Phys Proj + Phys to Light + Weapon Elemental - Pierce - Added Fire
4-5-6L: Frenzy + Phys Proj + Poison + Slower Proj - Faster Attack - Culling

31 points

58 points + 2 ascendancy

83 points + 4 ascendancy

103 points + 6 ascendancy

Bow: Death's Harp can carry you throu the game till Lioneye's Glare. If SSF begin with rustic sash recipe, then craft with Alt Regal and aim at Tyrannical mod (ilvl min 73).
Armour: nothing must have, resist hp till Daresso / Belly and you're pretty much done.
Quiver: even for SSF Drillneck it's easy to get thanks to The Fletcher divination card, till that quiver can give you life, ias and res.
Boots: rare till endgame, if SSF, Atziri's are the easier to get at lv69+.
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What should you change?
You should go crit. It is very very easy to get a somewhat descent Harbringer Bow for crit specc's.

Also you should stop using blood magic and go for mana leech on either gear or talent points:

Good setups:

Split arrow - Increased Physical Projectile Damage - Added Fire - Chain - (5th and 6th link should either be Power Charge on Crit, increased critical damage or Weapon elemental damage if you use Hatred + Herald of Ash).

Puncture is for purely for single target, so remove Greater Multiple Projectile (GMP).

Puncture - Increased Physical Projectile Damage - Added Fire - Increased critical damage (Weapon elemental dmg + increased critical chance for 5th and 6th link).

Cast when damage taken (CWDT): Usually its used to survive sudden spikes of dmg from reflect and other sources. That is why usually everyone and his mother uses CWDT - Enduring cry - Immortal Call - Increased Duration (sometimes increased duration is switched out with enfeeble).

Your aura setup is fine. I would suggest having several aura's ready to switch out for any given situation. Purity of lightning, fire and cold are always nice to have around since they raise your maximum resistance. Grace is also really nice and Herald of Ash.

If you only have 1 curse (which you do) I personally prefer to just cast it. It is faster and always hits. Some people don't mind or even like having it setup with Curse on hit. You want to use Assasins Mark.

I wish I could say "wauw its cool to see someone go physical damage without the critical specc", but the truth is it is just flat out inferior to a crit setup.

Try to get high physical dps on your bow, along with crit chance. When you calculate the dps of the bow don't include elemental dmg such as 1-50 lightning damage, since it does not really work well with your specc and is misleading.

Get 30% movement speed on boots. Get life on as many items as possible.
Get a 24% increased physical damage rustic sash belt with Life and resistance.
Life + resistance on as many items as possible.

Rings and amulets are usually the last part of my items I finalize as a bow ranger. Just go for life + resistance until you are maxed out on resistance and then switch to damage when you can.


Here is a level 87 build. The +60 str and +60 int is to make gem requirements easier to meet. Drop them when you can. Specc into mind drinker if you can't find mana leech on any gear. this costs 3 extra points. Bandits (help oak, help oak (or kraityn) and either kill all or help alira on merciless).

Also don't specc into pierce unless you drop chain and use pierce instead with your split arrow. In that case pick up drillneck quiver once you can afford it :)

THIS IS WHERE IT STARTED, I was a noob (I'm still but less than before) !!!
I'm new at PoE but played a lot lately, I just started a ranger and got it to lv79 now (took a couple of weeks, playing solo).
Things are going well but I'd like to recive some feed-back from someone better than me so, here's my build and gear:

Skills (only 4L):
Puncture - Increased Physical Projectile Damage - Greater Multiple Projectile - Blood Magic
Split Arrow - Chain - Increased Physical Projectile Damage -Blood Magic
(I know, it's dual AoE, but I dislike single target hit)
Rain Of Arrows - Curse On Hit - Projectile Weakness - Increase Area Effect
Reduced Mana - Hatred - Haste
Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Vulnerability - Increased Duration


I'm stick with non-crit cause to crit I'll need a more specific bow...

(I haven't trade anything, only looted myself gear)
Chin Sol 4L +180%
Asphixia's Wrath (nothing better atm)
Alpha Howl
Armor 4L bi-res + life
Le Heup Of All +15%
Other rare stuff to max out tri-res
3k Life, 40% evade from evasion rate.

(I have to figure out how to show items...)

I can face-roll Maps 66-70 and do solo Dominus without reviving; haven't tried anithing harder for now.

What's next? What should I change?


More noob stuff
Thx for suggestions, really appreciate it.
I'll go crit when i find some equip to do so, regret orb aren't a problem right now...

I know Puncture is used on single but it's really insane at killing stuff with GMP. I love it that way.

Since last post i changed a few things:
5L chest armor wich gave me:
Puncture - Faster Attack - Greater Multiple Projectile - Increased Physical Projectile damage - Blood Magic
And with this I dropped Split Arrow; now I only use AoE Puncture to kill.

Not knowing what to do with the spared 4L i just added:
Cast When Stunned - Ranged Attack Totem - Greater Multiple Projectile - Poison Arrow
Not game changing but very fun and some free cast. Will change that with another CWDD with Immortal Call + Enduring Cry.

I have to try mana leech instead of Blood Magic, good call.

Finally found a better Quiver, still looking for Drillneck but it's too expensive...

Equipped a Carnage Heart, life dropped to 2800, but 10% life leech + tri-res it's so nice.
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Still noob
Did a few changes since last time, always stick to non-crit cause for now my chin sol is the best bow i can find.

