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Question about skill mechanics : Next to 1-click skills, do you plan to introduce some interactive skills in POE?
On interactive skill I mean a skill, which uses mouse position after its launched, like you draw the arc/area/path of its effect?
D3 treasure goblins's escape portal is an entrance to Wraeclast
Does Hypothermia's more damage affect Vortex's DoT? Wiki claims no because a hit is required to check for the chill but it does not have a source. Is a hit requirement correct? If it is Hypothermia's description should be changed to reflect that because I can't think of anyway for someone to know that without somehow knowing that a hit is required. The penetration gems should mention the hit requirement too!
I've got a couple questions:

1.) Is linking via fuses deterministic (i.e. runs based off an algorithm where the individual fuses have a hidden variable) or is it random (some sort of rand function).

2.) Do maps have hidden extra mods? Sometimes I see maps with 4 tormented spirits or 2+ exiles without any explicit/implicit mods or Zana map device effects attached. If so, do these hidden mods affect IIQ/map drop rates?

Hello Mark,

My question is, Death's Oath chest, 450 chaos damage per second to enemy around. Does this dot scale off of chaos damage in the passive tree? If so how would its damage be calculated?
hey its great to see such dedication to players questions. thank you so much for doing this for us !

However i fear that this thread will reach 200+ pages very soon and it will be impossible for players to catch up/check if their question has already been asked. You will find yourself reading and answering the same question over and over.

So my first question:

1. do you think you can give this more structure?

Like linking the answered questions in the first post so if a new player comes here and wants to find an answer to something, he can at least check the "alredy asked" section of this thread. Otherwise its a complete mess, since its not a skill or mechanic specific thread, but rather a "AMA" type of thing.

Then I have a few mechanics questions and suggestions. I'll go right ahead.

2. Rapid decay: Can you clarify in which cases the gem actually works? I heard rumors that it does not apply to RF, since its not technically a duration gem. However it will apply to RF if its linked with spell totem, because that makes it duration. Why is this? Follow-up question: Does rapid decay work if I link it to a bow Skill (lets say Lightning arrow - gmp - pierce - void manip - rapid decay) and I use snakebite to apply poison. Will Rapid decay ( and void manip for that matter) work with the poison indirectly applied through snakebite? I havent linked a poison gem to it so the setup has no "duration" to it.

3. Lightning arrow secondary "aoe": Does conc effect increase the damage that the secondary, up to 3 target hitting thing from lightning arrow does to nearby targets? If so, does it double-dip on poison that is applied with Lightning arrow? Same question for Kinetic blast: If I link it with conc effect and I apply poison with it, do poison stacks get the 59% more damage if the poison is applied through the explosion ?

4. Hinekora and instant leech: Chieftains "Hinekora" node now gives "1% of damage dealt by your totems is leeched to you as life". Does it work with any of the instantleech sources ? ( acuity, legacy Vinktar, vaal pact)

5. Scolds and crit: Do things like "%increased chance to receive a critical strike" work with the damage you get from using skills while wearing scolds?

6. Diamond flask and Assassin's Mark How do I correctly calculate my effective crit chance against a monster that has assassins mark on it and i use a diamond flask? More in detail, do i first add the flat chance to my crit chance, then apply the diamond flask math 1-(1-critchance)² or is it the other way round?

7. Updated Skill AoE values Can you release a list of AoE values for skills ? The wiki has data on some, but its outdated and the new skills often lack it completely. Would be nice to have the numbers so we can compare.

8. Minion Data Spreadsheet This thing has been asked so much in the past. Can we get updated values for minion life&damage for 2.3? It is very immportant to compare damage and uber viability for srs for example.

Thank you again for doing this for the community.
RIP King of the Forest view-thread/1738625

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Mark_GGG wrote:

if Nemesis proc in Mysterious Darkshrine (Your nemeses hunt you: Nemesis is added to the areas within the Labyrinth), then can chance headhunter?
the last big patch

- Fixed a bug where Cluster Trap and Minefield were only reducing trap or mine damage respectively when they should have been reducing all damage.

so to confirm cluster traps and multi traps reduce the damage done when it is tied to the gem even by something such as linking mirror/blink arrow to trap and cluster trap the dmg reduce applies to minions and so they do less damage when using either cluster or multi?

but also the reverse side doesn't apply the same way in that the trap damage when tied to a bow minion does not increase the damage

ie: only way to really scale mirror/blink arrow is to scale minion damage and trap reductions apply but trap increases do not apply to bow minions


so i just simply assume multi trap has always been this way and reduced damage of minions tied to it and cluster trap was just not applying it correctly and has been now fixed?
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How is the target priority of enemy monsters determined when there is no taunt involved? Like for instance when there are 3 people entering a room with monsters, how do they monsters decide who to attack? Is it fully deterministic or does it use "randomness" to choose target?
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I would love to get a complete list of what "on kill effect" works with totems/traps and which don't.
The general rule of totems don't trigger on kill effects doesn't always apply anymore since we got ascendancy.

Perception is reality.
When looking and skills and effects that are not gained by skill gems, but some other way, is there a good rule of thumb to know if these are effected by our passives/items/flasks/ascendencies?

Some examples:

examples of effects to consider:

- inc AOE from carcass jack, or passives /shrine
- dmg from frenzy charges, general "increased dmg" nodes/jewels etc, Sulfur flask etc..
- base crit Chance from assasin ascendency
- etc
- inc. Duration from temporal chains on self
- poison effect from snakebite

skills to consider:

- gratious violance / obilteration wand explosions, skills on glove enchants: do i get inc dmg from sulfour flask? (yes) is the AOE increased from passives? ( dont know) +1 base crit Chance from assasin? (dont know)

- secondory and or primary dmg DoT's: bleed, poison, burn from aplicable skills. RF dmg increased by Sulfur flask? (yes) posion dmg apllied by an attack increased by Sulfur flask? (dont know)

- Duration of skills from temporal chains: vaal auras Duration increased? (yes) summon ragins Spirit Duration increased? (dont know)

Thnak you in advance!

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