Upcoming Updates to The Awakening!

Database server upgrades yesterday have finally fixed a problem where players were getting dropped at peak times. The changes late last week helped, but now no one is getting disconnected at all due to database load.

We are working hard on a fix to people being disconnected from maps when there are too many entity updates. This will be deployed as soon as it is ready.

There's a small balance patch (2.0.0g) coming in the next few days that has the goals of:
  • Based on over a week of gameplay data, reducing the difficulty of the end of Act Four Normal some more.
  • Improving the drop rate of Warbands members. We will probably also extend the time they stay in any particular map to an hour, so that they can be farmed more.
  • Various balance fixes to Tempest, such as nerfing the Abyssal Tempest. Tempests will also display correctly in Maps.
  • Reducing/removing loading spikes that occur when players appear next to you.

We are also working on a 2.0.1 content update that introduces more content for both Warbands and Tempest, among many other changes. We're aiming this at late next week.

We've listened to plenty of other feedback so there are lots of cool things being worked on that I can't confirm just yet. There are also problems people have discussed that we are working on fixes for - you'll either see those in the patch notes or I'll mention them in the news once I know for sure the fix is ready.
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Unhost wrote:
Think we will see some more MTX coming soon?

Yeah, I think there's the Necrotic Armour Set, Ghostflame Totem, etc.
Lead Developer. Follow us on: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Contact Support if you need help!

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