[2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm

I am worried about map clearing tho. the bf going out only at place where the mine is will be really annoying.
I will be awaiting eagerly the new version of the build :)

I start to see why Essence Drain can be a good idea. I will try to think about it at least to have a viable uberlabs farmer in Standard, but definitively selfcast seems to be the way to go here. The bow at least still gives +1gem which is still good, and increased over time damage.

'Just' a matter to theorycraft the right nodes here, maybe just switching the node mines to chaos damage and over time damage?

Probably coloring the bow will be a headache, though. EDIT: not so bad... first thought is: essence drain + void manipulation + rapid decay + pierce + controlled destruction + empower which would be 2B3G1R. Still, probably will have to add some area or multiple projectiles somehow... And other problem could be finding gem slots for contagion...

In any case, the real winner of this build is the Wicked Ward stuff and the 3 curses, the defensive part, and while curses have taken a hit, I feel it's not that bad.
anyone playing this build?
Did the auto targeting with mines reduce clear speed?
I'm on my way. Just got stuck at level 66 something. Got a duelist I'm saving up some currency with. Will get back to u with an update.
Took me a long time, but now I'm 36/40 and updated the guide.
Hey guys what build is the best for fast and full key runs? (W/O very expensive skyforths builds)
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so how is the new soul strike? much of a difference?

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