Upcoming Updates to The Awakening!

I'm impressed and excited. Can't wait for more information on 2.0.1.

The game is really damn fun now, it feels like when LoD released for D2.
Any word on a fix for the Righteous Fire / AOE support gem interaction?
Excited for new content!
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Wonder if it will be the updated ending for killing Malaco in 2.0.1
We will probably also extend the time they stay in any particular map to an hour, so that they can be farmed more.

This is nice I guess but it still doesn't solve my issues...

As we still can't know what maps to roll without a stupid amount of effort in order to chase them the whole idea falls apart as an end game activity.

I went earlier to try and find one of the "bosses" which I actually did but got disconnected from the instance so never got the kill...was able to fight him for about 3-4 minutes while my guildies said I was disconnected though. After logging back in I searched for him again for 30-40 min without any luck.

Now I really have to ask, can you honestly say you are happy with me having to go, at level 89, in to a 60 zone actively looking for the leader mob to see him for the first time?

To put it in perspective, I can roll a beyond map and spawn multiple bosses on demand.
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diablofdb wrote:

Since the very first time I've walked on the Kaom's path, the little cute totem guys remind me of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke (They even do the same weird side shake head)

Same here. Always loved that movie, made me happy to see some influence from it.
Changes I would like to see.

-an actual progression curve. Act 1 cruel should be harder than act 4 normal. Act 4 cruel is currently harder than all the content up to the second half of act 4 merciless. That is a bit silly. I think figuring this problem out should be the next big thing you do and introduce with the next leagues.

-another system for character progression other than maps. Don't scrap maps, but maybe another way to do more late content on the side. I know you wanted act 4 to do this, but it doesn't work when the zone levels aren't high.

-the ability to ctrl click items in and out of the guild stash

-I know this has been discussed, but I still would like a way to find my mtx items easily that are on random pieces of gear. I would love it if when you put an mtx on gear, it didn't disappear from your mtx stash. Instead it just grays itself out. The you can right click on it or something to remove it from whatever gear it was on on whatever character.

-Lastly, and I have wanted this since 2011, a new overlay map. Still looks ugly and different backgrounds cause the alpha to be all over the place. Hard to see in a bunch of areas. For instance, in kaom's area, the whole level is orange yellow red, and the overlay is also orange yellow red.
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Wait, so the challenges can't be completed since warbands and tempest on the challenge list aren't in yet?
I feel like some act 4 monsters are still far too strong, regardless if its normal, cruel, or merciless.

Maybe its not the monsters themselves but the mechanics of the encounters. Too many monsters being spawned around a boss, little to no cooldown on overpowered spells, no warnings of when those overpowered spells are going to be cast at you. Things like that.

I also feel like some classic maps are ruined now with the addition of act 4 monsters. Cemetery for example, I didn't enjoy dealing with a ton of Fury Hounds with too much health, too much move speed, and too much damage.

Maybe my build is just weak. But when I'm able to clear a level 71-72 map that doesn't involve act 4 monsters/boss, and get owned in a 68-69 map with act 4 monsters/boss, something isn't right.
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