[2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm

This guide has been updated for patch 2.4, Essence league.

First off a short TL;DR:
Get Occultist's Wicked ward passive, use Soul Strike quiver.
Use bow, easy +1 gems in a 6L. If you wan't more defense, use Darkscorn with chaos res cap (75% for low life) or CI.
Use bladefall mines with posion, even after the nerf of "Remote mine" not double dipping.
Use Temporal chains blasphemy with a quality boost to trivialize content.


2.4 videos coming soon.


When watching the videos, please notice the time it takes for me to regenerate the ES.
Especially worth it to watch the uber lab trap defense videos.
When mobs are slower, they actually lots of the time attack less often than the traps hit me.

Atziri normal (updated, 2.3): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lCqelpNS_I
Abyss T15 rare map (old, 2.2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT7TlqIBCdo

Uber lab trap defense - video 1 (2.3): https://youtu.be/HcH3WSlxpQw
Uber lab trap defense - video 2 (2.3): https://youtu.be/5SWs6wYfAAY
Uber lab trap defense - video 3 (2.3): https://youtu.be/XJcaRZWOOpE

Uber lab, slow run (2.3): https://vimeo.com/173176507
Uber Atziri (2.3): https://vimeo.com/173176799
(that was my lifetime first run of Uber)

If you made it through, first read this:

This build is NOT for players known as "tooltip warriors".
My current tooltip damage is ~9000 per mine (*9 mines, 3 per cast)
Minimal budget is around 4 ex (as of Essence SC prices), with the ES items being the most expensive ones.


Today I want to present you with a build that uses:

- Mines, Bladefall & posion for damage
- Blink arrow for movement
- relatively big ES pool for defense (currently 7k+)
- huge ES regen for sustaining defense (see videos, example: Atziri trash)
- Lowlife or CI for whatever you like, damage or defense
- three curses with huge effectiveness
- Darkscorn, a seemingly useless bow that works out as a CI/LL Lightning Coil substitute - hence calling it Darkscoil :)
- alternatively, any 6L bow in a budget variant.

curse details:

Curses were heavily nerfed in 2.4. Their values weren't changed, however, bosses now have 60% LESS effectiveness as opposed to 60% reduced.

This is the main reason that changed the tree and took only 20% curse effectiveness; travelling so far in the scion area for just 20% curse effect isn't worth it anymore.

This is the reason I've dropped another curse slot (no more Malediction!). Also, a new item let me use discipline+CI+blasp temp chains, I also use CoH setup (enfeeble for bosses) and a
to speed up the farm.

You can find Occultists' tree over here:

Please look at the passive "Wicked Ward".
Energy shield regeneration "kick" starts at 2 seconds after not taking damage.
Because of this the core item of this build is:

This item makes ES regen start after ~0,75 seconds, instead of 2. It sure is reduced, but its still "reduced", not "less" - easily countered by Wicked Ward itself, bringing us up at -10%, so 18% ES / second. The tree brings us to about 35% ES regenerated per second, making you heal so quickly that no sustained damage can kill you after Wicked Ward has kicked in.

Made a spreadsheet because I was wondering how much DPS do I really make on a 0% chaos res target.
You can edit it to your liking / your tree variant. Not everything is editable; you have to download a copy of it if you want to edit more than is possible.

In the videos you might see, for example, fighting Atziri trash, how this practically works.
Now, for the rest of the items:


Shavs is good for this build. In 2.4 I just used a 700ES chest with CI. There's not much to reserve your life with now that curse stacking isn't as powerful.

The Vertex grants us +1 enhance & temp chains level, bringing it to very high values of "time passes slower for enemies".

Gloves, boots, belt - general ES / resist items, nothing crazy (with possible optional items). New base that has been introduced is nice - we never benefitted much from the gloves enchants anyway.

Amulet - mandratory for low life and CI, unless you have Skyforth. Stats are really useful there.

Ring 1 - For low-life version a Ming's heart is good. For a CI build, I just used a high resist ring. Popular options are Elreon crafted rings with +18-20% ES (equivalent of 3 passive points), but the craft costs 1 exalted orb.
Ring 2 - Just resists. Dexterity/strength is also nice.

