Upcoming Updates to The Awakening!

innervation wrote:
Div cards aren't affected by currency penalty. Chance of 74-76 map drop liklihood increased by 10% per 25% IIQ on your map.

That sounds good, especially the div cards part.
Is that your patch notes wishlist? :>
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gunit76 wrote:

It probably depends on what skills u link with coc. Im using shock nova/ice nova/arc and trigger them by cyclone. You can try this setup and see for urself :p

My Warbands one is Cyclone/Shock Nova/Ice Nova.

My Standard one is Tornado Shot/LMP/Arctic Breath/Freezing Pulse.
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please BUFF divination cards drop rate!
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

The disconnects when playing maps or Zana is very bad.

Also, I'm getting quite a bit more desync / lag with The Awakening than I had with the earlier edition. I've tried different servers & both network modes. Lockstep is horrid right now.

I love the game & all the new content, but frustration is rising.
Chris wrote:
Unhost wrote:
Think we will see some more MTX coming soon?

Yeah, I think there's the Necrotic Armour Set, Ghostflame Totem, etc.

Damn! I love the sound of the Necrotic Armour, just take my money now!
Alabamak wrote:
please BUFF divination cards drop rate!

Looks solid. Thanks, guys.
highly aprreciated! good work GGG keep it up!
Don't forget about the Righteous Fire graphical bug GGG.
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hope its a fix for the crashing maps! :S
gotten better but still looseing alot of maps to dc

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