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Regarding Kintsugi's "50% increased Evasion if you were Hit Recently"

Is this 50% increased Evasion applied after your Evasion is calculated (as in, after your opponent's accuracy and your evasion rating are calculated, and then after modifiers to your opponent's hit chance such as being blinded are applied) ?

Or is this a funny way of saying "50% increased Evasion rating"?

Is this multiplicative with Arrow Dancing and Raider's Avatar of the Chase and their "% chance to evade"?
When Contagion spreads Essence Drain, is the degen order maintained or somehow changed?
For a specific example - I cast Contagion linked with Item Rarity on a group of monsters, then cast Essence Drain on one of them and they all die from Contagion spreading ED. Will Item Rarity affect them all?
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Hi Mark,

I would really like to know:

If the new taunt mechanics where others take reduced damage applies to Stone Golem and Decoy Totem.


If they taunt, do I take the 10% less damage?

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Maybe a common sense question but wanted to check anyways. With regards to cospri's will:

I'm in the process of going for 4b2g, and rolled 4b1r1g twice now, so in the meantime I have 3b3g until i save up more chromes to try again, the support gem choices are fairly limited as a bladefall miner, so I added in rapid decay as my final support. I assume this should work but with support gems I feel like the wording is rather important. Since cospri's is the item doing the poisoning, and not bladefall, the tooltip for bladefall says nothing about poisoning. Will rapid decay as a 6th link increase the poison dot from Cospri's?

Thanks for any help!

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Does Obliteration
Profane Bloom
Abyssal's Cry's explosion radius scale with aoe nodes?
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Is Beacon of Ruin's (Elementalist's ascendancy perk) radius affected by Increased AoE/Concentrated Effect support gems?
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I have a question about Abyssal Cry and its interaction with critical strikes.
When does critical strike check occurs? in a moment of initial cast or in a moment of monster exploding?
I tried to check himself (assasin) by adding Pyre ring and "Added cold gem" to ingite on crits and casting AB with zero and full power charches, but results were inconclusive. =(
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Could you confirm that the Doomfletch (and it's fated version) mechanic "Gain 110% of Bow Physical Damage as Extra Damage" scales with flat added phys from other items? Hard to test in game.

Greatly appreciate your passion for knowledge, thank you!
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Why is frost wall so inconsistent at blocking certain player projectile attacks (namely explosive arrow)?
do "chance to avoid stuns when x" nodes and mods on gear work with block animations

I mean do you also get a chance to avoid a block animation or does the animation always happen unless stun immune?
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