I know - Melee sucks compared to range.
But I like to play Melee.

For Melee Blasphemy is very, very good.
I sacrafice Hatred and Herald of Ash for Enfeeble and Temporal Chains or Vuln + Enfeeble or
Vulnerability + Punishment (only with unwavering stance) any day.
Using blasphemy how can I use both warlords mark and poachers mark, for some reason only one of them works even if I have both active as auras ie i get endurance charges and not frenzy ones
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You need some source of enemies can have 1 more curse, by default you can apply only 1 curse to enemies.
SO with the AOE nerf this support is useless if you are a ranged class. Im using heretics veil with 22 blasphemy, you have to be right up on the monsters to get the curse on. If its no longer inteded for people to be able to use it with range with out aoe investment thats one thing, but i don't feel that was completely the intent.

For now ill drop the unique and go to casting the curses or set up a support cast but its more of a pain. than just running it as a aura for the obvious buff to aura that the skill provides.
So the way blasphemy and curses level doesn't really make sense anymore with the aoe changes.

You are looking at 160% increased area from the gems alone, which means any investment in the tree and gear to area basically does nothing.

The increased aoe from the gems needs to be translated to more sane numbers and either increase the base radius or make them get base radius as they level.

I'm fine with blasphemy getting a nerf, I'm not ok with making curse range something that is impossible to invest in.
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yeah. aoe nerf really messed up blasphemy.

Its now unusable for frostblades. Frostblades has a larger attack range then blasphemy has curse range.
I imagine more then a few other "ranged" or "aoe" melee skills are in the same boat. reave, bladeflurry, cyclone, etc.

Was this intentional, or an oversight?
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I just wanted to second what has already been said about the new range on blasphemy post 2.6
As an aura character, the only relevant aura node I'm missing is the 40% aoe curse one.
With close to 230% increase aoe with curse auras, it can barely get to half screen.
From memory it feels at least like a 1/3rd to 1/2 loss in aoe range since the change.
The range is close to a necessity especially for any ranged character.
That being said with mods such as hexproof, diminished aoe and boss reduction in effectiveness,
I do not believe it required that heavy a hit especially in the quality of life department.
It does already come at a cost after all.

If the quality of life provided by the aura feels too strong, it would probably just be better to lower the effectiveness of the curse by a few % rather then drastically diminish it's usefullness for ranged characters.
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If this gem gave 'more' area instead of 'increased' area then we'd be able to make it practical for ranged builds with reasonable investment into increased curse/aura area nodes.
Why does stone cost a fixed amount of mana (35%) instead of a multiplier and a curse cost?
This only creates the inconvenience of using it, especially for MoM.
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Can someone explain me why my blasphemy support don't work i really don't understand .

I link : faster attack support + warlord mark + blasphemy.

I try to switch the order : blasphemy + warlord + faster attack support still don't work

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