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Hello Marc,

I would like to know if IIQ/IIR applies, (also from the gems in my attack skill), when I kill mobs with bleeding (IIQ/IIR applies, I hope?) , but especially when mobs die from Gratious Violence.

I have the feeling that it does not work as intended.

Thanks for your reply!
Hey mark! I was wondering if the gem 'Physical Projectile Attack Damage' boosts both the initial projectile damage as well as'double dipping' and also boosting the resultant poison damage-the same way that generic'projectile damage' does.

Because it specifies physical projectile attack damage im unsure if this is the case.

Thanks so much for your time!

The new "Mind of the Council" helm has the following mod: "Recover 3% of Maximum Mana when you Shock an Enemy"

1) Does shocks inflicted to already shocked enemies trigger the mod?
2) Does shocks reflected to you by Maligaro's Restraint trigger the mod?

Thanks a lot!
BlueSky88 wrote:
Hey mark! I was wondering if the gem 'Physical Projectile Attack Damage' boosts both the initial projectile damage as well as'double dipping' and also boosting the resultant poison damage-the same way that generic'projectile damage' does.

A Damage value needs to have all the correct 'tags' to benefit from a given modifier. Poison Damage is neither Physical Damage nor Attack Damage. PPAD does not apply.
Hi Mark, thanks for doing this! This league I've jumped on the burn flameblast bandwagon, and after reading your answer to conditional modifiers and how they (don't) apply to DoTs, was wondering about the node Celestial Punishment (specifically the 25% increased damage against Frozen, Shocked, or Ignited enemies).

Mark_GGG wrote:
Khisanth wrote:
Does Hypothermia's more damage affect Vortex's DoT?
No. Conditional modifiers cannot apply to DoT, because the condition could change during the DoT.

So suppose I have Elemental Conflux active, charge Flameblast on a lone mob, that isn't ignited or burning. Flameblast hits and ignites. Does Celestial Punishment increase the initial hit? Does it directly increase the ignite damage? Your earlier answer leads me to think no, but since the condition in case of ignite can't actually change during the DoT, is this an exception?

So to recap, if no is the answer to these questions, Celestial Punishment will only increase my damage if I hit an enemy that is already burning?
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Hi there,

I am playing a trapper relying on Poison. Currently I linked Item Rarity to myy bear trap but I am not sure if it works.

As I use southbound gloves the enemies usually don't die from the trap as such but from the poison caused by my poison support gem (werid interaction with the "Your Hits can only Kill Frozen enemies " ability). Does rarity still work in this case?
Ingame Name: Klingenschild
Dear Mark,

I tested Bleed Duration on targets damaged by Earth Quake using Voidheart and Atziri's Disfavour. I used a "bleed bow" too. All in Sarn Arena:

Bleed base Duration was 3 seconds (standard attack melee, bow; bleed sources listed above)
With Less Duration Support 3 seconds (EQ) (timer was 3 too)
With Rapid Decay 3 seconds (EQ) (timer was 3 too)

I tried to read through all your posts: Bleed duration should be affected by Less Duration Support when the skill has the Duration tag.

I tried to test Poison Duration too. It is harder to measure the time of the DoT but it seems Poison also isn't affected by Less Duration Support. -> Close to being 2 seconds or 2 seconds.
I used Voidheart, Earthquake (with and without LDS) and standard attacks to test.

I assume I have done something wrong.
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Hello Mark

Could you clarify in what order conversion happens if you have more than 100% conversion from one type of damage to several other damage types? I you use a lightning skill with both Call of the Brotherhood and Voltaxic Rift equipped, will you end up with 50% cold and 50% chaos (seems logical to me as cold is "before" chaos in the damage conversion chain) or would you end up with 40% cold and 60% chaos.

Thanks for doing this thread and being awesome
Hello! Thanks for doing this!
I was directed to this thread by support about a question I have with the Scion Ascendant Trickster node as well as The Beast Fur Shawl. My question is in regards to the "Increased Recovery Rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield" on the Trickster node and "Increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate" on the Fur Shawl. Does life/energy shield recovery mean something different to life regeneration?
I was hoping to do an ES based righteous fire build and thought that the regen acquired from Zealot's Oath would be affected by the Recovery Rate modifiers. However, since I saw a reddit post
I was lead to believe my idea won't work. As my character is level 59 I'd rather not continue pouring hours and currency into an idea doomed to fail.
Thank you in advance for the hours and currency you'll be saving me with an answer!
Seriously thank you!
Relation between Bane of Legends and Endless Hunger in the Slayer tree. Say I do 100% of health in a hit that has 30% health left. Do I get 20% of that 70% overkill or is it 20% of 90% as it culls at 20% health left? Or is it just something entirely different, don't entirely understand how cull and overkill works.

Also some questions about Vortex. The skill gem states that modifiers to Spell Damage apply to the skill's damage over time.

1. Is it safe to assume that % increased elemental damage works with increasing the dot damage. (Also % increased cold damage etc.)?

2. How about putting it on a trap/mine? Will all the trap/mine damage increasing modifiers apply to the dot portion of the gem?

2. Since it can be modified like spell damage, can the dot be converted to other elements or just the initial hit? Can I convert it into a fire dot with cold>fire.

3. If the answer to 3 is yes, will increased burning damage increase the dot damage of the converted Vortex? Since it would now be fire damage over time.

4. Does area damage affect the dot damage or just the initial hit of the gem? It has an AoE tag but not sure if the dot is included in that.

Thanks Mark!
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