Mechanical Questions Thread

Hi Mark! Thanks for all of the incredible things you do at GGG!

A question relating to buff effects and how they stack with Ascendancies:

Each Ichimonji give 10% increased buffs on you.

Elementalist Witch
1) How does this interact with Elemental Conflux? Are the effects more potent or does it not buff it at all? (Are the Ignites doing increased damage? Is the Shock made more potent? Is the chill slower?) How does this interact with Golems and Liege of the Primordial? Is the 100% additive with Ichimonji?

Raider Ranger
2) How does this interact with Ranger's Avatar of the Chase Onslaught buff? The 50% is additive with Ichimonji(s)? How does this interact? (Dual Wield Ichimonji as a Raider and get 70% increased effect of Onslaught?)

3) Are Righteous Fire and Blood Rage's degeneration effect on the player made more potent? (This is currently what the wiki says is true)

Dual wielding Ichimonji increases these effects additively, I assume? (From 10% to 20% buff effect)

Any additional hidden effects when buffs are scaled? Is there unfavorable or favorable rounding involved? (Arctic Armor, Blood Rage, etc)

<3 Camdacop
If I get buffed in anyway i.e rallying cry, power or frenzy charges, phase run, etc, does the totems get the damage increase at the same time I do? Or do I have to recreate the totems for them to have the damage increase?
Does crafting +2 weapon range to weapon or adding AOE gem increase acquisition distance and attack range to Ancestral Warchief? What about increase AW radius helmet enchants.What is the default Acquisition and attack range of AW?

Ultimately : what WILL increase AW acquisition distance and attack range??

How does a multiplier to physical damage taken (Abyssus) interact with physical damage taken as X? Does it multiply the elemental damage since it in a way has been physical damage in the start of the calculation, similarily to how dealing converted damage works?

What do modifiers to area of effect exactly do to Bladefall? They don't seem to change its width. Do they lenthen/shorten the individual volleys and the distance between them? Do the modifiers change the chance for monsters to be hit by multiple volleys?

Thanks a lot for all the awesome answers!
I live in Finland. =)
1. Does Shock "50% increased damage taken" also increase secondary damage of ignite/poison/bleed?

2. Does Chieftain's "35% increased damage against burning enemies" also increase secondary damage of ignite/poison/bleed?

3. Does Celestial Punishment's passive "25% increased damage against Frozen, Shocked or Ignited enemies" also increase secondary damage of ignite/poison/bleed?
I've wanted to ask about Doomfletch for a while, and now with the new one this is perfect timing.

I've made several late game Doomfletch characters, and it sure seemed like the map mod Armoured (+20% physical damage resistance) was lowering my elemental damage as well as my physical. This suggests that Doomfletch does it's bonus damage on the actual hit, not based on the weapon attack like is usual. I figured this was a result of the unusual randomness in the attack. Is this true, or am I just wrong? If so, then does that mean damage coversion is also negative for Doomfletch? Doomfletch's Prism, the new upgrade to Doomfletch, also doesn't add the damage to tooltip, even though it's not random and could be determined like other stats. Does it also suffer from the same mechanical weirdness, assuming the normal Doomfletch does.

The new Hrimburn grants "Cold damage can burn". If you are attacking with a mixed fire/cold damage attack while wearing Hrimburn and you crit, will the resulting burn be a combined cold and fire sized burn, or will each element apply a separate burn?
A few questions about mapping exp:

1) Was map base exp changed in 2.3.0? It feels like it is a bit lower than before, based on gem leveling speed.

2) Does map base exp depend on map level? If so, how big is the difference between different map tiers?

3) Was the formula for level-based exp penalty changed in 2.3.0? In either case, can you give us the exact formula? (Preferably including items that affect exp)

Thank you for doing this thread! I love reading the answers.
I'm already stunned. I'm also hit by hit that will stun me. Can Cast when Stunned proc in that situation (does it care if I can cast)?
IGN: Drusek
If I socket the skill gem Elemental Focus into Whispering Ice, will my Icestorm be able to inflict status elements from elemental conflux? Not sure because it's indirectly supporting ice storm. Thank you!
Hey Mark, much thanks for this.

1. What is the base trap/mine trigger radius?

2. Are the secondary damage types dealt by shrapnel shot and lightning arrow pure elemental damage?

3. What are the stats of the minion generated by the "Of Reflection" glove enchantments?

4. What is the pierce chance scaling for the "Powerful Precision" node?

5. Does the life/mana recovery from the "War Bringer" occur before or after the damage from Scold's Bridle?

6. Since reflect mods reflect damage back to traps and traps have 1 life, does the "Chance for Traps to Trigger an additional time" never occur if a trap kills itself to reflect mobs?

7. Does turning on reservation skills, such as Anger, activate the "Mastermind of Discord" node?

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