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I have a couple questions regarding Explosive Arrow, Ice Wall, and Elemental Equilibrium.

I have tested the interaction between EA and ice wall for over a hour on two accounts at once.

From what I can tell is that the wall has a max stack of 5 arrows per number of projectiles (i.e LMP/GMP) and casting more then 5 times just delays the fuse from going off. In other words with just 1 arrow it can stack up to 5 times and with GMP each of the 5 arrows would each stack up to 5 times totalling 25 explosions.

Is this correct or completely wrong?

Now my second question is regarding Elemental Equilibrium. Assuming my previous method is correct. If I have EE (with cold attack dmg) and GMP and I shoot a full stack of 25 into the ice wall and before they blow up I hit the monster with cold EE will:

a.) All arrows blow up simultaneously all getting the benefit of the lowered fire resistance

b.) 1 arrow blows up first and proccing fire EE lowering the damage of all the others.
Mark_GGG wrote:
and the position of supports never matters.

Maybe you meant "it never matters for damage", but there have been examples posted of mana cost depending on the order of supports. Since the cost is rounded after every support, the order of applying the multiplications may matter.

Unless you somehow changed this behavior very recently.
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Hi Mark, and thanks for the thread.

I'd just like to get confirmation/clarification that Blasphemy AoE radius works the way I think it does -- it's hard to easily tell in game. Specifically, I'd like to know which of the following increases the AoE of curses applied by Blasphemy: a) general AoE nodes (like Amplify) b) aura AoE nodes (like Leadership) c) curse AoE nodes (like Hex Master) d) the level of the curse gem itself, or e) all of the above. I've pretty much operated on the assumption that it's all of the above, but 5-10% radius one way or the other is very hard to see.
FlawedLogik wrote:
If i use gmp frostbolt and then cast two vortex's from that gmp at nearly the same place, will:
1. The enemy take damage from both vortex's? I would assume so as this no longer becomes projectile shotgun but i would just like to clarify.

2. Would the dot created by multiple vortex's stack? I note that there have been mentions it acts like chilled ground and since that and caustic arrow poison dps doesn't stack i highly doubt this stacks but would also like to confirm.

3. I note previously you mentioned that vortex's dot cant be converted or modified with flat damage. Am i correct to assume that the damage from the dot also can't be reflected?

1. Yes, both explosions will deal damage. The Frostbolt volley can also land one hit.
2. Vortex's Damage over Time does not stack.
3. Correct.
Does Profane Bloom inherit anything from support gems linked with the skill that caused the corpse(s) to explode, assuming those support gems are compatible with that skill? Namely, item rarity, area and damage modifiers.
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Does Auxium's "Chill and Freeze duration on you is based on 65% of Energy Shield" still works with Eldritch Battery?
How does the "Reduced Attribute Requirements" work with +flat attribute requirement?
So I know things like "Power Charge On Critical Support" and "Smashing Strikes" can only give a maximum of 1 charge per cast or attack, eventhough the cast or attack has multiple hits or is supported by Spell Echo/Multistrike.

But is the chance to gain a charge rolled multiple times? E.g. can you get three 35% rolls on a multistrike attack that crits, since multistrike causes 3 attacks. (Assuming 35% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike from lvl 1 Power Charge on Critical Support)

The wiki says "Only one power charge can be gained per cast. However each critical strike has an independent chance to grant a charge. " which implies there is a way to get multiple rolls.
I sent in a ticket to support thinking this was bugged, but they instead directed me to this topic to solve the issue, so I'm going to post it here and ask for clarification as to what's going on.

Right now I have Piercing Shots notable, as well as the 10% at the start of it's wheel.

I also am using the pierce support gem for another 50% pierce. I am also using a corrupted Drillneck (That still has it's regular implicit) for another 10%

30% = Piercing shots
10% = Piercing shots' starting node
50% = Pierce support gem
10% = Drillneck implicit

However every single bow skill says "90% Chance of projectiles piercing"

I cannot find a reason for it to be missing 10% pierce. I personally think its some kind of bugged interaction as I can't figure out any interaction that could cause me to lose only 10%, but I guess if I was directed here it might just exist.
Totems have default Placement Speed 0.6s
will this gem reduce it:
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