I am very disappointed... planned a couple of builds with blasphemy before the expansion.... boom 35%.... its just not worth it for something u can get for free if you can cast it yourself.

Even at 25% it would require some work to get it done but it could have been fun.
I really hope this gets changed back to 25%!!!
Thought I didn't give this spell a chance so tested out on a toon using a lot of area nodes and 2 curses. Area is way to small even with area nodes and if the mob leaves the area curse goes off of them in a second. 35% a curse is just crazy and a just to big of waste for the reward you get. 70% for two curses? I think great Ideal for a support gem but as it is, it is a fail.
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I dont care about the 35% reservation, i DIDN'T care i would say. I love this support gem but I think it's pretty unfair you have to recast 35% mana reserv each time you have an additional aura. You already invested in your tree and in your mana pool but the additional cost per/aura for me is unfair and way too much.
Maybe a 10% ma reserved for each add aura ?! But not 35%
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25 or 30% reservation is okay.

35% not worth using it
35 is too much. make it 30 and we have a deal.
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
It would be nice if the visual ring showed you the outline of area cursed.
I am also very disappointed about the skill atm. 35% mana reservation seems way to much and the radius isnt also great.

Change the mana reservation to 30% and increase the radius at all stages for about 20%. Than it would be more enjoyable as caster.

At its current state it is hard to justify to use it.
I wouldn't use this gem, even at 25%, on any build except a dedicated multiple curse\aura support char in a party.

This gem synergizes very well with the iAoE support but the mana reservation is very punishing. Take for example a Sweep build that is linked with iAoE support as well. At max levels and with a typical investment in iAoE passives from tree, Sweep can reach around 39 radius, give or take. At same conditions, if we use Blasphemy + Vulnerability then the radius of the curse (again give or take) will be 30 without iAoE support and 37 with it, almost at the max range of your Sweep.

But then your Vulnerability Aura will reserve 49% of your mana. Does this cost worth the extra radius of your Vulnerability? (more damage\heals with Sweep on each hit). IMHO no. Curse on Hit is superior enough for most builds. Someone could link CoH + Vulnerability + iAoE on Leap Slam and use mobility to spread the curse effectively, then Sweep, with no mana cost.

To summarize Blasphemy :

- For RT builds - CoH superior.
- For Crit builds - CoH superior enough.
- If you must use this gem then its better for offensive curses, slightly inefficient for defensive curses like Enfeeble, unless you have a backup trigger for it like CwDT.
- The mana reservation restricts the use of support gems.
- This gem could be potentially amazing on a dedicated multiple curse\aura support char for party play, with heavy investment on aura radius passives.

For now I will stick to my CoH.

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Man, it would be great if someone from the balance team explained the reaseon why you guys decided to do this change, at least we would understand.

OMG So much hate here, i have a bloody OP build based on blasphemy and i actually found it very balanced...

My thoughts: if it was 25% it would replace existing auras and buffs (arctic armour)
Being 35% make it useful only for specialised builds which was the original intent of this skill imo.

The only thing you can blame GGG for is that they changed the mana reservation in the last minute. On the other hand what they share is just a working status so you shouldn't expect gem to be released in the same state as in those posts.

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