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I've got a question about EQ.
The skill description reads "Aftershock deals X% more Damage", is this generic more damage as the text suggests or is it only more attack damage?
In other words, does this multiplier double dip with ignite, poison and bleed?
why are life, damage (minions) and base radius values on skill gems still mostly hidden and secret?

it seems to make development more difficult too since even you have to doublecheck actual values
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Does damage taken from heartbound loop count as 'Your Hits'?
In order cast when damage taken to trigger, the damage dealt to you has to be a single hit? I know degen, blood magic, etc doesnt work

The exact question is: If i sweep in a porcupine pack, my CWDT has a 1000 damage threshold and the porcupine's spikes deal 900 damage, my CWDT set up will never trigger, or will trigger when i get hit by a second spear?
Hi Mark!

Does Deadeye's Powerful Precision "Projectile Critical Strike Chance increased by Arrow Pierce Chance" and "Projectiles have 100% additional chance to Pierce targets at the start of their movement, losing this chance as the projectile travels" interact as expected i.e. you get ~100% incresed crit chance at point blank range? If so is it implemented in a similar way to Assasins Mark?

Is the range over which the projectiles loose the crit chance same as Point Blank's 1.5x to 0.5x?


Same question as some one else, Mark answered that one. Thank you Mark.
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In patch 2.3.0 we got "The experience penalty for higher levels is now slightly higher. The penalty starts taking effect a few levels earlier than it previously did."

What exactly got changed?
I have questions regarding the interaction between Lightning Warp and Remote Mine. Does the cast speed modifier still works or the mine overrides that status and make the cast instant? Also, what run speed base does it uses? The same as my character or the mines have some base run speed status?
Hi there! I have some questions about the reflect mechanics for The Chieftain notable Tukohama. This is reflected damage and as such does not benefit from any increases or decreases to player damage. I would guess it doesn't benefit from increases to Totem damage as well.

But does elemental penetration affect it? I'm pretty sure Flammability should increase its damage, but does Fire Penetration Support do anything to this damage?

How about ignite? Can it ignite from Chance to Ignite and can that be affected by Increased Burning Damage supports and passives? Could that ignite Proliferate? (Checking the Wiki makes this one seem unlikely as well)

How big is the area affected by the reflect and can it be increased by Support Gems, Gear, or Passives?
There is not one limit that applies to all skills, but there is generally a requirement that skill have a limit for technical reasons (as well as potential balance and or performance reasons) to the number of simultaneous hits that can occur.

Could we get like a list with skills and numbers?

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