Path of Exile

1.0.5b Patch Notes

Version 1.0.5b
  • Added support for the Fracturing mod in races.
  • The Cast On Death Support Gem no longer supports minion skills.
  • Trigger Support Gems no longer support Trapped or Remote Mined skills.
  • Storm Call and Ethereal Knives have been added to the provisions chest in the Endless Ledge.
  • Flameblast has been added as a chest reward for Witches in Descent: Champions.
  • Fixed an issue where portals were not closed when logging out of a character via the character selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue where degeneration damage of other players would not display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Auras and Tempest Shield could be applied without the reservation succeeding.
  • Fixed a bug where the Raise the Bar achievement could be completed incorrectly by using resistance flasks multiple times.
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WTF WHy is there a random c at the end.. GGG always trolling
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Dang it
gagal pertamax gan

Ign: Akatshuki


Nice fixes bros
Denial: Man, I must be having a really bad RNG streak
Anger: Fucking Devs, goddamn arse shit map drop rates FUCK
Bargaining: I'll run these high IIQ maps, 130/140 - the game will reward me
Depression: Oh god no, please god no, I can't do Temp Chains/Chilled Ground again
Acceptance: WTB 79 maps
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First Page!
Craeburn wrote:

IGN: Briann
What the fuck fractured in races n.n
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