[2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm

Is it worth to invest in some lvl 21 / 23q gems for this build? If yes, which ones?
Bladefall is a good investment if you want more damage output; I never find myself lacking damage so if I make one myself I am happy, would've never paid 1-2ex for it though.
Apart from that everything should be q20 if possible.

The gem that would get the most of it would be q22/q23/lv21q20 temporal chains, 2 quality or 1 level adds +1% slow. Temporal chains is very important in this build and that's why it plays such a huge role.

We'll see after AoW expansion if this build stays what it is. :)
Sry for asking so many questions, but here i go again xD

Would Skyforth boots be worth investing in? Seeing as they would allow the use of a regular amulet?

Wouldn't fire golem be a better choice than lightning?

What would be the most well-rounded choice of flasks?
Skyforth is very nice. Hard to achieve it though, lots of exalts. That 6% mana reserve means a lot to this build too.
See, this is a budget guide, with a budget 6L (bow, 15-40c), a budget ES chest (3c if CI, more if Lowlife), so I haven't really considered Skyforth.

That's true that then you can use regular amulet.
I skipped lightning golem, it's kinda outdated; had an emtpy slot so i just inserted it there. Be creative in utility links. CWDT+Vortex+dur+immortalcall is nice for the chill

Flasks I like to use are the new unique one, Silver Flask, that dispels almost everything, but that's not reliable for all people.
I like using anti-ignite and anti-posion flasks for making sure that regen will kick in.
A slow-restoring big mana flask is sometimes nice, lets you run no regen maps.
Taste of Hate could let you survive a few big hits, but survivability is strong without it too, and it's expensive.
Just wanted to say I've been running this and I'm happy to say it's the most powerful build I've done to date, hope I can eventually clear ubers, right now Merc Izaro is ezlife since he dies so fast, even though he probably could 1-hit me, he never gets the chance to.

I got my first manmade 6-link ever, got the achievement! On a darkscorn lmao, but it works great for this build so I'm happy. There's not a single one on sale in PSC.
Still haven't done any CWDT since haven't needed to and I'm lazy haha.

Also right now I went Vile Bastion instead of Void Beacon on uberlab points, since the ES regen solidifies the tankiness. I'll probably eventually switch back, but right now I just like being careless and not paying the death toll for it.

I'm barely capped on all 4 res and at 5119 shield/309 unreserved mana.
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Nice! You should get some new gloves probably soon (or you linked the wrong ones, perhaps...); if you need the STR, you can get that by getting a better Heavy belt.

Happy to hear that you're having fun. :)
My main problem is resistances, it's hard to find with such a small amount of items to give, including chaos resistance.

I built around these gloves for now, and had to add a resistance jewel (the gloves give more ES than the Energy From Within).

Here's what I've changed:
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Glad to hear that.
Yeah, a 45%+ resist jewels is almost required with that many uniques.

I'm trying out a Coated shrapnel version of the tree right now, seems much more damage this way.
Check out "You_will_die_from_mines" in my profile.
I still haven't gotten rid of my mine damage / duores x2 jewel (next to Witch power charge node in the tree below)

Current tree:

Of course, next passive will be Destructive Apparatus. :)
Is Darkscorn > + 1 gem level bow or what do you think? I'm using a + 1 with some Leo mods crafted upon it which are quite useful I think. Never tried Darkscorn but thinking abt it.

Also, tried coated shrapned * 4, which sucked imo. Missing out on all those %increased ES jews...


Darkscorn vs +1 bow is like
Lightning coil vs Carcass jack

Basically, darkscorn is a defensive option while 6L bow is a cheap/budget/damage option, depending if its white/has resits/is rolled +1.

Weird, I liked the shrapnel. Its worth to respec at ~91 tho, before it is not enough defenses or not enough utility.

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