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Dear Mark,
If phase run gem which giving 80% visual reduced to enemies also is given by raider (while at maximum frenzy charges)?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Are we supposed to be able to support skills from glove enchantments or is that a bug?
Still looking for a response to questions on page 20 about attack speed's interaction with Barrage.
Doomed for Life
Just noticed that the Controlled Destruction support gem is affecting Cyclone which is an attack skill is this working as intended or a bug? I don't previously remember Controlled Destruction affecting Cyclone in any way
AssasinCreed wrote:
Dear Mark,
If phase run gem which giving 80% visual reduced to enemies also is given by raider (while at maximum frenzy charges)?

I think its only for Phase run. Raider gives phasing which gives you the ability to run through certain objects like Monsters. Phase run also provides less visual stuff.

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Would Rapid Decay increase a DoT damage caused by Ancestral Warchief ?
Have a question about Righteous Fire and Eldrich battery.
Wanted to go Eldrich Battery and Hierophant, but noticed that Sanctuary of Thought adds 25% of mana to max ES. And this ES will affect my RF burning damage taken. Makes this passive kinda useless for RF users. Was this intended? You have andjusted Lab traps damage not to scale with ES covering mana, but did not adjusted RF. Was this intended? Will this issue remains in later patches?
Do any increases in area (either increased AoE, or increased aura effect or anything really) increase the range of "nearby" for the guardians radiant faith node?
Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for doing this.

Just quickly as i have been thinking about vortex lately and shotgunning being out of the game and everything.

If i use gmp frostbolt and then cast two vortex's from that gmp at nearly the same place, will:
1. The enemy take damage from both vortex's? I would assume so as this no longer becomes projectile shotgun but i would just like to clarify.

2. Would the dot created by multiple vortex's stack? I note that there have been mentions it acts like chilled ground and since that and caustic arrow poison dps doesn't stack i highly doubt this stacks but would also like to confirm.

3. I note previously you mentioned that vortex's dot cant be converted or modified with flat damage. Am i correct to assume that the damage from the dot also can't be reflected?

Many Thanks
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What is the damage effectiveness of Manifest Dancing Dervish? (level 15 of course)

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