Ever since they announced it I've been trying to like it. I ended up at the conclusion that if it went down to 15% I might.

35% Kappa.

Move along, nothing to see, here.
Casually casual.

Pretty huge change to be left out of patch notes. Having it at 35 pretty much kills it.
Tanakeah wrote:
Uhhhhhhh...ok? I understand last minute stuff can happen, but really...why was this done? Was it too good at 25% or something? I mean, this was kinda important and should've been mentioned, and again, I get that there is a lot you guys and gals are doing right now with the release and it's all hands on deck. But...really? Not even a mention?

I have a problem with current state of blasphemy its more or less cosmetical problem: there is no identification which curses you have are active and which you yet need to cast. (i'm playing blasphemy multiple curse build)

sugestion: make a buff icon with different border then aura (saying that it's just informative purpose, not a buff)
I haven't tried any melee builds yet, but as a contagion user I need this. Which sucks. Less defense auras. Plus I can't leech life.

I mean using it with contagion I only need to cast 3 spells now before I can get a combo off....

But, I can't think of a single reason to use Aura Curses at 35% other than what I've stated before. And the one reason isn't because I can cast it. I mean seriously???? 4 Spells I have to cast before I can deal any dmg???
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on my caster i wouldnt even run it at 25%, the radius is so horrible that i need to be in melee range to have curses on the enemies.
New gem needs a fix already. Area is way to small. 35%? that was the nail that killed the skill.
How does the area of this the aura work? The curse area centered at your character?
I see a lot of complaint that 35% kills the skill, but that's not true for the way I'm using it. Perhaps this gem is intended to be niche.

I currently have it up to level 16. I've socketed it into Alpha's Howl so it is effectively level 18. At that level it has a reasonably large radius, certainly larger than the area my melee splash typically covers. I haven't invested anything in increased AoE in the passives tree either. It's still a little bit smaller than my spectral throw range. I'm using it to run an assassin's mark aura on a flickerstrike build. Even at 35% reservation it's still a much better option than Herald of Ash, for a variety of reasons. Having said that, it might not be viable if not for the fact that I have both the reduced reservation of the Alpha's and also a level 2 enlighten gem. I'm really looking forward to when that gem hits level 3. Those methods of reducing reservation probably aren't easily or cheaply available in the new leagues. But yeah, new leagues; who cares.
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This gem is utter trash with 35% reservation. 25% seemed fairly balanced to compete with other stuff you could use your precious mana reservation for.
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