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When the GGG will solve the problem of interaction of trap + essence drain? I thought the patch 2.3.0 would be solved. Or the mechanical this skill was intentionally designed to not work with traps (sometimes I suspect it because of slow cast speed of essence drain against fast throw traps)?
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Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
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It seems like the Scaeva's crit chance modifier in main hand is local. When talking about Daresso's Passion you said that conditional mods are global. Am I doing math wrong and it is global or it there something unique about this mod?

Why does Cyclone not work when under the effects of Vaal Rain of Arrows when you can still Whirling Blades?

Is there some technical limitation that stops degen/regen from being applied in the same step? Right now if you use Blood Rage you sit just below full always.

Scaeva's Crit is local. It doesn't say "Global Critical Strike Chance".

For Blood Rage, you are always below full because you don't cast it at the exact second you regen so there is a slight delay between when you take damage and when you regen.
The prophecies where you kill a specific enemy for a unique item. This mechanic is great, only it needs to trigger on the room, not just randomly have an enemy. I say this because I have Storm on the Horizon and its on normal. I've done several dozen full runs on upper and lower with no rare brittle archer to drop the bow. Do you feel this is balanced as is or would you consider changing the current mechanic to force the rare to spawn so we don't endlessly hunt in vain.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.

Mechanic's Post:
I was wondering about Glitterdisc and its chance to Avoid Fire Damage. How does it work? Is it similar to dodge but works against secondary damage as well? How are you categorizing these mechanics that averts damage (evade, dodge, avoid, etc.)?
Why does Melee Damage on Full Life not actually scale "melee" damage. It currently only scales Melee "physical" damage. Shouldn't the support be renamed Melee "Physical" Damage on Full Life? Alternatively make it scale all melee damage on full life. It would be really fun and cool to do melee elemental CI attackers.

Can't wait for your reply! :D

Thanks for your time.
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only have a couple questions, regarding either monsters or more specifically Undying Grapplers.

I heard that monsters do have some amount of base armor, even without the blue "Armored" mod. Is that true? Could we know how high is it? Does any type of a monster have some kind of % increased armor, so that for example, the 300-350 additional base armor it gets from a Skullhead if it's raised as a Spectre is in reality something more, or do you always need to use Determination and such for that sort of minion armor scaling?

Do monsters have passive trees of their own? For example, do Undying Grapplers have something like "200% increased life, 100% increased lightning damage" from their tree, and as such the damage they deal with Discharge is at it's highest when Power Charges are being Discharged?

Lastly, I have no idea whether or not you can disclose this, but are Shadow Lurkers ( the Lab "Grapplers" ) any different than the ones you can find in maps or Sceptre of God ( barring levels, obviously )? Because I often feel that they deal less damage than normal Grapplers, but I have no idea if it's really so. Also, were Undying Grapplers affected by the nerfs made to monster life in Prophecy? I'm talking about the nerfs targeted at monsters that usually show up alone in the core game, but can be found in groups while mapping. Well, that's exactly how Grapplers are, and I've been wondering if the nerfs targeted them specifically and if they're big enough to warrant using Monster Life support gem now.

I would also love to know their exact damage and life numbers, but I know that GGG doesn't really release these kinds of things, so yeah. Meh.
When dual wielding, the tooltip seems to ALWAYS use the average of both weapons' stats. This results in incorrect tooltip dps when using skills that only use one of your weapons, for example sunder, or reave with a mace or axe offhand.

Why does it work this way? Can you share any technical details which makes this bug hard to fix?
What is the scion's cup size?
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Does "Singularity" unique items hinder effect boost detonate dead damage? If so, is it only for initial hit or also double dip from burn?

Thanks alot :)

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