1.0.5b Patch Notes

Version 1.0.5b
  • Added support for the Fracturing mod in races.
  • The Cast On Death Support Gem no longer supports minion skills.
  • Trigger Support Gems no longer support Trapped or Remote Mined skills.
  • Storm Call and Ethereal Knives have been added to the provisions chest in the Endless Ledge.
  • Flameblast has been added as a chest reward for Witches in Descent: Champions.
  • Fixed an issue where portals were not closed when logging out of a character via the character selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue where degeneration damage of other players would not display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Auras and Tempest Shield could be applied without the reservation succeeding.
  • Fixed a bug where the Raise the Bar achievement could be completed incorrectly by using resistance flasks multiple times.

Last edited by Qarl on Jan 19, 2014 11:46:26 PM
Pretty lame to nerf Cast on Death with minions if characters were actually dying to pull it off.


Two thirds of the exploits with Cast on Death involved minions. Getting super zombies by dying several times in non-hardcore leagues was not ideal, getting super minions without death was even more problematic.

Minions with Cast on Death is one of those things that would keep coming back to haunt us again and again.

We are considering a dedicated cast on minion death option.

Jeets wrote:
Making minions viable is already a huge challenge without substantial gear...

It seems like this is a quick fix to the exploits in nemesis, but it affects all summoners.

Wouldn't it be a better solution to just remove the gem from nemesis league instead of penalizing all summoners?

How were you using Cast on Death with minions, if it was to get super zombies through dying, that isn't really intended either.

1.0.6 will have some adjustments to summoned minions.

Cackfiend wrote:
Trigger Support Gems no longer support Trapped or Remote Mined skills.

what exactly does this mean? thanks

It means that trigger gems no longer try to support trapped or remote mined active skills. Previously they supported those skills, showing the support letter, but did not function.

Jeets wrote:
Was there a specific intention for the COD other than clever use of game mechanics?

It is just a little confusing on how to decipher the intent of COD if it was not designed with the intent to use cleverly.

It is intended to provide a large benefit on dying. If it was to work for long periods as death, then the benefit could not be so great.

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