Upcoming Updates to The Awakening!

Chris wrote:
Reducing/removing loading spikes that occur when players appear next to you.

YES! This makes master rotas so annoying.
Did you ever see history portrayed as an old man with a wise brow and pulseless heart, weighing all things in the balance of reason?
Is not rather the genius of history like an eternal, imploring maiden, full of fire, with a burning heart and flaming soul, humanly warm and humanly beautiful?
Atlas305 wrote:
We've listened to plenty of other feedback so there are lots of cool things being worked on that I can't confirm just yet

CI fix confirmed!!

Man I hope you're right, but I have my doubts. Plenty of things that really need some listening to, such as leech and map drop rates at the top of the list. And eternals too, for reviving perm leagues.
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thanks, keep up the good work!
Really good news looking forward on this you guys are doing great!

Since the very first time I've walked on the Kaom's path, the little cute totem guys remind me of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke (They even do the same weird side shake head)
Maybe... just maybe we will get to see some Divination Cards drop and end-level maps being a thing?

Oh well, one can dream.
Awesome! The map issues were getting pretty annoying.
Good post GGG, but still im dealing today with couple of instance crashes on map and 1 was a rollback dc and i lost a map on that
what up cuzz
No adjustments to Malachai in Cruel?
Chris wrote:
Unhost wrote:
Think we will see some more MTX coming soon?

Yeah, I think there's the Necrotic Armour Set, Ghostflame Totem, etc.

"Ghostflame totem", would this finally be the one for all the totems and not just for spell totem?

ign: tate
corrupted items: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/960647/
support vacuumer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1452044
revenant summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1523047
loot filter: http://rofl.fi/tatedd.filter
Chris wrote:
Improving the drop rate of Warbands members. We will probably also extend the time they stay in any particular map to an hour, so that they can be farmed more.

Seriously the droprates are abyssmal for how often they appear and the tiered unique drop system among the warbands makes me wanna quit already. It is the same as playing standard.

Also, the map system for warbands is very lackluster, there should be a chart or something we can refer to. A new menu for players who managed to access maps or entered map the 1st time, there should be a new "warband status" menu.

Also, bosses should be included in all warband groups encounter in maps, in lower levels they can stay the same like the current ones. If you can start mapping, it means you are already at certain mastery and your build base is complete and it shouldnt turn out to be a pushover.

Warbands should be :
1) Fight OP coordinates groups that HUNT you -> Means they actively search for you when you enter the area they are in and they use all kinds of shit to try and kill you (they can have skills that the players dont have as skill gems, they are NOT PLAYERS. so hell, why not?!)
2) Kill the pack to get OP loots -> warbands unique -> not kill 100 boss still NO loot.
3) Rinse and repeat step 1 and 2. -> MOAR SHINNY LOOT!!

This is what it is supposed to mean to play in league. right now, what I see is a bunch of Exiles-like non-Exiles hp tank running around that takes 3 minutes to kill but drop nothing valuable or even feel like they drop stuff.
Not to insult the designers, but IMO, this "Warbands League" is a total design failure.


I really hope this patch addresses these problems in addition to other bugs and problems.
Not even a month's time and I am starting to lose the point of playing this league........

P/S: Oh ya! As for the MTX, can I request MTX for skills like Explosive Arrows and Groundslam?
Explosive Arrows can be turned into Rockets while GroundSlam can mimic the Gore Glacial Cascade MTX. Just an idea. Maybe your designers can come up with something even crazier! I will be your customer if you really churn out those 2 alternative skill effects MTX. ;D

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