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I'm running a Pillar champion build with cyclone utilizing impale for the added physical damage from master of steel, If i use herald of purity will the hits from the sentinels trigger the impale stacks and drastically reduce my dps? Does this occur with totems too like ancestral protector?
Hi, I'm new to Path of Exile, I'm interested on Bladefall + Blade Blast Poison mechanic. From a couple build that I looked up from forum and YouTube the Six-Linked Blade Blast doesn't have poison Support on it, so where is the poison come from?

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My questions is the following currently I have an ultimatum challenge that will exchange a unique item for another is the challenge is finsihed. My question is if I sacrifice a 6l(link) does it will give me a 6l(link) as a reward . Another way to ask it is does the socketed and links of the item sacrifice will affected the reward on anyway.
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So today I was messing around with low life spellcaster champion, from what I can understand of the description of coward's legacy, I count as on low life while I'm cursed with vulnerability with coward's legacy belt on, So when I drink a curse Immune flask which means I am no longer count as on low life, then by the time flask effect runs out I should be count as low life once again. (all of this happens with HP above 50%)
So with all those being said. The note on champion (First to Strike, Last to Fall) should grant me adrenaline by the time my flask effect runs out, however in game it doesn't. ( all of this should also work if I'm hexproof right?)
I don't know if it is my mistake to regard "reach low life"(note) and "count as on low life"(belt) as a same thing or Those two never work out from the development in the beginning.
Why does non-instant life flask remove curse on use with "of warding" suffix even on full life but instant life flask does not?

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Does having Awakened Blasphemy linked with curses allow passives phrased as "increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills" to add curse effectiveness? Also, if I have my curses linked to Awakened Blasphemy, will passives skills such as "Bannerman" or "Revelry" add curse effect to affected enemies?
Hey everyone, we're closing this thread as we don't have the ability to keep up with the number of questions coming in. The developers who are able to answer these questions are currently too busy working on development to give this thread the attention it needs. As an alternative, we'll be hosting more frequent Q&A's about game mechanics as part of our news schedule to make sure we're still able to answer the most common questions while being able to focus primarily on development.
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