Mechanical Questions Thread

Hi Mark,

i'm playing around with the new 'ascent from flesh' belt.

When my energy shield recharge starts, I do gain the dodge / movespeed buff. I dont visibly gain any phasing buff however - either visually (like phase run), or as an icon that represents phasing at the top of the screen.

I use no skills / cwdt set up that would disable phasing.

Is it just that the phase run granted from this item doesn't have an icon, or am i missing something?
IGN: Starlight_Seraphim
Why totem attack and cast speed nodes dont work with flame/spell totem ?
Currently there are 6 nodes on tree that none can use.
How does Navali dole out Prophecies? Is it based on character level, location, etc? (Difficulty is a factor, obv.)

As a concrete example: Say I'm well into maps on my current character-- should I get my prophecies in Merciless Highgate, or does it not make any difference whatsoever and I should just get them wherever I happen to be?
I have asked this in global and gotten mixed answers, never anything solid.

With the "Projectile damage increased by arrow pierce chance" mod on Drillneck, is there any way to achieve more than 100% increased projectile damage? Same question regarding "critical strike chance increased by arrow pierce chance" node from the deadeye ascendancy.

Does Infractem's "arrows always pierce" mod grant 100% pierce chance, or is it it's own mod that ignores 'chance' as it were.

Hi Mark!

Does Occultist Vile Bastion node trigger for my character if my totem gets a kill?

IF not, this would be a really neat way for totem characters to sustain :)

IGN: BowJam
Activation of Blasphemy aura with Cast When Damage Taken, is it actually intended mechanic? Me and my friends were surprised when we found out that it works this way.
I understand Item Rarity Support does affect mines and traps but, does it affect when a mob is killed by poison ( caused by Poison Support ) from that mine or trap?
Hello Mark,

I'm wondering why the change to spell totem damage reduction is not applying to Ranged attack totem ?

While Spell totem has (35 to 26)% less Damage, Ranged attack totam still has (50 to 31)% less Damage penalty.

Is there any reason for ranged attack totem not getting some love ?

Thank you,
Why doesn't Magma Orb work with slower projectiles support ? From dev answers I remember that projectile speed wasn't affecting it, but proj damage should. And Im pretty sure it actually used to work with Magma Orb too.

Was this on purpose to disable a 'free' support ? Not that I disagree if that's the case, but just wanted to make sure it isn't an unintended bug.
I've got a question about EQ.
The skill description reads "Aftershock deals X% more Damage", is this generic more damage as the text suggests or is it only more attack damage?
In other words, does this multiplier double dip with ignite, poison and bleed?

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