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Need some clarification here for explode mechanics - I'm pretty sure if I link my Bane to some IIR / IIQ gem (I'm in Standard), most of the kills as an occultist are from Profane Bloom, and won't trigger IIR / IIQ.

But Divergent Bane adds the same 'cursed monsters have a chance to explode' mod as Profane Bloom.

Would kills from the Divergent Bane explosion trigger IIR / IIQ from a linked gem?

Would it bundle Profane Bloom kills as well, since its the same mod?

What if some monsters get killed from simultaneous explosions from Profane Bloom and Divergent Bane from different kills? IIR / IIQ applied or not?
Which is applied first with a single hit, a curse or bleeding? Curse source is a ring mod.

E.g. my chance to inflict bleeding for split arrow is 80% and vulnerability provides another 20%;
1st hit on enemy with split arrow curses with vulnerability on hit - is my chance to inflict bleeding for that same hit 100% or 80%?
хотел вас спросить работает ли новый мод на камнях(watchstone) Harbingers in Areas have (11-15)% chance to drop an additional Stack of Currency Shards будут ли они работаеть если вставить 3 штуки =45% или не будут вместе работать?
Brand Recall on Armageddon Brand question as it relates to ignite...

When recall is used, is the ignite based off of:
A. The combined total damage of all brands recalled (since they drop simultaneously)
B. The largest hit of the recalled brands (that's assuming they even do different individual damages- I'm definitely unsure of this as well)

I suppose the reason for my question is obvious as one would get a much bigger hit/ignite from multiple brands added up.

How do sources of less damage taken work together?

For example, if I have together
Gale force from deadeye (30% less damage taken),
Buff from armour Doppelganger guise (25% less physical damage taken),
fortify (20% less damage taken from hits)
Arctic armour (13% less physical and 12% less fire damage taken from hits)

Will I have 30+25+20+13=87 less physical damage taken from hits? Or It will be
0.7, then 25% from 0.7 less, then 13% of the last calculation etc.

Or maybe source of less damage taken from hits and less damage taken are calculated separately and do not combine?

Thank you.

I have a question regarding Blasphemy.

The notable passive skill "Dark Discourse" from cluster jewels says: "Enemies you Curse are Hindered, with 15% reduced Movement Speed"

The Ascendency notable "Malediction" from the Occultist says:
"Enemies you Curse have Malediction"

If I use Blasphemy with curses, what will happen?

1) Neither "Dark Discourse" nor "Malediction" will work.
2) Only Malediction works despite the similar wording.
3) Both work.

This question has been asked a few times when I searched the internet for it. However the answers are not consistent.

Thank you.
Two questions:
1. Does "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you" mod protects you from regular bleeding?
2. Does "Bleeding cannot be inflicted on you" mod protects you from corrupted blood?
Handmade cursors for PoE:
Question: how much in AoE units is base Shock Nova's ring inner radius. PoB tells that outer radius is 26.

Some background:
Cast on crit with Cyclone/Shock nova setup. Want to know how much AoE cyclone needs, to hit enemy with Shock nova's Ring component (presuming Shock nova AoE does not change).

Here is all info I see in PoB . Shock nova base radius is 26. 6 Stage cyclone radius is 17. (PoB numbers).Respectively - just outer Shock Nova's ring radius.

This is not enough, because ring have width. If cyclone radius will be too small, it is possible that ring would not hit monster (when monster is positioned between ring's inner circumference and cyclone circumference).

So I see this build's challenge is to build cyclone radius around Shock nova's ring width middle.

PS I understand that monsters with large models (like most bosses I think) will be hit more likely.

Cyclone may be also bigger that shock nova ring radius. But this is not my case.
Mark_GGG wrote:

I'm Mark_GGG, and I know how PoE works. If you'd also like to, this thread is for you.

