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Hey Mark

Simple question. Can you clarify how the three types of charges actually do affect enemies and minions?

I'm running a bow trapper this league and was wondering on some mechanics related to the relation of Projectile based attacks (like puncture) and if the Local Bow Physical Damage effects the damage of the trap at all? E.G.

I have a bow with 100 Phys damage, local to the weapon. I link Puncture with the trap support gem, does the bow damage effect the resulting damage at all?

Along the same lines would aura`s like Herald of Fire/Hatred have the same effect?
Or can I only scale the traps` damage with bow/projectile/attack/trap/DOT based passives?

Also, I know traps cannot leech, but if one used the Assassins Mark Curse is the life on hit applied to me or the trap (ergo does nothing)?

Thanks for your time Mark, We all appreciate it :D
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When I use itens like Bramblejack or Non unique itens with Damage return, Is the damage those deal affected by my %increased physical damage or %increased damage and stuff like that?
Hi Mark!
I wondered if proliferated burns apply Item Rarity and Item Quantity?
I'm using flameblast and sometimes it seems that my MF doesn't apply.
(Using elemental conflux and the elemental proliferation gem).
sherkhan wrote:
Nice demo. Do you get power charges off non-crit from your Ascendancy?

If so, this could be a non-crit giving you two PC.

Also, culling strike has zero impact for a single hit on a full life monster.

Incorrect. Cull is checked AFTER the hit, so if his attack brought the monster to sub 10%, it would cull it. If he has PC on kill and PC on crit, they are each rolled at a different time, and can generate multiple at once. (Pc on hit, on crit, on kill, etc are all different sources and can roll individually)
I've noticed Abyssal Cry can be supported by Added Cold, as shown in this pic:

Based on Abyssal Cry's lack of mentioned damage effectiveness, can we assume the effect is at 100%? Does the cold damage, or other flat added damage, actually get added to the explosion? Would flat added spell damage like on Apep's Rage work on Abyssal Cry?

Along those lines, what about (Vaal) Detonate Dead and Infernal Blow? Does flat added spell damage apply to their corpse explosions too? And at 100% effectiveness?

I've also noticed Explosive Arrow can be supported by Added Cold. Obviously the weapon attack portion of it benefits from the support, but what about the secondary explosion? Does that get any benefit from added cold, or other "adds X to attacks" or "adds X to spells" mods? What about generic added mods like on some boot enchantments?

What gems without the spell tag benefit from stuff like Added Cold?

Iirc the explosion effects from abyssal, dd, infernal blow, explosive arrow etc. Are all termed "secondary", and like dot effects cannot be scaled with flat, melee or spell damage.
If you use Fortify, Sibyl's lament, and the Headsman passive from Slayer, do you achieve 100% reduced damage from physical reflect? Or does fortify only reduces 20% of the 20% left after sibyl's and Headsman.
IGN: TsuruyaNyro
dth3flash wrote:
How does Mjölner with 3 discharges, Juggernaut (Unrelenting), Voll's Devotion, Romira's Banquet (and Resolute Technique/Voll's Protector) work?

Assuming starting from zero charges, and only a single enemy, within discharge range, which never dies (and taking the Resolute Technique option as it's easier to describe)
1) You hit with Mjölner, with a non-critical hit.
2) You gain a power charge.
3) First discharge triggers.
- 3a) Discharge calculates damage, based on your one power charge.
- 3b) Discharge consumes all charges.
- 3c) You lost a power charge, so gain an endurance charge, which is replaced by you gaining your maximum number of endurance charges.
- 3d) Discharge deals damage, hitting the enemy, with a non-critical hit.
- 3e) You gain a power charge.
4) Second discharge triggers.
- 4a) Discharge calculates damage, based on your one power charge and maximum number of endurance charges.
- 4b) Discharge consumes all charges.
- 4c) You lost a power charge, so gain an endurance charge, which is replaced by you gaining your maximum number of endurance charges.
- 4d) Discharge deals damage, hitting the enemy, with a non-critical hit.
- 4e) You gain a power charge.
5) Third discharge triggers.
- 5a-e) Same as the second Discharge.
6) You currently have one power charge, and your maximum number of endurance charges, and have finished your attack.

Haeos wrote:
There are a few cases which are not straight forward such as all minion skills. They say they are spells but are not affected by spell damage. Why aren't minions affected by spell damage when they have the spell tag?
Minions do not "have the spell tag". Minion spell gems have the spell tag, because they are spells. They deal no damage.
There is a fundamental difference between your Raise Zombie spell (which is a spell cast by you that creates a minion and no damage (but would be affected by spell damage modifiers if it did), and the Zombie's Melee attack (which is a attack, not a spell, not used by you, that deals attack damage because it's an attack).
The damage of the Zombie's melee attack is not the damage of the Raise Zombie spell, and is pretty much entirely unrelated to it.

Haeos wrote:
How do Wings of Entropy, Lacerate, and Outmatch/Outlast from Duelist interact with each other?
Lacerate when dual wielding always does a main-hand hit followed by an off-hand hit.
Haeos wrote:
I know I read somewhere with Dual Strike it counted as MH kills only
That a) only applied to combining main-hand and off-hand hits into a single hit, which is not the case here, and b) was fixed in 2.2.0.

Zaorish_9 wrote:
What exactly does the tooltip DPS on Lacerate and Double Strike mean?
Do these account for a hit both swings, discounted by accuracy/crit/etc ?
Yes, they include all those things.

