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Mark_GGG wrote:
There is no amount of increased duration and/or projectile speed that ensures the sparks will definitely reach a point more than 150 units from the character. It's entirely possible for infiinite-duration sparks to bounce/circle around within that radius, and never leave it.

Interesting. This isn't quite what the patch note implied. I thought projectiles would somehow keep track of distance traveled (which seemed like a programming nightmare). Your comment implies that vgs + duration spark will still be extremely effective as a single target option.

Whoever is doing the edits on patch notes has been slipping up recently ;>

"Spark projectiles now destroy themselves after travelling 150 units"
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A titanic work. GGG_Mark has answered my question about a year ago, i still remember it.
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Is there a reason why the non legacy map Vaults of Atziri Vaal Pyramid Map (Map Tier 3) has only monster level 68 ?

What happens if I have a map with multiple bosses like Museum or Arena and i roll the twinned mod on it and corrupt it, can only the "original" bosses drop vaal fragments and vaal gems or all bosses?

Is it right now possible to finish the prophecy "Wind and Thunder" ?
Will the unique Static Electricity jewel's additional lightning damage count dex from nodes that aren't just +10 dex nodes? I'm looking at the Depth perception and Fangs of the Viper nodes (both give +20 dex) and the jewel slot to the right of Shadow's start in the tree.

Naturally. Dex is Dex. I've used one to the right of the Ranger once, +20 Dex on the %Acc node worked just fine.
I've read that Melee Splash granted by Slayer's Impact node cannot be supported by Increase Aoe Gem. So I realized that my Glacial Hammer's tooltips didn't have "XX% increase AoE radius" anymore, which seems to be the case.

Question: When I add an Elemental Proliferation into the setup, the "XX% increase AoE radius" reappear again. Which AoE is being increased ? The proliferation radius, the splash, or both?
"I've read that Melee Splash granted by Slayer's Impact node cannot be supported by Increase Aoe Gem."
This is not entirely accurate. Splash from the Impact node is affected by Increased Radius modifiers, and thus by extension is affected by the Radius Support; they are the same thing, after all.

Most Attacks that Melee Splash applies to, are not AoE Skills themselves. If a Skill does not have the AoE tag, then the Radius Support cannot be linked. The Impact notable does not add the AoE tag to all your Melee Skills.
This is what people mean when they say "Impact cannot be supported with Increased Radius".

Adding an AoE modifier to Glacial Hammer, for example by linking Proliferation, allows the Radius Support to apply. As mentioned, this allows the Radius Support to apply to Impact's Splash.

So to answer your question, both Prolif and Splash are affected.
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I was wondering if the ascendancy passive for inquistor, Augury of Penitence, "deal 8% less Elemental Damage" mitigates elemental reflect.

On , it is stated that reflect damage hits.

If the reflect rare is hitting me with my reflected damage, it is the rare dealing the elemental damage isn't it?
I have a question relating to the Punishment curse.

According to the tooltip, the cursed enemy is supposed to grant you the stated buff when it gets a Melee Hit on you.

On the wiki it is claimed that skills with On Hit effects will still apply on a Blocked Hit, because a Blocked Hit is still a Hit.

However I have tested Punishment and it does not grant you the buff if you Block the mob's Melee Hit.

Is this the intended behavior of the skill (tooltip might be updated to specify it must be a damaging hit?) or is this a bug?
Do map mod bonuses (pack size, rarity, quantity) affect mobs spawned by strongboxes.

Can the strongbox prophecies trigger in Vaults of Atziri?

May all your rings be unique
1. Does the Occultist Ascendancy node Void Beacon grant an aura that just like the other Ascendancy auras has a base radius of 40?

2. If not what is the radius?

3. Are the Ascendancy auras affected by the passive nodes that increase the radius of aura skills?
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