PvP Progress Update

Glad to see some PvP progress. Rather than reiterate my previous suggestions, I'll just quote myself below:

PVP needs some changes before it becomes popular:

1. PVP button on hud to queue up from anywhere. No waiting around, I should be able to queue up, then continue farming while I wait. Then bam, PVP is ready and the game brings me directly into it. After the PVP I spawn in town.

2. Flasks need to reset after each round.

3. Bigger maps with obstacles and monsters to kill so you can recharge your flasks.

4. Minions should not need to be recast.

5. Allow betting; basically a trade-like window that pops up, each party places orbs/items, whatever they're willing to bet, then both have to agree on it.

Bonus: Allow going hostile while in a party. Like the old days where someone would join your party, then all of a sudden they go hostile and it's on.
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Good that you're targeting PvP GGG
At the moment PvM keeps me entertained just fine,
but for the longevity of this great never-ending-farm kind of game, my opinion is that PvP is vital!
Awesome news!
"just for try, for see and for know"
Im not really interested in the PVP part except maybe to bash some guildmates once in awhile. My only concern is the inevitable nerf cries.

Please make any balancing, nerfs, etc based on PVP cries exclusive to PVP somehow.
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derbefrier wrote:
Vaiel wrote:

please stop talking u had the worst ideas i have EVER seen on this forum??!? unlimited currency?!?! every1 has the same level?!?!?! all gems full exp??! u do realize this is the worst idea ever and NO ONE will support this EVER.. ppl want to play their own character, many of us enjoy making a pvp character and pve character, and the point is to farm gear and use the hard earned / farmed gear to fight against other players, not getting everything handed to you, this is not GW2 now please stop talking.

What is your problem with Maniaas ideas?
At least, all players have the same opportunities and it depends on the skill of the individual and not on the loot luck or purchases from cash shops.
Or is exactly this your problem?
Are you in search of victims or enemies?

you and others like you are missing the point. If you want perfectly balanced PvP thats all skill go play counterstrike. Here we want to build our own characters our own way and test them against others who do the same. You guys always come in with the same bitchy arguments when it comes to PvP in rpgs and suck all the fun out of it by making everyone the same. What whatshisface was proposing will only lead to one thing boring fucking pvp were everyone just picks the FoTM OP build instead of creating thier own character.

you pvp'ers chould celebrate diversity not despise it.

The proclaimed diversity is a joke if gear, not player skill, is making the competition.

Of course GGG won't decide for a fully competitive system.
It harms the major incentive of grinding more hours to dominate other players.

I fear PvP will be a huge joke in this game,
only few individuals actually playing on the same level.
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Bottom line is, whats the image of pvp GGG is after.

A bunch of pussies crying that everyone's not the same level,using the same gear so its not fair for them. The same pussification most of the world now embraces day to day. Whats next do you want to be a 6 figure salary pro mma fighter too. But you can't fight and everyone has to be the same weight/height and discipline as you so its fair? If you win you're a bad ass, if you lose its because the guy didnt take a dump that morning and weighs 1-2lbs more so it was imbalanced.

Or true pvp'rs that understand theres imbalance in things. That theirs build diversity and match up knowledge and gear grinding all to be the better player. That its not an "item check" because only a douche can make such a claim when you have passive tree and gem diversity that can make a lower level character counter a higher level one (match ups,knowledge...diversity). That only "bitch" about balance in regards to certain overly broken features, with the ultimate goal being more diversity and less cookie cutter pvp. This pvp is fine as it is,it requires a few tweaks and ideally a more open hostility button approach. But as is, its doing what it should be. If you aren't at the same level skill/item/character/build wise as someone else...get there.
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So excited! This will drag some of my friends back hopefully!
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How does desync work in pvp?
Duel! Thanks for some news :) really miss dueling.
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