PvP Progress Update

Still no word about cutthroat i see..

Edit. Would be nice to hear whether we will have a cutthroat league or not anytime in the future. Staying silent about it is just plain wrong.
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First page glory?

I'm personally not a PvP fan but I really look forward to the Capture the Flag!
Go GGG :)
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yes good
but only think i need is no desync for now
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U canot hit me ;>
Nice updated Chris. Loving the game. :D
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We've described PvP tournaments in detail before

Could you please link it.

My questions are:
Will PVP tournaments be cross leagues? or rather within each league - making them a 4 separate events?
Any chance for option to disable/volume control of the PVP announcer voice which is horrible and loud atm.?
Are you planning on disabling some unique items in the PVP arena? Facebreaker for example.

Thanks in advance!

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nice! :)
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IF you don't split PvP and PvE part (the fact that you NEED a PvE oriented build to get currencies, items and level to play in PvP), it's most likely going to stay as it is actually : no one really give a fuck because if you build a character for PvP, he sucks for PvE.

Easy suggestions on top of my head :

- Dedicated Passives Tree for PvP : you're using any of your character, but he can use a differente passive tree for PvP only.
- Normalize level in PvP : others games did it successfully, for example, everyone is level 50, 80, 100 it doesn't matter, just everyone have the same level. Then, you don't have to "farm PvE" to get PvP advantage.
- Make some items and/or currencies and/or uniques bound to account and bound to PvP only. For example, Kaom's Heart (and some others uniques) might unbalance the PvP. If everyone can get them (for PvP only, with coins, tokens or what even you would like), it'll solve a big balance problem. I don't see how a lvl.95 player with Kaom + 6L versus a lvl.80 player with 5L "only" and a bad weapon can be equitable, no matter what spec they're gonna use.

In fact, I sure the best thing that can happen to PoE is a PvP Tournament with a format like Descent Champions : everyone roll a fresh new character, with the same level (for ex, 80). You start with a predetermined Chest with currencies, and you have time to roll your items and plan your build before the tournament start. Everyone is lvl.80 with the same amount of currencies (like 50 Chaos, 10 Exalts, 1 Eternal etc... New currencie : Orb of Unique), and you can buy white items from Vendors.

If the current PvE can benefit future PvP tournaments, it will not work. Mark my words.
I sort of wish Capture the Flag got more attention and was more accessible. From all accounts it's a lot of fun, but no one's really talking about it.

A feature such as easy-to-facilitate friendly CTF matches with guild mates would be amazing, and eventually between guilds.

Placing it in the same mostly ignored system as the existing pvp setup really didn't do it justice.
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UI upgrades skins or something please? we need a bit of customization
nice progress but please show the damage done in text.
ggg pls

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