I just got increased AOE (Gem), popped it into my dual-curse set up, and as left with, erm, 8 mana.

Which makes me sad.

*Pending impressive statement of some variety*
Just looked at Blasphemy in game and saw it was 35% and came to see if it was a bug, I guess not looking at the replys, 35% is too much. 25% made it useable, at 35% this will see little to no use.

Maybe it could be reverted to 25% if the quality was changed to provide additional radius, and the gem started with diminished curse effectiveness, and scaled up to -X% overall effectiveness at lvl 20. Just throwing it out there.

That way it's less effective than self cast, and Curse on Hit with Heralds, and potentially less effective than Cast When Damage Taken curse setups, but see more use.
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I am using blasphemy with warlord's mark and assasin's mark. It is really nice to auto curse mobs and get power charges/endurances charges as well as the other benefits of those curses. The one thing that hurts it a lot is curse immune monsters. You invest a lot into using these by giving up other auras. To have curse immune monsters totally negate the effects of these is annoying. Maybe it is asking too much but it would be nice if blasphemy bypassed curse immunity since you are giving up a lot to run them. That might make it more justified to run for some people.
If I use Blasphemy + Enfeebly Do my Increase Curse Effect nodes Still apply?

And if I get %40 increased effect of curse on tree + q20 Blasphemy(%10 inc effect) on lvl20Enfeeble(%30 less dmg) is that %45 less dmg?
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That's correct.

Though don't get too comfortable with taking half damage from normal mobs; it's likely GGG will revise curses in Ascension.
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reservation should be lowered to 25 or 30 at least ...

if u think that 25% is OP then increase it to 30% but right now its near to useless ... i hate crit but i will rather go crit+herald of thunder+CoH

its not aura and shouldnt be compared with auras , its for 'automation' of build and its too expensive for it,
without mana we cant use skills and with BM(passive) we cant use auras (90% of peoples dont have stashes full of currency to buy gear for LL build)

so again we are forced to go with BM gem and (thats i dont understand because u said that u want to reduce 'this' and added +2 mana per level (600+ at level 100 , 400 before))
thats ****** ....

A normal aura cost 35-50% mana reserved.
Blasphemy cost 35%.
It means it's an ok price IF the effect is as strong as the one you can have with an aura that cost a similer price.

The range is very short at first BUT the curse and blasphemy get better when your leveling.

If you're adding the support gem **increased aoe**, you reservation is becoming 49% witch is almost as much as the "highest" aura.

You can take nodes like "aura aoe +12%" or "leadership+30%".
You can take nodes like "aoe radius +5%".
They are here for a purpose, aren't they ?

Are these mana reservation too expensive ?
Of course not :
- A lvl20 enfeeble diminish by 37% enemy's damage (bye bye the burst). No aura is even close to that.
- A lvl20 temporal chain make them 29% slower (bye bye the dps). No aura is even close to that.
If you're going to the node "whisper of doom", you can use these 2 with 10% more effect.
It's around 41% less dmge and 32% slower for a total of around 40% dps remaining for anything that is hitting you.

That's crazy and you're complaining ? :D
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i was really looking forward to this support gem. even the last minute change to 35% reservation didn't phase me, as i THOUGHT it was 35% to make any and all curses into auras.

what kills it for me is its 35% reservation PER CURSE. that is absolutely ridiculous and garbage. i'd rather run a 6L bow on swap and run curse on hit, lightning arrow, chain, gmp, and two curses. swap weapons, shoot to curse, swap back and do my business.

especially as a blade vortex build when i don't need to constantly be casting things (have a few seconds of down time) i can afford to have a secondary weapon out in order to curse things with curse on hit before i jump in.

i'd rather spend my mana on actually casting and other auras. 70% mana reserve for 2 curses? its a joke. sorry, but it is. i'll no longer keep leveling this up in my swap gem sockets.
xMustard wrote:
what kills it for me is its 35% reservation PER CURSE.

Duh. That's how all Supports work.
my impression is it would turn each curse socketed to it into an aura for one cast. i didn't expect i'd be casting each curse separately, but casting blasphemy, essentially, and it would be all curses that you had socketed and can run up to your maximum number.

but ya. at this point its much easier to just run a curse on hit setup. its so easy to set one up too

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