Quiver - explained earlier

Bow - essence league introduced a new bow, with Decay (1000 chaos dmg /s for 10s). I've crafted a 6L bow for +1 gems also with "Cannot roll attack mods" metamod. This doesn't seem very optimal, but it was a very nice addition for the Essence Drain build I done before. I don't think a Essence of Woe crafted bow with 100%+ spell damage would come ahead by much, but it is also a possibility in Essence League.

When you think about it, what's better: a staff with 18% block and 100% spell damage, or a bow with 100% spell damage, the answer is obvious: bow lets you use the quiver which makes you an immortal labirynth runner and gives you bonus ES in addition. If you wanted the block, you can get Rearguard, and it's flat out better than the block implicit on the staff.

Other options I've used in the past include:
#1: 6L Bow with +1 to gem levels.
#2: Darkscorn, preferably 4L+2L with a 5-6L shavs (who would make a 6L Darkscorn...)
a) Roth's reach, if you hate bladefall and want to go with EK. Fun aswell, but not as powerful
b) Voltaxic - you can try using Phys2Light for shock, and synergizes with -20% chaos res occultist passive. Also worth having a Vinktar's Vessel flask then, I guess.
c) Death's Harp, for the 150% crit multiplier, if you get those power charge nodes, and try to go crit. Might be a bad idea though.

Essence gear:

Old Gear, good example gear:

Prophecy gear:

Perandus gear:

Other notes:

With patch 2.3 - there's a new unique for CI version, called The Beast Fur Shawl.
With patch 2.4 - there's
which lets us craft ES items really cheap. This favors CI heavily.

Obviously, you want to use Shavs if you're low life, but an ES chest with ~700ES or so is fine for CI (to make up for discipline at least vs shavs).
Rest of the items are pretty self-explanatory.


This was changed due to better utilization of life by reserving a % of life instead of flat life with Clarity. Aura setup below.
All current links can be seen on gear.

Aura setup:

For CI #1 variant:


For CI #2 variant:


Chest/Bow (6L):
Remote Mine - Minefield - Bladefall - Conc.effect - Trap&Mine dmg - Empower/Controlled Destruction
(the last link depends on your luck with chroming a bow to 4B2G, Controlled Destruction is superior even compared to Empower level 4)

4L +1 gems: (Vertex or corrupt +1 gems gloves)
Enhance + Blasphemy q20, Temporal Chains // Discipline

variant #2:
Enhance + Blasphemy q20, Temporal Chains + Vulnerability/Enfeeble (curse of choice)

4L: (preferably boots)
CWDT + IC + Inc.Dur + Vortex

Remaining links (in my case, the chest):
Orb of Storms + Inc.AoE + Curse on hit + Vulnerability/Enfeeble (or both) // Blink Arrow

Ascendancy & Passive tree, bandits:

111 point tree, level 88:


Energy from within in the obvious spot + 4x Coated Shrapnel

Content Viability:

In 2.4:
Chimera and Hydra are immune to posion. They're not impossible, but they're the harder guardians.
Haven't tried the Shaper yet.

In 2.3:
Killed Uber Atziri with it easily on first try (keep in mind that was my first try of uber atziri ever) with just one stupid death which was easily avoidable. Recorded it, the video is up.
T15 twinned maps are a breeze.
T15 rare maps in general are a breeze.
Atziri (normal) - just go there and one shot everything including bosses.

Map mods restricitons:
Cannot do:
- curse immune / Hexproof (theoretically possible, with possible deaths though)
- blood magic for obvious reasons
- ele weakness & -max res, if you're not playing safely
- GMP maps might be hard, but that's hard for almost everyone.

Can do:
- everything else, including curses, twinned T15's (haven't tried T16), insane crit% maps (if you use enfeeble), etc.

Other notes:

are an alternative for this build, and probably not innovative at all - you've seen those builds.

It probably will be worth it to use gloves with "Curse with level 10-12 Vulnerability on hit".
"Curse with level 10-12 Temporal Chains on hit" will be horrible.

Quad-Curse would make sense if you'd find "Curse with level 10-12 Vulnerability on hit" gloves, and used Assasin's Mark. Other curses seem to make no sense for me, and the gain on this would be weak.

Remember to carry flasks that dispel things like posion & ignite. Those over time effects stop your regen.
If you don't like relying on flasks for not being frozen, use
, however I had no trouble with this.


I use this for my every character:

Buy a shield charge gem.
This should carry you to 60s as of 2.3 in less than 6 hrs.

