What's coming in 1.0.6?

After the successful deployment of 1.0.5 yesterday, we only have one interim content update (1.0.6) before the large 1.1.0 update (currently scheduled for March 5, NZ time). More information on 1.1.0 will be available in February, but today I'm able to post a rough outline of what to expect in content update 1.0.6.

1.0.6 has a summoning theme and contains:
  • Four new skills, all useful to summoners. One of them is a new type of (short-lived) minion, and the other three are utility skills.
  • Various adjustments to the progression of other summoning skills.
  • Two new skull-themed cosmetic microtransactions.
  • Two new achievements.
  • Four new Unique items.
  • New vendor recipes.
  • Hopefully the ability to test some PvP tournaments (if it's not ready sooner).

We estimate that we'll be deploying 1.0.6 on around January 29, NZ time.

Astute readers may notice that we aren't releasing a 1.0.7 patch any more. It was initially planned for mid-February, but we've rolled its content into 1.1.0 to make it even larger. It fits much better with the new four month leagues and frees up a lot of time we need for the big push towards 1.1.0.
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I have no room in my gems/skill bar.


Edit: damn, this patch is a fair ways out... you sure you didn't typo 29 instead of 19?

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I can't wait for the big update! :D
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nice! :)
ETA on fixing Viper Strike?
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Maybe they will be skills that make Summoners actually good for leveling?

That would be awesome!
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Can't wait :D
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