I finally figured out how to link stuff so here we are:



Puncture - Greater Multiple Projectile - Projectile Physical Added Damage - Added Fire Damage - Faster Attack (main AoE attack)
Split arrow - Pierce - Curse on hit - Warlord Mark (party friendly curse spreader)
Cast when damage taken (lv1) - Immortal Call - Enfeeble - Increase Duration
Cast when damage taken (max) - Molten Shell - Enduring Cry - Ethereal Knives
Reduced Mana - Hatred - Haste - Projectile weakness

I just changed Blood magic thanks to 2% mana leech but with Hatred and Haste taking 84% of the mana I can't spam AoE Puncture 100% of the time. What can i do to emprove it?

I'm still looking for better gloves and quiver, I need to craft evasion on chest when I can get lv6 armormaster.

Till now I can farm easily any map lv73, haven't tried yet to go further.
I always saw Puncture as single target skill but I can't figure out why; it's so much better at killing than any other bow skill. Is there anything really worthy to take over GMP Punture? Other suggestions?
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This is already a bit better
Ok, since I'm getting wievs but no commentary, I keep up this thread writing down stuff I change little by little discovering how to play Ranger.

So, two big news today:

I swapped to single target Punture + 5L Split Arrow like suggested to try out why everyone is playing so.
It works, and now I also now why: Greater Multiple Projectile lower skill's DPS drastically, more than I though.

Second game changing news I'm back to Blood Magic both in Punture and Split Arrow cause I finally managed to kepp up 3 auras: Hatred + Haste + Herald of Ash (99% mana reserved).

Here's my updated stuff:



Split Arrow - Physical Projectile Added Damage - Faster Attack - Increased Fire Damage - Blood Magic
Puncture - Faster Attack - Physical Projectile Added Damage - Blood Magic
Reduced Mana - Hatred - Haste - Herald of Ash
Cast when Damage Taken (lv1) - Enfeeble - Immortal Call - Increase Duration
Cast when Damage Taken (max) - Enduring Cry - Molten Shell - Ethereal Knives

2.9k Life
maxed Tri-res (actually >90% all)
35% evade
30% dodge

Since I'm here, before closing this post, I want to link my old Alpha Howl that I'm tring to sell:
5% damage on mana


Well, see you next time for more update from my journey...
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Thank you for the inspiration. I am going to try Puncture with LMP tomorrow.

As my shadow took the place of a Crit-Bow ranger, i am currently respeccing my ranger out of the critnodes and went for a physical - non crit approach too.

my current tree click

I am planning to use Sould Siphon ( Shadow Area ) or Revelry ( south, right to Mind over Matter ) to handle the manacosts.

I am currently using Frenzy as my single target skill and stopped to use iceshot as an aoe, currently testing splitarrow + chain.

In addition i have a rain of arrow linked to a ranged attack totem.

Atziri first attempt: failed
It's been a while, but here I am again o post some little update.

Reworked a bit the skill tree to be more efficient (especially starting points):


Next 3 points are to get "Hired Killer": more life.
Other 2 points will be spent (+40 regret) to get rewards from Bandits (till now i got 3 passive points) to get +40 life and +18% phys dmg or +8% atk speed (undecided yet).

Changed boots to Atziri step: more spell dodge is always welcome.
Next itam I am looking for is Drillneck but I don't have enough exalted for now.

I really like how things are going with 3 auras + blood magic, I don't even feel the need for a curse.
If I could get a 6L bow I'd like to try out:
Puncture - PPAD - Faster Attack - Blood Magic - Curse on hit - Vulnerability

Tryed for the first time Atziri: dungeon cleared dying 3, can't beat Atziri Queen. It's been fun but I'm no good at running throu spells on the field.
Other than that I clear Dominus in 1min (3-4min from waypoint), and I have no trouble to clear maps till lv74 whatever the mod (slowly do even phys reflect).

So till next time, cya.
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Some emprovement
Some updates since last time.

Changed bow to a better Chin Sol (still going non-crit).

This and upgrading some gems to +20% (from lv20 + gcp to lv1 +20%) got me to a nice dps of 11.2k Puncture and 9.7k Split Arrow.

Did Piety lv77 map without dying in front of phys reflect and monster fracture, I'm so proud of this!!!

Still need to emprove greatly my gloves (need hp + ias + res) and the quiver (still trying to saves ex for a Drillneck).
Anyway at lv87 I've 3.6k life and I'm wearing Carnage Heart (need it to survive reflects).

I think it's everything for now; till next time

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Finally getting serious
NEWS, oh yes, many good news.

Got my hand on a drillneck fianlly and changed bow to a lioneye 5L. Reeched lv88 and closed the build.

So there we have my renewed non-crit phys bow ranger:

Passive tree lv88 (got 3 points from bandits, will fix that next 2 lv +40hp and + 8%attack speed)


Split arrow - Blood magic - Projectile physical damage - Added fire - Faster attack
Punture - Blood magic - Projectile physical damage - Added fire - Faster attack
Hatred - Herald of ash - Haste
CWDT (lv1) - Immortal call - Temporal chain - Increase duration
CWDT (max) - Molten shell - Enduring cry - Ethereal knives

Split arrow (3 active auras): 15.3k
Puncture: 18.5k
Life: 3370
Res: elemental 75% 71% 75%, 41% evade, 40% dodge, 46% spell evade, double projectile evade

I loove how smooth this char goes throu every kind of map (highlight lv77 reflect fracture piety without dying). I still need to try a second time Atziri.

Hope you enjoyd this little story of my char and really hope to tell you that i finally killed Atziri next time.
Till then, cya!
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Oh yeah, stay non-crit and show them that it's possible and viable! Before I died in Beyond with my ranger I had: 23K burning arrow DPS, 10K split arrow DPS, 4.5K HP with my non-crit ranger!!!

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