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I'm experimenting with an enduring cry build, and am getting some mixed results with the cluster passive "Warning Call". Specifically, do multiple instances of this passive stack? If I link 2x of this passive, PoB is showing each instance of Warning Call contributing 100% more armor at 20 power, but in game (looking at my character stats) it seems like the TOTAL amount of armor attainable through any number of warning calls is 100% .

Essentially, in-game character stats indicate warning call does not stack, but my experience with similar passives, as well as PoB, is indicating otherwise. Any idea which is the correct behavior?
How does Deadeye's Rupturing work.

Will rupture only be applied if the bleed is applied?

An example scenario:
A powerful bleed is applied with a non-crit (snipe puncture).
A weaker hitting bleed will not apply the bleed (without Crimson Dance), but if that hit was a crit, will it apply a stack of Rupture?
Is there a way to change the chat alarm sound?
Handmade cursors for PoE:
Hey Mark,

Does the mod "Your Hits treat Cold Resistance as 10% higher than actual value" from the Blizzard Crown do apply to mines/traps?

There is unfortunately no conclusive information regarding that explicit question and I can't think of a good way to test it ingame.
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Hi Mark. I see you haven't posted an answer since summer 2019, but I'll still take my chances.

Are different quality types for one gem weighted or equal?

Eg. if I use Prime Regrading Lens on a gem with regular quality type and 2 possible unusual qualities, are the odds 50-50 or not?
Hey all,

So, I understand that the following is true; firstly, that bonechill can only apply the increased damage taken effect if the skill supported by bonechill applies a chill, and (2) that only the highest magnitude chill applies to a monster at any given time. So my question is:

If two chills are applied that are of equal magnitude, and one of the applying skills is supported by bonechill and the other is not, does the target have the increased damage effect? And, does a chill of equal magnitude overwrite an older chill if it would extend the duration of the chill?

Situation I am wondering about; say you play an elementalist and have shaper of winter (15% guaranteed chill from any hit capable of applying ailments, 50% more effect of cold ailments including chill if the hit is majority cold damage, and increased chill cap of 40%). I have a main skill which deals mostly cold damage, as well as a level 1 storm brand with added cold (majority cold hit) and bonechill which has enough increased chill effect to reach the cap of 40% on any target thanks to shaper of winter. If my main skill is capable of applying a 40% chill as well, which of the following is true?

(1) The 40% chill from the storm brand is applied 'intelligently' and I always have the damage increase so long as the storm brand doesn't fall off

(2) Each chill overwrites the other as each is applied, so I'll intermittently have the damage from bonechill for exactly one hit, after which time my main skill overwrites the bonechill effect, and I will only get the bonechill damage again after my storm brand reapplies the bonechill-supported chill

(3) A chill can only be applied when the old one has fallen off, so it's a toss up based on which skill hits first (don't think this one is true)

(4) Some other fourth thing?

Thanks for any replies.
Hi, was wondering with this new belt : Arn's Anguish Cloth Belt. Using it with my Duelist Slayer and Oro's Sacrifice and Masterful Form. I get the Frenzy charges but not the Brutal charges. I have removed the belt and don't even get endurance charges. Something seems broke, could you please help me.

I have 7 frenzy charges, so I should have 7 brutal charges. It is not working.

Account: Carnageexile
Character name : Frikkefrik

Thanks in advance.
Hi Mark

I would like to ask you about two things I don’t quite understand.

1. The “new” shield: Heat-attuned Tower Shield applies scorch on block based on the fire damage of the HIT...

So, there is a hidden threshold that determines the -X% fire resistance regarding of the fire damage dealt. Does that mean if I receive 0 Fire damage, I can’t apply it? Or does it count my “phys converted to fire” onto the incoming damage? Or how does that work in order to determine X when I receive pure physical / lighting / cold or Chaos damage)

The other question is since scorch LOWERS the enemy resistance by X (for examples reasons we say X is -20%)
and we assume we have exposure (-44% wave of conviction & Combustion ) in addiction to elemental equilibrium. -50%

So: therefor a normal monster with 75% Fireres would be at -19% due to EE and WOC. Now we block, and Scorch would be applied. Does it REDUCE the minus 19 % to rounded down -15% or rounded up -16% (which would be a bad thing to apply scorch in that scenario)


Does it lower it by X (for example reasons lets say X is -20%) and exposure and EE is applied later?

Meaning: normal monster with 75% -X (20%) – Exposure -44% (Wave of conviction & Combustion ) – EE (-50%) equals a total resist of -39%

I hope I could write it somehow clear to understand what I mean 😊 and hope that you find the time in all these questions to answer mine as well. Thanks in advance

Best regards Dr. Blowhole

I would like to ask the newly added mechanic :"Recouped".
Does it affected by recovery rate?

Molten Strike does not take into account the increased damage from projectiles.
For example, Iron gripp support does not work.
can you tell me how to solve this problem?

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