[2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm

unfortunally, i'm died:/ t10 -max res and someone in party trigger beyonds prophecy.

what i can said, for lab its rly cool, we can oneshoot izaro, traps ez with this quiver, but one bad thing - we move slow. can fix this only with flask swap, something like 4-5 quicksilvers(i prefer 1 flask for 20%phys res), all with +30ms and +20max charges, with this we can just ignore mobs and run. Devoto's devotion too could be very useful, cause we dont need curses, when we run lab, only on boss. +we can spend 1 point for harrier passive, its extra 5ms. + we can find boots with 30ms, instead rainbowstride. its hard to find good 30ms+es+res boots, but possible, or we can use boots without es and too swap them on boss fight. With all this i hope we can be so fast, as usual juggernaut runners.
Easier way can be Brightbeak+prismatic eclipse in second weapon slots with leapslam+fasterattacks+ coordination and harrier passives(just 2 points). but we loose quiver bonus.

about maps... if i want mapping with mines, i prefer bino knife, without it clearspeed not good for me.
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This looks like a really fun build! I like how ES regen works!

Question: I noticed that you were getting some crit strike on your gear, does it help with build? Or is it more that the gear just so happens to have it?
Well, crit is possible, perhaps with getting a Death's Harp / Oath you get a +150% critical strike multiplier. But getting that 6Led would be probably expensive.

There are nodes that grant power charges when you mines are detonated targeting an enemy, and you could also perhaps get a +1 curse chayula to spec out from malediction in ascendancy for 1 more power charge.

I'm not playing the crit variant because it scales poorly in comparison to posion on a 5% base crit spell.

What I mean by that is: when you have an option to use conc effect which will multiply your damage by 1.6 and your posion damage by another 1.6, it's much better than not doing it and instead granting you a small chance to deal 3x normal damage with posion at its' regular level, that is by socketing Increased Critical Strikes jewel instead.

Simple calculation:
assuming 300% crit multiplier, so 3x normal damage. Bladefall mine deals 100 damage and then another 10 per second for 2 seconds (these numbers are really wrong but easy to calculate):

with conc effect it will do:
160 + 0.2*160*1.6 (secondary damage modifiers account for posion) = 160 base + 51 posion = 201,6 damage every time (assuming 0% crit and 0% critmult)

with inc crit gem + 4-5 power charges, assuming 25% crit and 300% crit mult (Death's Harp)
25% of the time you'll be doing 300+ 0.2*300 = 360 damage
75% of the time you'll be doing 100+ 0.2*100 = 120 damage

So on average, 0.75*120 + 0.25*360 = 180 damage. And it requires you to invest heavily in it in tree and ascendancy.

So a tl;dr answer to your question: Crit just happens to be there. :)
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Added videos of uber lab and uber atziri.
Sorry for talking a lot on the chat on those videos. :)
conflargate wrote:
Added videos of uber lab and uber atziri.
Sorry for talking a lot on the chat on those videos. :)

I love that you intentionally took your time through the traps.. :P

I'm working on getting to that level!

Thanks for sharing!
You mean the ones where i afk in them? :)
conflargate wrote:
You mean the ones where i afk in them? :)

yeah.. those!
Found a build that uses similar mechanics for damage:



how do you manage running vulnerability and enfeeble (51% mana reserved for both)
So I've been really liking the look of this build, and have just about all of the 'leveling' gear. I don't see myself really being able to afford a Shav's in the near future though, so I may have to go the CI route. Is there a general, "Go here first" kind of plan for the passives, or when do you actually switch and get CI? Some general leveling passive advice before the endgame would be a huge help. Thank you!So far I've played two other builds that are as far from this one as possible so not quite sure how to 'ramp up' into it.

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