We're trying out something new as a way for people with mechanical questions to get answers. People can post mechanical questions in this thread, and every few days I'll come by and answer as many as I can. This is specifically for questions about game mechanics - I can't tell you why a balance change was made, whether something will get nerfed, or what option is "best" for a given build. So if you have questions like "Does X support Y?", "What order do A, B, and C happen in when I get hit?", or "Why do the calculations come out this way when I take this passive?", I can help. Questions like "What will the next league be?", "How do people level so fast?", or "What were you thinking when you nerfed X?" are off topic for this thread, and I'm not going to be answering them.

I'm not perfect, and some things I'll have to look up. It might take me longer to get an answer to your question than someone else's - please be patient in this case. I will be doing my best to answer every mechanical question asked in the thread, although this is on top of my other work, so again, please be patient in waiting for me to get to things. If you ask about announced, but unreleased content (such as unique items shown in previews before the patch that adds them to the game), please understand such things are not always final when shown, and not all the answers might exist yet.

This doesn't mean I won't still be replying in other parts of the forum, so don't feel you have to ask things here to get answers.

That's pretty much all I have to say, so let's get the questions rolling!


Here's a link to just the GGG posts in this thread, for people who just want to see answers.

First of all, I thank you for creating the game and giving support that is not so optimal, but thanks for providing it.

I think the game is not completely free anyway and that's why I think I have the right to claim this POE issue that always exists, the excessive massive damage and one hit kills, as you hope I can overcome fighting four bosses of the gaps when it is practically impossible to even run or cast a spell, an ability of the bos and dead, I do not want to spend 12 hours a day because I have a life of my own and do other things so I do not want to have 20k of ES or have a team of 1000 exalted who almost never fall, so I think YOU SHOULD LOWER THE LEVEL OF THE GAME AND MAKE IT MORE FRIENDLY FOR EVERYONE, even worse that remastered diablo 2 is going to come out and really POE is a good game I do not deny it but these stupid things like for example have to make pusles, jump with the keyboard dodge with the keys is really boring, I played Diablo 2 for years and I still feel that it is even more strategic than POE, let's stop making the game so shitty impossible to win and do it more friendly that your players are leaving

And I must add that there are mechanics like those of the shaper that are strategic and friendly because you can adapt to the movements but others like those of Sirus that you do not know where the curse teleports you cannot distinguish where it is put because they are all the same color throws a beam and surprise motherfucker ... you are dead, THE MINOTAUR that you do not know where it goes until it jumps on you and surprise ... You are dead and its falling rocks that for each rock 75% of life down two rocks and Dead again ..., Maven, according to what I see videos it is very difficult and they are pure jumps with keys and obstacles running, that is boring because not all of us are used to an obstacle rpg, really. I don't want to wait to have a team that costs a total of thousands of exalted to win this game because it is boring and tiring to make it impossible, for example in warframe there are adaptable mechanics, I know that it is not the same game but I put it as an example, it is for free, you can find the objects doing missions or maps and the best thing is that their prices are very low and it has no performance problems, I think ... they should lower the level of the whole game in general it makes it easier than just for geeks tucked into your computer all day or for nerds, I apologize but it's true and I know many will agree with me.

look at the image, how do you think I can win that is practically impossible to reach the end bores and makes you want to leave the game

oh and sure the typical nerds will appear to say their stupid things, the truth is worth a thousand cucumbers, I just make my claim

Zouvaner wrote:


oh and sure the typical nerds will appear to say their stupid things, the truth is worth a thousand cucumbers, I just make my claim

I agree with you but unfortunately it is rant and might not be appropriate for this thread that already has 690 pages.

My advice would be to just go over to the Community section and look for boss carries, not to buy their services, but to steal their builds.

You play in standard so should have all the time and currency to replicate one. I believe the trend these days are builds like this:

It is a bit sad that I'll probably have to buy my challenge completions as well but I doubt they designed all content that can be accomplished with just about any build. These multi-boss challenges along with 100% delirious are considered top tier stuff and it's only normal that it is gated behind the most optimized builds which you might not enjoy the playstyle.

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