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3sfour wrote:
Hi, I have a question regarding Arctic Armor, does AA reduce reflected fire dmg (assuming you are standing still ofc) ?
Are the Slayer's Headman bonuses to area of effect radius and damage multiplier on kill treated as buffs and will they be scaled by Ichimonji's increased buff effect?
No. Buffs can be identified by having a visible icon with a green border. Anything without that icon or with a different border is not a buff.
tjc128 wrote:
Vortex's DoT Tooltip doesn't benefit from +damage to spells(HoI etc), and also cannot have it's element converted. Is that the actual functionality and/or is that intended?
This is true of all damage over time, and always has been. Flat added damage only makes sense for hits, and damage conversion cannot apply to damage over time (although that one might be able to change in the distant future).
Are all Prophecys that are not Map specific available at Level 1?
found the answer
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The support team linked me to this thread,
so i have an issue with pierce chance from the Drillneck quiver. it is supposed to give "10% chance of Arrows piercing" but it doesnt increase the chance to pierce, that is indicated by the tooltip of my Lightning Arrow (which is supposedly an arrow). Maybe that is a bug? Did i understand something wrong? I have acquired the Drillneck with one of the new prophecies if that is any help.
Greetings and thanks alot.
Hey Mark, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I have a bunch of small questions, I'd be happy if you could answer any.

1) Consecrated ground created by "Decree of Light" gloves enchant (example below) seems to grant much higher health regen than expected.

Tested with a character with around 7.5k life, their life regen spikes by ~900 while standing on it, close to 12% of their maximum life.
Decree of Light skill description reads "4% of maximum life regenerated per second" and consecrated ground created by a Sulphur flask grants the expected 4% life regen. Where is this difference coming from?

2) Related to above, do you still benefit from "when you take a critical strike" effects if you block said critical strike? For example, Avenger's prefix on flasks.

3) Whirling Blades doesn't seem to be interruptible. If this assumption is correct, what happens if I receive damage from a hit large enough to normally stun me while whirling? This is difficult for me to test in-game as those are typically the hits I'm trying to dodge with Whirling Blades in the first place.

4) Is there a maximum range I need to be within of monsters killed (by me) to gain experience? For example, do monsters dying to degen when I'm already several screens away still grant experience no matter what?

5) Do strongbox prefixes have any effect on quantity of items contained, or would opening a normal strongbox be the same as opening a magic one (with no suffixes) loot wise?
1) Does culling strike from a bow corruption work with a spells if I use my spell setup not in a bow?
2) Does chain+fork setup work?
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So my question is simple: is Shadeform working as intended? The passive is clearly written as "20% more evasion chance when not on full Energy Shield", which you knew already. On the wiki it states it being when you are on full ES, with the passive saying vice versa.

I'm curious because it doesn't seem to be doing either of those things. At full ES I have 48% chance to evade and then upon taking damage, I see no change in that number, either going down or up. Is this tied to a stat that isn't visible to the player? If so, would that make my chance to evade an inaccurate percentage to look at for the purpose of whether or not this passive is working?

Any insight into this would be awesome, as I've been playing Trickster since the Lab was released and love the sub class.
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Hello! I'm stuck on trying to figure out if the unique quiver "Drillneck" actually affects the Deadeye Ascendancy passive "Powerful Precision". I've been testing for over an hour, and my results have left me inconclusive. I did not find any answers by searching online either.

I'm deciding on the ranger class, using a Drillneck for the pierce bonus damage. But the problem is that I'm unsure if the Ranger Deadeye passive interacts with Drillneck. Scion's "Deadeye" node is shown on the Sheet damage, so it's already visually calculated the 30% pierce and damage with Drillneck. Also, if the passive does work with Drillneck, is it dynamic? Such as reducing total damage as the projectile travels and loses pierce chance?

For reference:
Powerful Precision: Projectiles have 100% additional chance to Pierce targets at the start of their movement, losing this chance as the projectile travels further
Drillneck: Projectile Damage increased by Arrow Pierce Chance

Much appreciated for any assistance.
Mark - thanks for doing this!

Had a few questions on the way taunt works in the game. I've looked around, and can't find any official GGG statements beyond the following:

* Taunt will have an indicator in 2.3
* Taunted enemies will do 10% less damage to other targets
* First player to taunt keeps the taunt
* Taunt lasts for 3 seconds

Players have estimated some other things from their playing experience (e.g. there might be a 6s "taunt immune" period following a taunt's 3s duration).

Would it be possible to get some clarity on the following?

* How exactly does taunt operate on a monster? Does it mean the next hit will be directed towards the taunter? Or all hits over the duration of the taunt?
* Is there a Taunt cooldown period?
* Do monsters have Taunt resistance / Taunt duration modifiers / Taunt break mechanics? Does this differ by monster category?
* Is there radius limitation on the Taunt effect? I.e. does the taunter have to be within a certain distance for the taunted monster to target the taunter?
* When totems taunt (chieftain passive), do they become the target, or does the player (since totems represent players in certain ways)?
zbracakes wrote:
found the answer

Cold snap consume power charge to bypass it s cooldown. Just try with another spell to confirm it. If that s your problem try using a voll protector
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1) is there any difference between scolds / heartbound loop damage taken, and between hiltless "reflected" damage?
if so.. where exactly? (aside from the fact that the reflected damage can be blocked/ dodged etc..)
2) in my COLB build i have no idea why my mana cost is as it is... care to explain how i reach 669 mana there? (tried diff stuff and nothing lead me to 669 mana)
3) some question about dancing dervish :
- what are the tags of the skill? (AOE / minion / melee /etc...)
- can it soppurts COC / cwdt ? (so my sowrd will start to cast spells linked to it)
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