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When you do a different damage types, and you have the lucky modifier on (or taking a lot and the enemy is unlucky), are they compared together or one by one?

Example for lucky damage:
Fire rolls: 20, 50
Cold rolls: 50, 30
Do you do 50 fire and 30 cold or 50 fire and 50 cold?


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There is new alternate quality for toxic rain that Fires 2 additional Arrows
20% reduced Debuff Effect.

What is the debuff of toxic rain??

Is it only 'Each Spore Pod applies 10% less Movement Speed to nearby Enemies, to a maximum of 60%'?

Or includes 'Deals (7.9-285.1) Base Chaos Damage per second'?

There is no information about Toxic rain's debuff anywhere.

I really hope that the first one is correct because second one would be so useless.
I am very curious about the mechanics of the new curse skills gems.

When using Impending Doom or HexBlast, do they apply before the curse is consumed/expired such that the effect of the curse applies to their hit or after? For example, if I have cursed an enemy with Despair, will the added damage from despair apply to these hits?

How does HexBlast consume a curse applied via aura? Is Doom required to on the curse to trigger HexBlasts secondary shockwave or just the bonus damage multiplier?

Does a curse supported by Impending Doom gain a Hit attribute? If I support a curse with Impending Doom, could I then support it with added cold damage? What about Archmage or Poison supports?

Thank you.
Hi there,

Is it possible to clarify on the new item The Iron Mass?

Does the item override the damage of the skeleton (which is about 1k at gem level 20) or is it additive?

Do the skeletons themselves trigger the tripple damage effect when they hit something, or does the summoner have to hit something herself?

Thanks for your time!

1) How does 'more damage per 5 doom' on Hexblast interact with added flat damage from supports or items?
Is added damage from support gems(added cold/lightning etc) coming into calculation at 'base' level and more damage per doom mods applied to it aswell? Or is added damage added at the moment of hit as a flat value after chaos damage was multiplied based on amount of doom?

Can't think of a way to test it myself. Someone who is good with game mechanics suggest me a way to test it, please. Or.. just be nice and explain the order of damage applications with this gem. Thanks!

2) I am curious if Doomday keystone allows to apply multiple different hexes over the same area, i.e. to stack them.

3) A question about Impending Doom support. Does damage occur only if hex ends by duration, or removing hex with Hexblast also triggers damage on this support?
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Does increased area of effect passive change anything for Crackling Lance?
Hi, I can't find any information about what is the radius of "nearby" of Abberath's Hooves ignite proliferation.

If anyone would answer, I would be happy :D
Not sure if this will ever get seen, but might as well I guess:

Does anyone know if it's intentional that neither of the volley supports work with the new lancing steel? And if it is, why?

Am really confused and alot of questions in my head regarding how this keystone works.

Currently am playing Shattering Steel champion, 100% chance to impale and got 7 impales from Master of Metal Ascendancy Notable.

The impaler keystone says :
When your Hits Impale Enemies, also Impale other Enemies near them
Inflict 4 additional Impales on Enemies you Impale
Enemies cannot be Impaled for 4 seconds after you Impale them

so the initial hit do one impale and +4 from the impaler = 5
but impale last for 8 sec, so the second impale hit after 4 sec will make 10? but my cap currently is 7! thats my first question.

second question: if i added a watcherseye jewel to reach 9 stacks of impale, what does that benefit me here, or it doesnt?

i want it to know how the impaler keystone interact with staking impale above the initial 5.

thanks in advance.
Hi, I have a question about The Admiral,Varnished Coat.
The last mod of The Admiral makes me confused cause I cannot assure whether explanation is the correct one.

"elemental damage you deal with hits is resisted by lowest elemental resistance instead".

The resistance is picked from enemy's lowest one or the one from my own character?

Thanks for your time.

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