An Introduction to Cut-throat Mode

was level 6 and managed to get one shot by a lvl 24 that entered my instance.
Not sure how it was possible as there are level restrictions as far as i know.

It's fun to play but:
> most players use glacial hammer to freeze lock you
> Everyone can use "Exit to character menu" to insta logout when in danger
> even on a 12 hour league as it was today 90% of the pvp was on low level

Would love to see a permanent or extended cut-throat league

ign Fire_Fury
So w8, cut-throat will not be added into game as game mode?

It would also be nice to be able to activate it same way as in Diablo II.
Open world PvP on demand.
I'm not sure if this has been suggested already, but in terms of partying, instances could be restricted to party size. This would allow for 2v2, 3v3, or even 2v2v2 etc, while not disturbing the solo players.
Oh god, so excited! BUT PLEASE GIVE US A PERMANENT CT LEAGUE! I will have your babies.
poodiddly wrote:
Dropping your inventory and equiped items is a little harsh...

I would play it if you only dropped your inventory... not your equiped items.

very few will play if you drop your equiped gear on death... especially when you die half the time to de-syncing.

and thats where you are wrong. maybe a carebear league is more suited for you? im assuming you play standard or ambush.

A longer cutthroat league would be awesome, It's like D2 Loot duels all over again. Hardcore cutthroat would be pretty awesome too but I think you will get more people with just regular cutthroat where there is no permadeath.

Cant wait for a 1week+ cutthroat. However the force quitting has to be fixed.. too many people were just instantly quitting if they even got to half health.
Hey everyone can not wait for the 48 hour league on Wednesday. Glad you guys fixed the log out to character selection exploit, and the nerf of Glacial Hammer. This will be awesome and I can not wait until longer events roll out.
Personally I'd like to have a permanent Cut-Throat League, It's a new way to progress trough your way fighting intruders, and also monsters, with high excitement.

Nowadays mmorpgs are made for Carebears "Don't-Touch-Me Modes" , this game isn't for Hello Kitty players, People who joins this mode joins with all the consequences, complaining about it shouldn't be an option, I am an Old-School PvP Gamer, and I consider this mode pretty fair, unlike Hardcore Mode which implements permanent death , I wouldn't make a Permanent server for that , because nobody would reach End-Game Content... Kind Regards :)
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