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How does Mjölner with 3 discharges, Juggernaut (Unrelenting), Voll's Devotion, Romira's Banquet (and Resolute Technique/Voll's Protector) work?
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Mark_GGG wrote:

if Nemesis proc in Mysterious Darkshrine (Your nemeses hunt you: Nemesis is added to the areas within the Labyrinth), then can chance headhunter?

I can answer this one, no.
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Thank you Mark for doing this, I find this thread to be a wonderful read and helps me understand PoE much better. I think it's awesome you are taking time to answer community questions directly.

For the most part I find PoE to be straight forward in that if it says "increased" it's additive and "more" is multiplicative. If a skill says it's "AoE" or "Projectile" it means those modifiers will affect it. There are a few cases which are not straight forward such as all minion skills. They say they are spells but are not affected by spell damage. Why aren't minions affected by spell damage when they have the spell tag? (Shouldn't it just be removed so it's "Minion" to avoid this issue?)

I think this question is more design based not mechanics based, why is flame dash limited to 3 charges?

E: Can master's be switched to work similar to Prophecies? Once you finish the task they auto complete and would reward rep/favour?

E2: How do Wings of Entropy, Lacerate, and Outmatch/Outlast from Duelist interact with each other? I know I read somewhere with Dual Strike it counted as MH kills only, but Lacerate is different, would you be able to generate both charges with this setup?
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What exactly does the tooltip DPS on Lacerate and Double Strike mean?

Do these account for a hit both swings, discounted by accuracy/crit/etc ?
Currently, Vaal Burning Arrow only consumes 1 charge of the skill if you drop 3 mines containing it with Minefield - allowing you to drop 9 Vaal Burning Arrow mines off of the 3 charges the gem holds. Is this a bug, or intended?

Also, does the flat physical damage from Coated Shrapnel jewel(s) count as 'bow physical damage' for Doomfletch and Doomfletch's Prism if you're using a bow skill as a trap/mine, or is it added on separately after the Doomfletch modifier is applied?
Is there a reason why I can apply poison with both, attacks & spells, but not bleeding?
Hi Mark,

When skills are calculated for dps (or the order which they are triggered for cwdt) does it matter the order the supported skills and the relation they are to the active/triggered gem?

If so would this example be true?:

-linked sockets are R->R->R->R
-using cwdt -> immortal call -> increased duration -> molten shell

-cwdt would trigger immortal call first and then molten shell with both IC and MS having increased duration applied? or do they cast IC/MS simultaneously?

-Also does this affect supported skills with active skills and placement of supported %increased vs %more affect the final DPS calculation?

I've seen comments going both ways and hoping for some clarification.
Thanks in advance.
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If I were to support frostbolt with Cast on Crit vortex and ice nova and both skills trigger off the same crit proc, will the ice nova and vortex hit in the same spot (same projectile) or will the projectile be consumed by vortex and the ice nova end up on my self?
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The unofficial PoE wiki lists the Stun chance formula as stun_chance [%] = 200 * damage / defender_effective_max_life. Is this formula accurate? If it is why do i find myself stunned by physical hits with Immortal Call up? Going by the formula if i take 0 damage the chance should be 0%. I specifically tested this on Rhoa charge. Is the charge an exception?
With the recent changes to spark, I imagine you can have a big excess of projectile speed and skill effect duration.

How can we verify when we have enough for the 150 unit limit? Perhaps have a new stat in the details saying how many units the projectiles will travel?

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