[2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm

I found out that a set of mines will target the nearest enemies independently, so placing mines in the middle of a pack will result in casting bladefall in 3 different directions usually.
For leveling in what order should I take the Nodes?

Thanks for a great guide.
can we get screenshot of your defences ? im getting hard time getting all my resistances :\
IGN Dareiosh
While leveling, the nodes do not really matter; try to line it up so that you will have >14% mana reserve and clever construction at level ~60.
Keep in mind this works as a complete build only; and starts working good at levels 82+.
Be prepared to spend like 10 regrets if you screw up your mana reserve nodes or will have not enough regen.

Nothing is really skippable: curse radius, mana reserve, max ES, curse effectiveness... they're all essential;
I'd say if you get Clever Construction and Volatile Mines you do not need to invest in more damage (until 85+)

To cap resistances you will need jewels with resists.
I have 48% total resistances in one jewel.

Its quite easy to calculate how much you need in terms of total resistance:

405 (3x135) - this is how much you need
380 - after a 35% lightres rolled Shavs, or a shitty almost-no-res CI chest
332 - after one jewel with 2x double +12% resist (2c)
232 - after finding a belt with 33/33/34 resists (Doryani's phys belt works)
132 - after finding a ring with 100% total elemental resistance and no life (1c ring)

So basically you need to have 132 total resist in 2 items; being boots and gloves.
Vertex + Ming's heart should be more than enough to survive chaos damage. If you really struggle, get rid of Ming's heart, and get another resist ring... you'll be able to cap res without any gloves and any boots.

I posted lots of example gear, just take a look at that; hardest things to get are rare boots and gloves with good resist and good ES.

Gearing is not that easy but it is also not that hard; by getting 2 jewels with resists you make it much easier to gear up.
thx for answer :P also how many mana regen do u have?
IGN Dareiosh
The value of mana regen is above 100; depends, I try some things around. With clarity up, so low-life variant.

Basically you're good if you can lay 3 sets of 3 mines by just holding right click and not stopping;
you're fine if you can lay 2 sets of mines and then after less than 1 second lay a third set of mines.

Keep in mind having like ~360 mana unreserved makes the gameplay much smoother. Some people also like to use mana potion (you're kinda forced into it with CI variant).
so i am confused about this getting frozen / getting poisoned on LL stuff. About to buy Shavs, running CI, having a blast and really died twice to own stupidity.

Now I have dream fragments but I noticed someone messaging you can die to poison on hit even with shavs. is that so? is flask enough or do I need chaos resist? As you invest in it hard time.

Also... how come you never get frozen, some content must be pure cancer to this...
I just know when something deals cold damage. It is true that it's easy to get frozen.
Try getting a flask that dispels freeze; seems more than enough for me, even for uber izaro dealing cold damage.

As with posion on hit... Well. You can die, but not instantly. Thing is posion on hit is just powerful, but when wearing Shavs, it will NOT bypass the shield.

I died to posion on hit affix in a T15 core map with porcupines, wanted to clear too quick, spikes posioned me for too much, and i watched how I was slowly degenerating my ES pool into death. Since then I carry a posion dispel flask.
thanks! having a blast.
Atm I'm attempting this on PHC. I'll probably need to farm a little uber lab for a shav, but got a hundred and some chaos and 5 exalts pure and will go LL once I get some decent gear and if I feel like the build is worth the investment.

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