I have to agree that 35% is too much. The main thing is, you could use a HoT for 25% and auto curse that way anyway. You're almost always better off just casting the curse and running another aura.

The radius is also way too small. I'm running a bladefall poison build and I've been trying to use blasphemy+vuln becuase vuln synergizes so well with bladefall and poison. The radius makes it very difficult. I have to run in, as a squishy caster, and stand right near a boss/pack to get the effect. Planning to switch it out for discipline and just manually curse for tougher enemies.

Noncrit spell builds don't get much out of heralds because they can't trigger the elemental effects as easily (especially with physical spells), so it would be really nice to have an alternative. Being able to use vuln or ele weakness as a 25% aura with a decent radius would be very nice.
Note that both Blasphemy and Curses gain 2% Increased Radius per level. That quickly adds up to a much bigger radius.
Tried it with Assasin mark on my flicker striker - the gem vas useless, i killed most tings before it could apply its curse. =( Could be nice to reduce cooldown to 0.1 sec
Vipermagi wrote:
Note that both Blasphemy and Curses gain 2% Increased Radius per level. That quickly adds up to a much bigger radius.

I have to quote this. When I first picked up Blasphemy the radius was absolutely abysmal, but it gets much better as you level up, and it really shines later on.
Another quality ZAP! post.
The radius is definitely not a problem once you get it leveled a bit, and if you're running a LL build you're going to be taking the aura radius increase nodes anyway. It really helps boost the curse's radius by a good margin, though sadly it's still tough to justify the 35% mana reserve cost.
(Ok, i was defending blasphemy and what happend they nerfed it!!! No way
I'm sorry, but now the gem is really dead
They released a gem which they nerfed 2 times, it's the elemental proliferation debacle again. Pls remove these two gems from game since nobody will use them...)

edit. i apologize for my rage, it's not fair to GGG these changes had to be done because of ghudda. (pls understand my feelings when the very next day of release of my first build, core of the build got nerfed)
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I have a question

does supporting blasphemy with "increased area of effect" actually works?

mana reservation goes from 35% to 49%, so two curses for 98% (might as well say 100% not like it really matters)

the thing though, is that it really doesn't seem to actually increase the area, maybe it's my imagination but if I could see how much range I have, I could be certain.

and yes, I also agree that 35% mana reserved is too high
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I mean you can test this yourself. Find a mostly stationary target (Statue Archer for example), cast Blasphemy with Increased AoE and try to get it on the very edge of the Curse radius. Then unsocket IAoE. :P

Increased Radius modifiers work just fine, otherwise leveling wouldn't improve its radius either and there's a couple people on this page clearly seeing the difference. :)
Can I put skeletons with Blasfemy and Flamibility????
Dear GGG, for some strange reason this support gem has 35% mana reservation, can you please hot-fix it to 25?
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess

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