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I've seen multiple people reporting that Blast Rain can't miss. Is that the case? If so is this a bug or working as intended (due to the explosions being secondary damage or something?). How does that affect crit confirmation rolls? How does the "attacks can't miss" mod affect crit confirmation rolls?

Thanks very much
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2)Vortex seems to chill even if it's connected to Elemental Focus. According to the Wiki it shouldn't(Wiki:"The drawback of this gem will override all elemental-status-inflicting effects of the supported skill or passive skills, as well as buffs such as Elemental Conflux."). Is this intended?
Vortex has 2 parts: the 1st one is AoE spell, that deals cold damage, and the 2nd is AoE DoT with chilling ground. While using it with Elemental Focus the 1st part CANNOT chill, freeze and so on, but the 2nd part doesn't hit, its just an effect similar to chilling ground that also deals AoE DoT.
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Hi, I got a couple of questions. Thanks for answering in advance.
(The first 3 questions are related to the aoe range of skills/things.)

1. What is the base (average) range of a ethereal knives projectile (with no increased/reduced projectile speed)?

2. What is the base (average) range of a freezing pulse projectile?

3. Is there any rule of thumb what's the actual range of 'nearby enemies'? What is the range of the singularity platinum sceptre?

4. Assume I equip drillneck and hit a monster which is cursed with projectile weakness with a spark/ethereal knives/.. projectile linked to the pierce gem such that I have 100% chance to pierce. How much increased projectile damage bonus is applied?

5. If a monster is effected by poison damage over some time and suffers additional damage due to a curse (projectile weakness/vulnerability/..). Does this change immediately when the curse ends?
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if I use an item like 'Cospri's Will' or 'Voidheart' to cauze poison on hit, and link any melee attack skill with Void Manipulation, will Void Manipulation inrease the damage of the poison dot?
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Does herald of ice secondary effect work when the monster is shattered with spells cast through remote mine? I'm not sure if it's not working or I just have too much on the screen, plus not enough freeze chance to notice it.
This post needs a better format. There's no way to filter out all the noise. Noise is inappropriate questions. Noise is incorrect answers.

You might put up a warning in the OP saying that posts will be deleted from the thread if found to be inappropriate.

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1) Does the Gladiator Outlast and Outmatch endurance charge gain trigger on shield themed abilties? Reckoning and shield charge are the only two I can think of at the moment. Or do those count as dealing damage with your actual weapon?
2.5Mb gif here.

What's happened on this particular gif:

Character (using Voll's Protector, Commandment of Frost enchantment on gloves) perform default attack on undamaged low level mob, rolls crit, do damage equal or higher than 90% mob's life pool (crit strikes have culling strike), kills the mob, triggers 'on kill' enchantment and getting 2 power charges.

Where is 2nd power charge comes from?
Definitely it's Commandment of Frost crit (there were no other mobs around)

Does it mean 'dead' mobs leave targetable 'body' for some time after death, before 'body hit the floor'?

Or killing and 'on kill' effect triggers in the same frame? so, for Commandment of Frost there is no 'dead' monster around, just alive one.
If this sentence partially true, how does 'on kill' spell treat the mob, is it on 'low life'? if the mob got 'oneshoted' is it 'on full life'?
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How does Commandment of Winter work?

Unleashes a traveling icy projectile that pulses with cold

Is it the same mechanic as Ball Lightning?

What is travel distance limit, pulse period, projectile hitbox size, base projectile speed, base min-max damage, pierce chance, pvp penalty T constant?

How far from the character Spectral Throw projectiles are created (in units)? Is it based on weapon range like Molten Strike projectiles?
What is Spectral Throw projectile hitbox size (1x3, 2x5 units or so), how does it affected by weapon type?

projectile spells, how far from the character projectiles are created? is there some default constant for the spells or each spell got it own 'projectile spawnpoint' distance based on the spell cast animation?