TherosPherae wrote:
Currently, Vaal Burning Arrow only consumes 1 charge of the skill if you drop 3 mines containing it with Minefield - allowing you to drop 9 Vaal Burning Arrow mines off of the 3 charges the gem holds. Is this a bug, or intended?
That is a bug, probably due to mines not previously being able to be dropped in multiples.

TherosPherae wrote:
Also, does the flat physical damage from Coated Shrapnel jewel(s) count as 'bow physical damage' for Doomfletch and Doomfletch's Prism if you're using a bow skill as a trap/mine
Yes. All damage done with an attack using a bow is bow damage.

7thSlap wrote:
Is there a reason why I can apply poison with both, attacks & spells, but not bleeding?
Bleeding an Poison are entirely different mechanics with different rules. Bleeding has always been attack-only.

ZeusTheGiant wrote:
When skills are calculated for dps (or the order which they are triggered for cwdt) does it matter the order the supported skills and the relation they are to the active/triggered gem?
The order of active skills in sockets determines the order they will trigger in if triggered by the same event. It has no effect on dps calculation, and the position of supports never matters.
ZeusTheGiant wrote:
If so would this example be true?:

-linked sockets are R->R->R->R
-using cwdt -> immortal call -> increased duration -> molten shell

-cwdt would trigger immortal call first and then molten shell with both IC and MS having increased duration applied?
Assuming you take a hit that deals enough damage to trigger each of those skill's thresholds at the same time, yes.

Potatto wrote:
why do i find myself stunned by physical hits with Immortal Call up? Going by the formula if i take 0 damage the chance should be 0%. I specifically tested this on Rhoa charge. Is the charge an exception?
Because they are using (old) shield charge, which has built-in stunning based on distance.

With the recent changes to spark, I imagine you can have a big excess of projectile speed and skill effect duration.

How can we verify when we have enough for the 150 unit limit?
That isn't possible. There is no amount of increased duration and/or projectile speed that ensures the sparks will definitely reach a point more than 150 units from the character. It's entirely possible for infiinite-duration sparks to bounce/circle around within that radius, and never leave it.
In general, sparks will be more likely to stay within the radius in an enclosed space with walls to bounce off, and more likely to leave it in open areas, but it's still not guarunteed.
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kot0005 wrote:
New Unique Voidheart: why is the wording for bleed different, which says 100% chance but the poison affix is simple ?
Because of a mistake made when merging multiple changes to that file, which reverted my fix. It will be correct on live soon, if it isn't already.

kot0005 wrote:
Also do the poison stack with the ascendancy affixes in the assassin tree?
Meaning, will the ring affix apply another stack of poison if I already applied poison from the flat % that Noxious strikes gives?
Any given hit either does or does not apply poison. It cannot apply multiple instances of poison.

kot0005 wrote:
Saboteur's Blinding Assult:

does the 25% chance to blind on hit proc with traps

kot0005 wrote:
Is there a way to increase the distance my character throws the traps to ?
Like for projectiles you can use Proj speed, is there something similar for traps ?
No. In addition, you are mistaken about what increased Projectile Speed works. It does not increased the distance projectiles travel in general. There are a very few specific cases of projectiles that "fade out" over time, in which case increasing their speed has a knock-on effect on how far they get before this process completes, but that's all. The effect of increasing projectile speed is just to increase the speed, not the range.

If you hit an enemy at 0 units with Power Precision (gain 100% Pierce Chance) while already having 100% from the pierce gem and from the tree, you will have 100% chance to pierce.

If you hit an enemy at 20 units with Power Precision (gain 25% Pierce Chance) while already having 100% from the pierce gem and from the tree, you will have 100% chance to pierce.

If you hit an enemy at 100 units with Power Precision (gain 0% Pierce Chance) while already having 100% from the pierce gem and from the tree, you will have 100% chance to pierce.

Am i correct about the 3rd case?
No, because at 100 units, Powerful Precision grants 18% pierce chance. You're also incorrect about the chance granted at 20 units, which would be 90%.
The third line would be correct if you replaced the distance with 120 units, which is the distance at (and beyond) which Powerful Precision grants no pierce chance.
The pierce chance is 100% up to 10 units away, and scales linearly with distance down to 0 at 120 units away.

Why do the strongbox affixes that give additional sockets and fully link contained items work together like most players assume they do? As in currently, the added sockets will not be linked by the other modifier.
You are incorrect. The adding sockets stat is processed first, adding sockets to the items. The fully linked stat is processed after that, and links all the sockets the item has, even the additional ones.
However, before everyone starts wasting currency trying to roll this, these two mods can't roll together on the same chest. It would have to be a unique chest with both those mods in order to have both of them.

Eonswrath wrote:
Discharge has a unit cap of 30, is this a technical limitation or a balance issue?
This was covered in my first response.

Eonswrath wrote:
Why isn't this conveyed to the player in a deliberate manner? There is no target limit listed on the gem, how are we supposed to know?
You aren't supposed to know. This isn't a game mechanic, it's a behind-the-scenes detail of how things work at a low level.

surVfate wrote:
So... Blast Rain and Accuracy, did BR just ignore the Acc due to being an ground aoe skill or did I miss something here because I don't really have much Acc and BR still hit like normal it seem.
Blast Rain was bugged and was checking spell dodge rather than evasion/regular dodge.
Hello Marc,

I would like to know if IIQ/IIR applies, (also from the gems in my attack skill), when I kill mobs with bleeding (IIQ/IIR applies, I hope?) , but especially when mobs die from Gratious Violence.

I have the feeling that it does not work as intended.

Thanks for your reply!

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