Tigui1 wrote:
Can someone explain me why my blasphemy support don't work i really don't understand .

I link : faster attack support + warlord mark + blasphemy.

I try to switch the order : blasphemy + warlord + faster attack support still don't work

are you trying to link faster attack support to warlord mark?

if so that is impossible warlord mark is a spell and faster attack support cannot affect it.

as for my opinions on the Blasphemy gem:
it is an incredibly amazing defensive tool and has actually allowed me to create 2 unique character builds that were not possible without it.

there is a bit more to these builds but these are the truly important parts.
1. Mire witch: revolves entirely around slowing down and freezing enemies (sometimes even freezes bosses)
--Bitterdream (for ice nova)
-temporal chains aura
-blight totem
-cluster cold snap traps
-ice nova
-arctic armor
-herald of ice
2. The Brick: still a very young character but he can safely melee most bosses with only minimal potion use, defense revolves around stacking damage reduction effects (endurance charges, armor, fortify, enfeeble, arctic armor, etc.)
--pillar of the caged god
-enfeeble aura
-arctic armor
-chaos golem
-herald of ash
-ice crash w/endurance charge on stun
-double strike w/fortify
i would like to have a regular curse duration. maybe halfed or whatever, but i have more than 100% increased curse duration, which are completely useless with blasphemy.
So inc aoe gem dosent work with this gem?

Using warlords mark + blasphemy, tested in ledge with a archer inc aoe gem givers more reserved mana but dosent change aoe at all 😕
Ingame name: Jinxedtotem / FearTheMonkeys
Mtx aura efects do not work with the awakened version of blasphemy.
hope everyone knows about this.
This might just be me feeling it, but why is Blasphemy so expensive to use? And why does it bring down the curse effectiveness?

It is a mana reservation investment, making it compete with heralds and auras. And it is not as good as any other curse cast manually or with say, curse on hit. Ontop of that you have limits to several of their effectivness stats against rares, bosses etc.

I just feel like curses are in a bad spot compared to the competition. Especially using blasphemy support.

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