Upcoming Updates to The Awakening!

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to this!
Chris wrote:
Unhost wrote:
Think we will see some more MTX coming soon?

Yeah, I think there's the Necrotic Armour Set, Ghostflame Totem, etc.

We got a chance to get a sale out like a year ago? Like almost everything on 50% or something? I really wanna add some mtx but low on money :s
Div cards aren't affected by currency penalty. Chance of 74-76 map drop liklihood increased by 10% per 25% IIQ on your map.
Does this mena i might actually get a warband drop after days of farming?
I have to say. I've been getting very close to quitting PoE for a while due to the inordinate amount of bugs 2.0 introduced. I've tried to keep an informed perspective on it all regarding the sheer number of changes that have occurred which naturally lends itself to a superlative amount of bugs, but it's been an abysmal experience this patch compared to all other previous content updates.

This post gives me some checked hope.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
Would like some love towards summoners :/
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GG! im loving this game!
Chris wrote:
Improving the drop rate of Warbands members. We will probably also extend the time they stay in any particular map to an hour, so that they can be farmed more.

The problem is, we have no way to know what warbands are in what maps. By the time we figure that out, its already changed, even with an hour it wouldn't be enough. There is also no way to know upon entering a warbanded map how many 'dots' it has unless it is completely conquered.

It also doesn't help that you can run 10+ 4 dot warband areas and get 0 bosses.
We've listened to plenty of other feedback so there are lots of cool things being worked on that I can't confirm just yet

CI fix confirmed!!
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Thank you for the changes to Act 4 normal. Right now it is just too overtuned and makes a lot of people not even want to progress beyond it. While I love the scare factor in Tempest, it seemed overwhelming for a normal difficulty.

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