[2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm

Darkscorn is the defensive bow. It's like lightning coil in terms of mitigating phys damage.
6S Darkscorn is the way to go if you get a 6L 3G3B Shavs (4B2G will also work with differences in the tree using coated shrapnel x4; see my profile for details).
+1 bow is a cheap alternative. It doesn't add that much damage for it to be worth it. Porbably Darkscorns' phys->chaos conversion with -20% chaosres makes that +1 gem level difference up.

Darkscorn is good and defensive if you can get it 6L (bad idea) or if you can get a 6L Shavs (good idea)
+1 6L bow is a cheap option (10-40c depending on the time in league +~200ish alts) that's quite easy to color.

Using this build gets good at 75ish level. You can start using bladefall mines and ES as defense as soon as 64 (Vertex+Shavs will keep your ES high enough).
It gets good so late because there's many things required in different areas of the tree.
Curse effect, mana regen, curse radius, mine damage, clever construction, 26-30% mana reserve... it's all hard to fit with a decent amount of ES for not dying in one hit.
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I see, thank you.

And regarding CI or lowlife, is lowlife the better way?

Should darkscorn only be played with CI?
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I'm now lvl 65 on PHC. Started using mines in a 4L tremor rod at around 50 out of boredom and curiosity. This has been working pretty well, there are probably more efficient ways to lvl but it is definitely viable.
In 68 I will change to a 5L Vaal regalia, go CI and run darkscorn/soul strike. This will mainly be a defensive upgrade, though. Right now damage is mediocre, but I'm also just running enfeeble/disciplin.
I might switch between disciplin and vulnerability based on content
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vici12 wrote:
I see, thank you.

And regarding CI or lowlife, is lowlife the better way?

Should darkscorn only be played with CI?

Darkscorn can be played with lowlife too if you have a high chaos resistance, but is best with CI.

Low life is more expensive but superior because you can run more auras and get a notable from the tree that gives you 30% more damage
Darkscorn with low life = 19% less physdamage taken assuming 75% chaos res
Darkscorn with CI = 25% less physdamage taken (assuming 100% chaos res, of course).

With CI i would just use 3-curse and a high enough Vaal regalia in terms of ES. Skip discipline when you can. (if your chests ES would be 750+ its like using a shavs and discipline reserved on life. Aside from that you lose mana regen from potential clarity you would be running as well).
Damage will get good with vulnerability.

Remember that CI build is just easy to make; you need a high ES (+high res if possible) ES chest, like 800+ish, which are relatively cheap when unlinked; make it 6S and buy a 6L bow. Total cost is less than 1ex in terms of CI build.
The prices seem to be a lot higher on PHC where I play, sorrily
Lvl 78 now, build works great, exceeds every expectation :D

Edit: Some small problems with movement speed, although i saw another player with this build that had huge movement speed, dunno how

Any tips for when fighting atziri with this build? :D
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And, after a long, long, long time... I finally killed Core Malachai... and UberAtziri. Thanks to this build, so... thanks :)

Now just Uber Izaro missing in the kill list, but it's just I am too unlucky with finding that last bloody trial...
What skilltree points should be invested in after finishing investing in the ones presented in the build?
Anything you like.

ES 6% close to scion wheel. (5)
ES 6% close to witch +1 curse (3)
Mine damage near volatile mines (2)
Jewel sockets for trying out coated shrapnel variant (6~10ish)

Pick whatever you think is best / you're lacking.

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