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Does the enchantment on the helmet buff every value of rallying cry?

In this example, do 174%, 13.4 and 16% all get buffed by 75%?

How does Pathfinder Master Surgeon stack with Surgeon's mod on flasks? Is it 30% or two separate rolls? Does it stack at all?
How does the Obliteration wand with it's Abyssal Cry proc and Herald of Ice interact exactly? Can both the shatter chain and chaos explosion chain both proc off the same single mob. Or do they need to proc of independent mobs so they overlap their chaining abilities.
Does Breath of the Council increase the duration of a poison, if the skill used is linked to the Poison Support Gem?

Much like the Melee Splash applying the "AoE" tag to a skill that normally is single target.
I understand that something like Voidheart wouldn't because the skill used, isn't directly linked to your attack or spell. It should apply the "Chaos" tag if the skill is directly linked with poison.
I would very much appreciate a clarification on the bloodlines mod. Is there a mechanic that prevents bloodlines mobs from dropping maps? If that is the case, does it affect the roll-able mod and/or the zana crafted mod.

Maybe it's just bad luck, but after many many maps with the bloodlines mod crafted with zana, I have yet to see a single map drop from the blue mobs in such a map. It also felt like that was the case during the last flashback event when bloodlines were enabled.
can reflected damage be reflected back?
for example, if i hit enemy with hiltless, is it cound as if he hit me? if so, in that moment, will any reflect damage to attackers apply back to him?
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Heya Mark do you mind giving a little more Insight in how the xblood Nemesis mod work?

From my experience xblood Nemesis mods are based on the Damage of the mob and not on Life BUT
The Extra elemental mods count lets say for example:

Bandit with Iceblood Nemesis Explosion damage is increased by:
Extra Damage
Extra Fire Damage <-
Extra Lightning Damage <-

If I got it right those 2 buff the Explosion damage and why is that?
Extra Damage I can understand because it increases all the damage the mob gives, including the final explosion but why does the other 2 increase the damage? and does that make the explosion cause Ice+Fire+Lightning Damage or it just boosts the Cold Damage?

This gets quite severe in a map like Mao Kun where the xbloods get very scary because the map has almost +200% Extra Lighting Damage even if it's the flameblood it hurts like hell

If I'm mistaken let me know, if I'm right I would like to know the mechanics behind it

PS: The Extra Elemental Damages buffs Physical Attack/Spells of the mobs and not the elemental Damage as I understand it but that mods seems to work diferently.

Thank you,
- Xaneixan
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How does attack speed and increase duration affect Vaal lightning strike?
If you have endless hunter, the Slayer node

And Atziri's acuities.
If you leech instantly to full health with Acuities
Does the leech that hasn't been happening instantly still continue?
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t3hjs wrote:
So I know things like "Power Charge On Critical Support" and "Smashing Strikes" can only give a maximum of 1 charge per cast or attack, eventhough the cast or attack has multiple hits or is supported by Spell Echo/Multistrike.

But is the chance to gain a charge rolled multiple times? E.g. can you get three 35% rolls on a multistrike attack that crits, since multistrike causes 3 attacks. (Assuming 35% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike from lvl 1 Power Charge on Critical Support)

The wiki says "Only one power charge can be gained per cast. However each critical strike has an independent chance to grant a charge. " which implies there is a way to get multiple rolls.

Lets say you cast lightning strike, and it crits and hits 10 targets. Then for each target, you roll a 35% chance to get a power charge. If you get one though, you cant get another from the others.
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