Mechanical Questions Thread

Nice demo. Do you get power charges off non-crit from your Ascendancy?

If so, this could be a non-crit giving you two PC.

Also, culling strike has zero impact for a single hit on a full life monster.

a_z0_9 wrote:
2.5Mb gif here.

What's happened on this particular gif:

Character (using Voll's Protector, Commandment of Frost enchantment on gloves) perform default attack on undamaged low level mob, rolls crit, do damage equal or higher than 90% mob's life pool (crit strikes has culling strike), kills the mob, triggers 'on kill' enchantment and getting 2 power charges.

Where is 2nd power charge comes from?
Definitely it's Commandment of Frost crit (there were no other mobs around)

Does it mean 'dead' mobs leave targetable 'body' for some time after death, before 'body hit the floor'?

Or killing and 'on kill' effect triggers in the same frame? so, for Commandment of Frost there is no 'dead' monster around, just alive one.
If this sentence partially true, how does 'on kill' spell treat the mob, is it on 'low life'? if the mob got 'oneshoted' is it 'on full life'?
How does the Enchantment "of War" Creates an animated copy of your current weapon. ( ) interacts with The Dancing Dervish when it's in Manifest Dancing Dervish ?
(I unfortunately cannot test it right now, otherwise I wouldn't pollute the questions thread)

I'm confused by the wording, as the Decree states "of your current weapon". However, when Dancing Dervish is active, it disables the weapons slots, so what is the "current weapon" at this stage? Is it still The Dancing Dervish (even though it's disabled)? Is it "nothing" (meaning that we're not getting any effect from the Decree)?

Same question with the Decree Of Reflection ( "Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon."). If this spawns a close with the Dancing Dervish when Manifest Dancing Dervish is active, or does it spawn a clone unarmed? If I'm using Facebreaker, does the clone uses Facebreaker as well?
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Mark_GGG wrote:

I'm Mark_GGG, and I know how PoE works. If you'd also like to, this thread is for you.

We're trying out something new as a way for people with mechanical questions to get answers.

Hello Mark!

Nice thread, i'd like to know how the mechanical interaction is if you are using righteous fire which says you burn for 90% of your max life and 70% of your max energy shield when you are using eldritch battery.

Does the Energy shield still count and both will add up and burn your life for that (70% ES + 90% Life)?

Is the mechanic the same with blood rage?
I'm running a vortex build with pyre ring. Is the degen base off the damage dealt or the damage a monster takes? I think is the former. I'm currently using elemental weakness but I think Vulnerability is better. Is this right?
Probably a simpler one to answer, but my google-fu hasn't been fruitful in this case yet!

When I combine the unique Belt Auxium
with the passive keynote Eldritch Battery
Does it still count my ES for the chill and freeze duration or will it assume I have 0 ES?

Theorycrafting way too hard around finding ways to self-freeze or at least make it more reliable and this interaction would be a godsend.
Does the Slower Projectiles Support Gem and %increased Projectile Damage passive nodes increase the damage of the Explosive Arrow Explosions?
Nice, i've currently 2 questions.

First one, many asked it :
Peetzaman wrote:
In patch 2.3.0 we got "The experience penalty for higher levels is now slightly higher. The penalty starts taking effect a few levels earlier than it previously did."

What exactly got changed?
To update the wiki and a tool i did i'd like to know that.

Second : Are there restrictions regarding some prophecies got from Navali and which ones ? I've the feeling some prophecies can only be obtained from a specific act, is it the case ?

Thanks in advance ! And gl for answering all these questions.
I've noticed Abyssal Cry can be supported by Added Cold, as shown in this pic:

Based on Abyssal Cry's lack of mentioned damage effectiveness, can we assume the effect is at 100%? Does the cold damage, or other flat added damage, actually get added to the explosion? Would flat added spell damage like on Apep's Rage work on Abyssal Cry?

Along those lines, what about (Vaal) Detonate Dead and Infernal Blow? Does flat added spell damage apply to their corpse explosions too? And at 100% effectiveness?

I've also noticed Explosive Arrow can be supported by Added Cold. Obviously the weapon attack portion of it benefits from the support, but what about the secondary explosion? Does that get any benefit from added cold, or other "adds X to attacks" or "adds X to spells" mods? What about generic added mods like on some boot enchantments?

What gems without the spell tag benefit from stuff like Added Cold?
Quick Aside: I understand how it uses the first 40% of the total 'cast time' to wind up and the remaining 60% to evenly shoot the total projectiles, however many there are.

With that said, three questions about attack speed and Barrage:

How is the 'cast time' for Barrage modified by attack speed?
My guess is that this works similarly to how spells work: the time is just shortened by that amount. Thus, Barrages's 1 second base will be reduced to .5 seconds if you have 100% increased attack speed. Is this right?
Does base weapon speed interact at all with Barrage?
I don't understand where this fits into the equation, as there is no equivalent in spells.
If base weapon speed does not factor into the attack, does this mean that slow base speed weapons like a Prophecy Wand (1.2 aps) gets a huge advantage over a faster, less damaging weapon like an Imbued Wand (1.5 aps) while using this skill?
If an Imbued Wand gets to work in its speed advantage, how does it leverage its 25% more base speed into the Barrage damage equation?
Doomed for Life
I got but one question. How does Daresso fight work? I have developed a deep hatred towards it since he seems to just shit on all evasion/dodge based builds.

Which of his attacks are spells and what part of them can be dodged? Are the Blade tornadoes spells or some physical DoT that cant be evaded or dodged?

I'd rely appreciate some insight to this fight since its the only boss whoms mechanics are still unclear for me.

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