If you are starting fresh, just level as a generic caster (Flame totem + any spell -> Firestorm -> Bladefall / Vortex?), take life nodes close to Witch and either spec them out later or get another Energy from Within (Heart & Soul + 2x 4% life/ 6% mana nodes and the 5%/10%/5% cluster next to Deep Wisdom).

Other stuff, mentioned by players; overall tips/hints:

Gearing up from scratch explained here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1640234/page/4#p13492697

How to hit a resist cap / perspective: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1640234/page/5#p13520704

Why crit variant sucks: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1640234/page/3#p13456219

Thanks for reading the guide, let me know what you think about it.
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Bump, added videos and updated guide and gear. Now using Darkscorn.
A leveling section would be awesome ^^
First off, let me say this is a really fun and safe build if done properly. It melts solo maps and bosses. I've only done up to t10 (2 days playtime), but no issues with no res cap and crap gears. I derped around early on, trying to facetank packs like in the OP's vids, but without the es pool or ascend talents you will take lots of dirtnaps.

I started the perandus league about a week ago, and this was my starter toon with no gears or currency. It was not the easiest to get off the ground, but I chose to go CI. It is much cheaper but it also does less dmg(can't use pain attunement).

I bought all 4 of the uniques ( bow, quiver, Dream Fragments and Mings rings for 1 c each) . The eye neck was 700 coins from Brodiro. No vertex vaal mask yet. Everything else was found or crafted as I leveled.

Here are a few things I had issues with. Bladefall needs a 5 link to do enough dmg, 4 won't work. For starter builds, that can be problematic but not impossible.

Early on, you will have no defense outside of es and some hp, so 25+ speed boots should be minimum. Also, imo, the ascendant passives (Wicked Ward)should be taken asap.

Once you go CI, Mings is no longer necessary. It does give you a boost in dps (my lvl 19 bladefall gem, was around 3500 per trap / 2900 without it), but the Dream Fragments ring offers better defense, more ES and a huge mana boost.

For leveling purposes as CI, prioritize the OP's trap damage nodes first, then focus all in on the major es nodes (8%+). Next get the mana reserve and aura buff nodes,followed by the rest of the smaller es (5%-6%) nodes. Finally, the last 7-8 points go for spell damage to boost dps (I chose to take the 16% spell damage nodes from scion and witch trees.)

Currently, lvl 82, 6.3k ES with Disc , 65/27/63/100 res, and 2922 tooltip dps. I can't get frozen, and nothing really slows me down. I'm having a blast with this build, thank you for sharing it!
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Bump, updated for 2.3, Prophecy league.
18.06.2016 - changed links and tree to get a stronger mana pool.
Current stats: 6.7k ES with crap ES on gear, level 86.
DPS calculations are about 60k-66k per second assuming laying one mine set then detonating. Precasting 3 mine fields is enough to one shot uber ghosted Argus before he swings in one hit, usually.
19.06.16 - updated with Atziri video for 2.3; quite a decent speedrun, if I skipped loot and didn't have a hangover I'd probably get under 3 minutes.

Been using this build since you suggested it on reddit... Leveling it with Tabula Rasa felt really clunky (the time between placing and detonating the mines feels really bad) and up until you start running a chayula and blasphemy + enfeeble you're prone to receiving tons of damage.

Personally I'd suggest to level with something different before switching to the build.

However, the build starts to shine at around 65-66 with at least 4 ascendancy points (normal and cruel trial). Especially with a tri curse setup you get the feeling of being able to kill everything without dying. You can comfortably do content 5 levels above you.

Here's my gear so far:

Passive Tree

I found that with my gear, I had to get a lot more dex than what was available on the tree so i decided to use Careful Planning (int to dex jewel) on the topmost jewel slot.

Also, my gem/aura setup is slightly different; mostly because I ran out of chromatics when trying to change some pieces.

Will respond once again when I get to 80 or higher but tl;dr rocky start, solid ending.
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Happy to hear that. Yes, indeed, the build has a bad start, but once it starts getting good it's getting too overpowered. :)

Luckily once you get to 20/20 temp chain + enhance 3 level, clunkiness of mines matters so little when the mobs are practically static.
How about using traps instead of mines? Is it prohibiting due to the trap far south nodes on the tree?
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