1.0.5b Patch Notes

Chrom wrote:
CoD does 112% at low gem lvl 8 and 304% at lvl 20; cmpared to 77% for Minion Damage at lvl 20.

Isn't the core issue that the dmg modifier of CoD is way too high and if so isn't it only a matter of time before a new "exploit" (lack of a better word due to imba) comes along?

Well, why do you think it is "way too high"? Summons get very few nodes to boost damage compared to other classes, and need to rely a lot on gems. CoD just brought them in line with other higher end classes. Is that a problem?
WHY ??????
why nerf cast on death and remote mine???
WTF? my summoner is useless now!!!!!!!
still a good character to throw in the trash
Hello friends,

I'm so sad today. GGG just killed two things with one "nerf". The chance for summoner builds be up with other viable builds, to do high level maps solo and also the Cast on Death gem on Hardcore leagues. Tell me please what's the use for CoD on HC?
In my opinion that was a wrong decision. Why not just reduce the damage when used on minions? Or even better, remove CoD from HC since it's useless and buff a little the minion damage gem.
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Chrom wrote:
CoD does 112% at low gem lvl 8 and 304% at lvl 20; cmpared to 77% for Minion Damage at lvl 20.

Isn't the core issue that the dmg modifier of CoD is way too high and if so isn't it only a matter of time before a new "exploit" (lack of a better word due to imba) comes along?

CoD is a "more" modifier not an "increased" like Minion Damage.

CoD multiplies the total minion damage after all increased damaged.

Minion damage multiplies the base minion damage.

In short, where 100 is base damage
Total minion damage with MD support gem = 100+(100*.77) = 177
Total minion damage with CoD+MD support gems = ((100+(100*.77))*4.04 = 715.08

CoD with the amount of multipliers was adding an insane amount of damage. "Super" Zombies/Specters in my opinion was an understatement to mask just how broken it actually was.

Also for anyone that believe this theory that all skills endgame should be equal and do the same damage as all other skills... You are aware that this makes choice an illusion? No matter what you do or how you build your character, your choices have zero impact on how strong you will become. A game like this is very shallow and has no depth and GGG will never fall into that trap. (I hope)

Summoners do need some changes to make them more enjoyable to play but giving them a 300% more multiplier to their summons is far from the answer.
Through the australian gateway I cant play for more than 2 minutes with out being disconnected. through other gateways i have over 200 ping. Please fix this because the game is literally unplayable at the moment.
Great fix on CoD.

Hopefully snapshotting is fixed in the next patch.

"just for try, for see and for know"
Why all the hate for summoners? All these "gj ggg, now nerf them again." Just because you're not a summoner? We're already hated in group play and now they take the only way we had to keep up with other classes solo. You want to take snapshotting out too, so that we're even more gimped? It's not like it's easy to combine the right gear, took me many hours and tons of exalts, not to mention all the prep time and xp loss it takes to summon them everytime you log back in or one of them dies. Now all that time and gear hunting is wasted, can't do jack solo anymore and no groups want me. so yeah, gj ggg...
Cool patch GGG.
login, start map, instance crash within 1 min, map gone.
re-log, try another map, instance crash and map gone.

Fuck this shit.

i feel you man..just lost 2 map for no reason dc/crash
illusion of choice is preferred over no choice imo. Every ability should be viable. Be summon skeletons or storm call or elemental hit. I don't look at my characters and go "What would be the most viable build?". I wouldn't like the answer if I did. Instead I ask "What would be fun to play?". That is how the game should be, what is point of 1000s of skill gems if only 10 of them are worth putting in a socket?
ign: Vixien
I agree that Cast on Death minions was really powerful and deserved a nerf, but completely disallowing it from working with minions is overkill. What is the gem even supposed to be used for now? Portal or a pointless singular attack? This would have made more sense in D2 where you had to recover your corpse after dying, but in POE ends up kind of useless.

Minion interactions need a major overhaul. No useful information from tooltip, impossible to track life of individual minions (yes I know about health bars, but I need to watch the HP of my spectres very closely), the strongest minions that aren't Burned Miscreations have terrible clear speed even with necro-specific gear.

Why can a minion gem be supported by trap/mine, but the damage increase not be boosted by trap/mine passives? If only we had a working tooltip, I wouldn't have wasted a character on this concept.

I love that GGG is patching the game so often and diligently, but I just wish their mentality would be to bring the bottom up rather than the top down. Yes, CoD was an overpowered exploit, but to an otherwise mediocre build. Even with it, summoners have nowhere near the clear speed of top classes. Here's hoping 1.0.6 delivers something for us.

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