Singularity Platinum Sceptre
Nearby Enemies are Hindered, with 25% reduced Movement Speed
what radius 'Nearby' refers to? Can it be increased with modifiers to AoE from the character tree or gear? (I guess no, but I need an answer to cite it in the wiki)


How does Life, Mana, Energy Shield values stored internally?

Lets say character has 1 maximum Energy Shield, 10% ES regen per second and can't recharge energy shied (at all) will it regenerate full (1) ES over 10 seconds or will 10% of 1 ES round down to zero (no regen at all)?

Lets say character has 1 maximum Energy Shield and 20% Energy Shield Recharge per second,
will it recharge 1 ES over 5 seconds after es recharge delay expired or...?


Pathfinder's node Master Alchemist
"Immune to Elemental Status Ailments during Flask Effect"
If ailment was applied before flask has been used will ailment effect exist during flask effect duration?
So, basically is it possible to be ignited or shocked before and take burn damage over time or extra damage from the shock while having Elemental Status Ailments immunity? Does that immunity mean immunity to 'on hit effect' only?


Which order used to apply on hit effects, specially Bleed, Poison, Maim?
Is it possible to apply Bleed, Poison and Maim by a single 'lucky' hit if Noxious Strike (assassin) node is allocated? (I assume its not possible)

Is it possible to apply Poison (via Poison Support) and Maim with single hit vs not (previously) poisoned target if Noxious Strike (assassin) node is allocated?


How does Remote Mine pick a direction to cast linked Frost Wall if there is no target in the Mine Detonation Radius? is it random, is it predefined constant, is it bugged?


What is base Trap Trigger Radius, Mine Detonate Radius?
- Cyclone 'minimum travel distance' value?
- Beacon of Corruption (necromancer's node) poison cloud base radius?
- Minion Instability explosion base radius?


Does Reflected Physical Damage dealt by the character (on block while The Anvil equipped) can be increased by global or global physical damage? Can Reflected Physical Damage be blocked/dodged? does it affected by pvp damage reduction?


Ascendant's Occultist node:
Enemies you Curse have -15% Chaos Resistance
Does it stack if more than one curse applied?


How does Rapid Assault (20% chance to get Onslaught for 3 seconds on Kill) and Graceful Assault (10% chance to get Onslaught for 3 seconds on Kill) nodes interact? is it separate 20% and 10% chance or single 30% roll?


What formula used to calculate Bear Trap immobilization effect duration?


Blast Rain
Fires an arrow up in the air, which splits and rains down in a series of explosions over an area. The explosions will always overlap on the targeted area

What is the blast base radius?
Is it possible for Blasts to overlap exactly?
What is overlap area minimum size?
Is Blast Rain animation always match actual 'blast' position?


How long does the knockback action take? if it moves character on 4 units, does it take into account character's movement speed or 'knockback speed' is a sort of constant? does knockback 'animation duration' affected by the Temporal Chains? Hinder? Maim?
If bleeding character takes 100 physical damage over time per second while stand still and 600 physical damage over time per second while moving, how much damage the character will take over 3 second if it will be knocked back 3 times during that period? (damage is constant, the character has no knockback nor bleed immunity, doesn't use flasks or moving manually)


How much damage character takes per movement skill use while affected by Endless Hazard?
Can the damage be reduced/increased/mitigated/avoided?
What is the damage type?


What T value used to calculate Vortex cold damage over time pvp reduction?


User-side it looks like if slow or 'long life' projectile was created outside of 'some' range from the character the projectile 'become invisible'.

What circumstances could cause hostile projectiles don't display on client?
besides range of creation, if my suggestion is correct. (lockstep enabled, 50ms latency, gamefiles and client memory are passed integrity check)


Does Hypothermia Support grants additional damage on hit vs target affected by Chilled Ground? (previously not chilled by Arctic Armour nor direct hit with cold damage)
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Does increased AOE (from any source) affect the distance that Contagion/Essence Drain will travel when it jumps to nearby enemies? Or is the "nearby" a set number?

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