An Introduction to Cut-throat Mode

Idea on Rewarding long term cut-throat leagues

Honestly this isn't even much about rewards as it is about having a ladder we can /ladder and see who is the filthiest pkers.

Since we loose 30% of our level and give it to our killer when we die. Why not keep track of that to see who has killed the most? It would be accumulative though out your account and not per character. To stop people from farming each other for exp you make it a one time deal per char. So the first time I kill you that 30% exp will go to my ladder exp, but the second time i'll still get your 30% but it wont go towards my ladder exp.

I think this also might give huge incentive to not just grief some one for no reason but to grief. Instead griefing will be done by people who get satisfaction out of it, and when you really dislike some one. Most people would be trying to kill different people all the time if they wanted to get on the top 100 ladder.

example would be like

/ladder in game

1. "Account name" "320,987,983"
2. "Account name" "312,767,546"
3. "Account name" "310,453,753"
4. "Account name" "309,132,534"
5. "Account name" "309,131,533"
6. "Account name" "299,111,111"
7. "Account name" "222,234,321"

and maybe even do something like
1. "Account name" "Lvl x" "320,987,983"
x being the the players level just from experience stolen

It would also be cool if there were stats we could see online to correspond with the league. Like all time Kill board, daily kill board, K/d Ratios, longest life, most deaths. I do understand that would be a lot of work, but would be awesome.
Raligard wrote:
Will we at least be able to get through the Twilight Strand without PvP interaction? You know, to get a base inventory going?

I'm pretty sure the twilight strand will be your own instance, and since there is no entry to the strand from anywhere in normal difficulty, other players will be unable to enter your instance.

Of course this means it would be to your benefit to kill every mob in the zone, break every crate, over-turn every rock, and get as much stashed as you can before you head into and out of town.

Actually better to skip since only hillock can drop coral/iron rings. If you do all of twi strand you will be far behind. (And the other mobs drops mostly garbage, because they are ilvl 1.) At that time I will be about to kill Hailrake. =More usefull stuff FASTER.

Of course... this relies on you having an empty instance a Little bit... but in the other races I played this was not a problem. (Also players have a hard time catching each other this early on.)
im so sad, i'll be able to play just the first two hours CT, THAT'S UNFAIR I'VE GOT TO WOOOOOORKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!
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TheLurker wrote:
Cutthroat events benefit early levelers, all others get pwned. And you want to make a month-long league of higher level players simply culling the slower or unlucky folks that are (re-)running Mud Flats?

Yeah, REAL fun, guys. ;)

did you even read the post??
Hopefully that level cap'll make this suck less. First cut-throat I got taken out by level 10s in Lower Sub, level 12 in Mud Flats trying to get back and one shot by level 14 camping Lioneyes when I ran out of backup gear.

Seems we're living in interesting times.
Will we at least be able to get through the Twilight Strand without PvP interaction? You know, to get a base inventory going?

This is the way it has worked in the past and I see no mention of them changing it.
>GGG provides more free content that doesn't require their full team's attention
>People QQ without really explaining what they're QQing about

Typical PoE community I see. And then there's this gem, karraKurri. Has 2 120$ packs, talks down to people who buy mtx. Hah, nice one :)
Dem metal chickens
This looks like fun. Frustrating, teeth gnashing AuuGGGH! fun. I really hope to see friendly fire implemented, and a challenge league with friendly fire (and better control over targeting, such as not targeting allies)would be a lot of fun.

One thing to possibly consider for cut-throat. If you can de-couple MTX footprints from gear and allow them to fade much more slowly- then allowing footprints could provide for some entertaining lure/trap/ambush scenarios.

As for P2W, there are the free Razer footprints

and GGG could offer another plain one at no cost.

In any case, I am glad to see GGG moving forward towards cut-throat leagues :-)
PoE Origins - Piety's story
Can't wait for this!

I hope some party options are introduced in the future as optional. Might be hard to execute it properly tho.

Most interesting part in Diablo II was that you were able to PvP outside town. I really dislike Areans in Path Of Exile. Its just plain and boring without random monsters around :) .

It would be neat if players could enable or disable PvP like in Diablo 2.

EDIT: Party might possibly work if game lets team joining instance that has team of equal numbers. 2v2 for example. Instead of 2v1.
But yea. I'd like to play this with friends with optional PvP for fun.

I hope Open World PvP will be implemented in the future, instead of Arenas :( .
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